Liberty Should be the Default Position: The State of the Second Amendment in Perspective

I want to talk about the Second Amendment. Aside from my usual interests in persuasion and propaganda, the Second Amendment is something I care deeply about. Not necessarily because I am a gun nut, well I am, but I understand the connection between having a so-called right to life and possessing the ability to protect … Read more

Reflections on Writing: Where to go from here?

  I have been writing for about ten years. I have two websites that contain hundreds of articles covering topics from the Second Amendment, psychological conditioning, indoctrination in schools, and more recently, the processes of persuasion. I have written four books – Not on My Watch: Exposing Marxism in Education, Psychopolitics in America: A Nation … Read more

Digital Mass Persuasion and the Public Health Crisis Gun Control Frame

It seems like an eternity since I have written anything. A sullen realization tends to sink in when you realize how far-reaching social media censorship goes and how algorithms have taken control of everything. Someday, the American people will see that they have become their own slave masters to a system that feeds them exactly … Read more

Understanding persuasion in the context of COVID-19 messaging and how the researchers use it against us.

They are ramping up the propaganda again. After forcing nearly half of the world’s population to get the first round of shots, they are coming out with a new vaccine in response to yet another – deadly strain of COVID-19. I am convinced that the “plannedemic” was nothing more than an experiment in gaining compliance … Read more

The U.N. Arms Treaty, The Great Reset, and America’s Real Historical Tradition of Gun Ownership

  What you NEED TO KNOW About the UN Gun Meeting Next Week! – YouTube A funny thing is happening concerning the second amendment. On one hand, we are witnessing the strengthening of gun rights as SCOTUS’ Bruen V. NYSRPA ruling has set a new standard detailing how gun laws are to be judged, from … Read more