Feminism: A Self-Destructive Movement that Needs to go Away

  If there is one thing I despise above all else, it is the feminist movement. No, it isn’t because I am a male chauvinist pig who thinks women exist to please men, and the women’s liberation movement gave them too much power. (Well, I might be a little chauvinist.) Feminism destroyed the nuclear family, … Read more

Analyzing the Conspiracy: Aliens, The Second Amendment and REX84 Internment Camps

This morning I decided to take a break from the usual and return to my roots. Good old conspiracy theories. I tried to bring a little entertainment to this while also addressing the reality of disinformation, and the fact that there is always some level of truth to a conspiracy theory. Enjoy.    The past … Read more

Critical Theory, Critical Legal Studies, and Postmodernism: The Roots of CRT.

Writing about Critical Race Theory has become an obsession of mine. I am trying to find the words and writings of those that have had the most influence on its development to show readers that it is much more than a lesson aimed at elementary school children. For example, in my book A Critical Look … Read more

The Bigger Danger with CRT in Education

Sometimes criticism can be a big motivator. I have been receiving a lot of negative commentaries lately – and most of them have not been constructive by any means – concerning my argument dealing with Critical Race Theory and its role in public schools. CRT is a heavy-handed concept that some scholars who write a … Read more

Psychology in Public School: From John Dewey to Brock Chisholm

It is hard to describe what I am feeling. I watch the news, and the created perception that somehow Biden is going to be held accountable for having classified documents in his possession, and all I can think is that we are somehow being mocked. Our media masters, after all, have admitted to us in … Read more

Operant Conditioning and the Purpose of Public Schooling

  This year started with a bang. The nation was treated to yet another circus sideshow which was portrayed as a vote for the new house speaker. The joke was truly on us as twenty republicans were shown holding out in a fight against McCarthy becoming speaker, only in the end, to see him win … Read more

Cognitive Dissonance in American Voters

Cognitive Dissonance in American Voters This paper will focus on the attitudes of American voters in relation to their preferred candidate in the upcoming 2020 presidential election. Many American voters are fiercely partisan and will vote for the party they identify with whether the candidate in question truly espouses the values of the voters or … Read more


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