Understanding persuasion in the context of COVID-19 messaging and how the researchers use it against us.

They are ramping up the propaganda again. After forcing nearly half of the world’s population to get the first round of shots, they are coming out with a new vaccine in response to yet another – deadly strain of COVID-19. I am convinced that the “plannedemic” was nothing more than an experiment in gaining compliance … Read more

The U.N. Arms Treaty, The Great Reset, and America’s Real Historical Tradition of Gun Ownership

  What you NEED TO KNOW About the UN Gun Meeting Next Week! – YouTube A funny thing is happening concerning the second amendment. On one hand, we are witnessing the strengthening of gun rights as SCOTUS’ Bruen V. NYSRPA ruling has set a new standard detailing how gun laws are to be judged, from … Read more

Skinner and Environmental Manipulation: Modifying Behavior Since the 1960s.

  The further we chug along this fundamental choo-choo train of transformation, which most people would think the nation boarded when Obama assumed the presidency, the more I am convinced that what we see is little more than a staged soap opera. From one perspective, we have an exercise in compliance gaining where the social … Read more

Horseshoe Pond

HORSESHOE POND   It is 5 AM and my alarm is blaring in my ear. It is the first day of summer vacation and the world is mine. I don’t have anything to worry about until starting the 9th grade in a few months. A few months that at the beginning of the summer, seemed … Read more


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