While Satan Builds His Final Kingdom

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Daniel 2 outlines the 4 or 5 (depending upon how they are viewed), Gentile kingdoms that lead up to Jesus’ physical return and the setting up of His physical Kingdom where He will physically rule for 1,000 years. Possession, it has been said, is 9/10s of the law. Jesus will actually return to this earth physically at some point in the future and will rule over the entire earth (2 Thess 2:8; as “possessor”), from his “father” David’s throne  based in Jerusalem, which God considers the center of this earth.

Just as sure as Jesus will physically return and set up His glorious earthly Kingdom, we can also be assured that Satan is now building his final global Gentile-led empire. Through this final kingdom now being built in earnest, Satan will have one last chance to destroy the Jews and the nation of Israel. He will also have one huge attempt to thwart God’s plans (and again once released from his thousand year imprisonment ((Revelation 20:7-8).

What I find interesting is something that I never considered regarding this final global empire. Satan, working through globalists who sold out to him long ago in exchange for untold wealth and power, brought global society to its knees through the use of a virus known as COVID-19.

As I’ve repeatedly stated, we know that this virus has the ability to kill people. That is not even a question. The question pertains to how many has it killed and are all the “cases” tantamount to deaths? The answer to the second question is certainly not. The answer to the first question is really unknown at this point namely because the CDC has changed that number on numerous occasions, while telling us that the flu this season is virtually non-existent because of all the social distancing in place. Yet, these same social distancing measures have apparently had virtually no effect on CV-19 and in fact, even in places where masks are religiously worn, the number of cases continues to rise, as in Ireland.

If you look at the Ireland cases, you’ll note that in spite of the increased use of masks (going from Left to Right), the number of cases has absolutely spiraled out of control. It is due to the high number of “cases,” that Ireland’s PM felt prompted to call for a full lock down of the country. Why are these cases so high if masks were being used in an increasing fashion? We’ll come back to that.

Understand please that Satan has chosen to use his globalist minions to push CV-19 onto the world. In spite of the fact that CV-19 is a real disease like seasonal flu, pneumonia or any other virus that constantly circulates throughout society, the reality appears to be that CV-19, unlike all other diseases, has been used and continues to be used to usher in a new world order; in this case, the final global technocracy through which Antichrist will rise to the position of absolute power.

In Daniel 2, when Daniel gets to the interpretation of the final kingdom, there is some interesting verbiage used.

And the fourth kingdom shall be as strong as iron, inasmuch as iron breaks in pieces and shatters everything; and like iron that crushes, that kingdom will break in pieces and crush all the others. Whereas you saw the feet and toes, partly of potter’s clay and partly of iron, the kingdom shall be divided; yet the strength of the iron shall be in it, just as you saw the iron mixed with ceramic clay. And as the toes of the feet were partly of iron and partly of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong and partly fragile. (Daniel 2:40-42 NKJV; emphasis added)

Notice the parts where it talks about iron being mixed with clay. Many scholars believe this has to do with the combination of powers at play in the final kingdom. The Roman Empire was certainly extremely powerful like iron. It was also a dictatorship ruled by one person, who was often worshiped as a god.

The final global kingdom will have similarities to the Roman Empire. It will be strong like Rome but will never completely coalesce (partly of iron and partly of clay). It will have one ruler (Antichrist), as a dictator like Rome (Imperialism). The final world religion led by the False Prophet spoken of in Revelation, will unite with the “state” to force all people to worship the Antichrist. This happened in the Middle Ages as well to some degree, though it was not a global kingdom then.

What we are witnessing is a replay of Hitlerian progress under Democrat control. Dems have the power and it’s nearly total. The only thing that can possibly work against them is potential infighting because there is no clear one person leader under which everyone is unifying. That unification likely will not happen either.

Biden as president will not be that leader. He is simply a puppet and a point man. How long he will remain is anyone’s guess.

All of the lies about CV-19, Biden, Harris and the rest, proves that Satan is building his kingdom and those lies mean Satan is divided against himself and his kingdom will not stand. God will give Satan 7 years (Daniel 9:24-29) to complete his mission and Satan will utterly fail.

But for now, we are watching the building of this final kingdom and for anyone who knows history, it is clearly reminiscent of nearly every dictatorship that has come to fruition, whether Stalin’s, Lenin’s, Mussolini’s, Hitler’s, Castro’s and many others. They are always built on lies, subterfuge and deceit and because of that, they all fall eventually under their own weight of corruption. The coming final kingdom is no different in that respect.

