Critical Race Theory in Civil and Political Leadership Education

Race still lingers as a major issue in American politics in ways that seem hard to understand. We are constantly being referred to as a nation founded on white supremacy. Terms like white privilege and whiteness are still gaining traction, as the belief that being white alone is enough to make you racist continues to … Read more

The Push for Gun Control, Moral Foundations Theory, and B.F. Skinner’s Science of Behavior

Let’s see. It is Sunday, December 24th, another Christmas Eve. What is there to write about today? In a disturbing trend that appears to be repeating itself all too often, a federal judge in Massachusetts has blocked an attempt by the National Association of Gun Rights to get an injunction against the state’s “assault weapon” … Read more

Liberty Should be the Default Position: The State of the Second Amendment in Perspective

I want to talk about the Second Amendment. Aside from my usual interests in persuasion and propaganda, the Second Amendment is something I care deeply about. Not necessarily because I am a gun nut, well I am, but I understand the connection between having a so-called right to life and possessing the ability to protect … Read more