Gun Control and the Democrats’ Darwinist Morality

With only a few days remaining until Joe (Kamala Harris’s) Biden’s inauguration, American’s are keenly aware of the uphill battle we face concerning gun rights. Numerous anti-second amendment bills have been pre-filed and will likely be brought to the floor within days of Biden assuming office. Gun sales are through the roof with millions buying guns for the first time. This, in theory, should show the incoming administration that there is not an appetite for gun control, especially from a political party that has consistently attacked the values of conservatives. The far left has done nothing but refer to Republican voters as white supremacists, bigots, extremists and terrorists. The latest psyop at the capital has reinforced this narrative as the deplorables are now viewed as having staged an insurrection against the U.S. Government. Are we to believe that a government that has been so hostile to freedom will simply pass gun control, take our guns and let us live happily ever after? Not likely. Still, it is important to understand the perspective of the left and the worldview they hold that justifies their actions.

Many people continue to pound away at the same argument concerning gun control. It does nothing to stop crime and criminals will surely not comply with any gun control laws. If they did, we would not have the need to pass new ones because murdering someone with a gun is already illegal. The problem with this argument is that it is based on reason and sound logic. The left does not operate from a place of traditional morality, if you will. The left is not about God, or finding truth; rather, they are, or claim to be, about science. Their views on mankind and morality are largely Darwinist in nature, meaning man has no significant purpose for existence. Universal morality, as understood from the view of Christians, is non-existent. The Darwinist view of morality is far different.

First, Darwin’s theory of evolution was a major influence in the development of Marx’s communism. It gave the needed justification to do away with the book of Genesis as an explanation of man’s origins.[1] Darwinism paved the way for a new morality that was no longer based on the Bible, but on a morality of man’s own making. This was referred to as moral individualism[2] and it justified the different treatment of people based on individual characteristics. James Rachel, author of the book Created from Animals: The Moral Implications of Darwinism, stated that because men had evolved from animals and were nothing more than higher form of ape, we were entitled to no more rights or privileges than they are. If, for example, there was an experiment and a chimpanzee was deemed to have more desirable characteristics than an individual man, the experiment should be conducted on the man instead. That mindset is the basis for moral individualism.

This was the same mentality that paved the way for the world’s greatest atrocities, committed under the name of fairness and equality. The communist regimes of Russia, China and Cambodia, to name a few, believed that they could create a better human being. A new morality where everyone freely gave up their own labor and material goods for the betterment of society. These were desirable characteristics and if you did not possess them, or, if you failed to fall in line with this new way of thinking  ̶ ̶ moral individualism justified your elimination from society. In fact, according to The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression[3] these communist regimes, particularly in the Soviet Union, were able to hide behind the lie of pursuing an egalitarian state. When compared to the motivations of Adolph Hitler, which were based on race and the elimination of certain ethnicity, the crimes committed by Stalin could be called a mistake in pursuit of a fairer world.

This concept could also apply today to mask wearing and vaccines. The big lie has been framed in such a way to make those complying with mask mandates appear more compassionate and caring for others. Those refusing of course, have been labeled as the non-maskers and are viewed as selfish and uncaring. Traits not desirable for the society the left claims to want to build. It is entirely possible, though better discussed in another essay, that the whole mask mandate issue is being used to lay the groundwork for a social credit score system, like China’s. The vaccine issue is applicable as well. If you are viewed as uncompassionate for not wearing a mask, wait until they start identifying people who refuse to get a vaccine.

Back to the issue of gun control. The Democrats do not care that their gun control proposals do not affect criminals because the criminals, in their depraved minds, are the oppressed victims and you are the oppressor. The law-abiding gun owners are members of the privileged, capitalist class who exploit the lower classes, forcing them into criminal lifestyles. The left views them from the misguided lens of Bertrand Russell’s, Superior Virtue of the Oppressed. [4] Russell describes this as a view that develops of a conquered people when the conquerors begin to lose grips on their power.

“It begins only when the oppressors come to have a bad conscience, and this only happens when their power is no longer secure. The idealizing of the victim is useful for a time: if virtue is the greatest of goods, and if subjection makes people virtuous, it is kind to refuse them power, since it would destroy their virtue.” (Bertrand Russell)

This may not have any real bearing on the issue at hand; however, it cannot be argued that Democrats in fact, ignore the failures of their own policies. They will continue to pass laws which criminals will get away with not following, while those of us who try to live decent lives, pay the price for their stupidity. And it will not matter to them. Wanting to own a gun is not a desirable characteristic of the coming one world order. Criminals, on the other hand, who are forced into lives of destitute desperation have a superior virtue, and if we would just give up our selfish lifestyles, everyone would be happy and completely equal.

It also stands to reason that Democrats do not believe people can exercise any type of self control. We are after all, just an advanced form of ape with no will of our own. Therefore, we are not capable of freedom and must be controlled. This is why after every mass shooting you see story after story of the shooter’s neighbor describing how nice of a guy he was until one day, he just snapped.

If you thought the methodologies employed to get compliance with mask mandates were bad, wait until you see what they do to get gun control. It has already started with the so-called siege on Capitol Hill. Trump supporters are the new target in the war on terror. Soon, people will be asked to voluntarily surrender their AR-15’s in buy back programs. Television media will be on the scene where thousands of people, probably the same ones hired to burn down our cities last summer, will be lined up turning in their fake guns and exclaiming how good it feels to do so. Those who refuse, will be branded as traitors to the New America.





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