The Bigger Danger with CRT in Education

Sometimes criticism can be a big motivator. I have been receiving a lot of negative commentaries lately – and most of them have not been constructive by any means – concerning my argument dealing with Critical Race Theory and its role in public schools. CRT is a heavy-handed concept that some scholars who write a … Read more

Cognitive Dissonance in American Voters

Cognitive Dissonance in American Voters This paper will focus on the attitudes of American voters in relation to their preferred candidate in the upcoming 2020 presidential election. Many American voters are fiercely partisan and will vote for the party they identify with whether the candidate in question truly espouses the values of the voters or … Read more

Pfizer Admits the Vaccine Was Not Tested Against Virus Transmission: A Review of Covid-19 Propaganda

It has been a long time since I have written anything about Covid-19. There had reached a point, after diving into the psychology behind the Covid propaganda, that I had to let it go. I decided I was no longer going to give it any credibility by writing about it. It was something I was … Read more


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