It is important to understand what particular methods “they” are using to bring about the needed global change. As I’ve stated before, it is imperative that the USA falls. To do that, it must be taken over from within and politically. If USA had been simply attacked militarily from outside, that would be easy to defend against. But we have been attacked from within for the past 100 years or so and now we are watching the USA fall in real time.

In order to make this complete, those in power must start removing our rights and liberties. It must happen as it happened with the Russians and the Bolshevik Revolution as merely one example of many. The Second Amendment must be eradicated (or ignored), and since it is an amendment, it would require passage by Congress and ratification by 3/4 of all states of another amendment overriding it. That’s not an easy thing to do, so in all likelihood, Congress will simply pass laws and POTUS will issue executive orders that will force people to give up their guns in a “buy-back” program or other situations. What might those situations be? It could clearly be due to false flags or real events in which guns were used against law enforcement and/or the government.

To that end, I find it fascinating that a flyer is circulating detailing an event coming up that is supposedly being pushed by conservatives and patriots. Look closely at the flyer I’ve included. Do you see any problems with the flyer at all? You should and you don’t even have to look that closely.

First, the colors used are not American colors as one would see, like on the Stars and Stripes. There are no blues, or reds or whites. There are yellows and a bright red like one would see on the Communist flag. The bright yellow against the bright red background is very symbolic.

Yellow stars are sometimes used on Communist flags and propaganda as well. Moreover, please notice that the Statue of Liberty has been reversed so that the torch is in her LEFT hand. The torch is actually in her RIGHT hand as she sits in the harbor off New York.

Notice also that this particular advertisement highlights an “armed” event that is said to take place in all 50 state capitols and DC. I’ve never seen an advertisement purportedly issued by patriots/conservatives announcing an “armed” march. That’s quite provocative language. Yes, patriots have gathered with their weapons but I don’t recall that being part of the advertisement. This seems like a push toward potential violence. Also note the use of the word “democracy.” The USA is a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy. No patriot would make that mistake.

I firmly believe this is being done to again make it appear as though conservatives/patriots are the real terrorists of the USA and see what they’re doing? They want to overthrow the government. My recommendation is to stay far away from any of these marches if they happen in your area. I know of NO patriot or conservative who is part of this. Many haven’t even heard of it and all the big names are denouncing it.

If this is being created by the Left to foment more hostility against the right, then there’s not much we can do because those involved will very likely dress up like patriots/conservatives even going so far as to wear MAGA gear like they did at the Capitol. The entire thing is really fishy.

So even if conservatives are part of these coming “marches,” if the Left dresses up like patriots and joins in, patriots will be blamed and vilified. This will cause an even greater backlash than what is already occurring. These are indeed perilous times and again, these types of things have been done in history.

If we go all the way back to Nero, we know that he was the likely arsonist that caused Rome to burn. He blamed it on the Christians. They were already seen as not kowtowing to Rome’s authority because they did not take part in emperor worship. This made them suspect. Why not blame them for the fire and Rome’s ills? When Nero opted to blame and persecute Christians, most Romans thought it was a great idea. So, he not only crucified thousands but he had them crucified and then lit on fire (after pouring pitch over them), to be lights for his garden. That’s when many Romans thought Nero had gone way too far.

We need to remember a few things. People have spent four years nearly worshiping President Trump. They have said that God put him in place and he was God’s “Cyrus” for the hour. I’ve had a problem with that from the beginning and anyone can go back and read what I’ve stated. Yes, of course God allowed/put Trump in place as He did with Obama and all the others. It is clear that God alone makes rulers and deposes them. God will allow the use of voter fraud if it serves His ultimate purposes.

Things are going south very quickly. We can honestly expect it to get much worse. I’d like to point out something else. I fully believe in a PreTribulational Rapture. I believe this is the best understanding from Scripture if taken in its most plain and ordinary sense. The Rapture is designed to remove the church prior to God’s wrath being poured out and we know that the entirety of God’s wrath begins with the beginning of the Tribulation as seen in Revelation 6-18. I’m well aware that people disagree with that assessment and I’m not interested in debating it.

But let’s understand that the Rapture is to remove us before God’s wrath is poured out. It is not meant to keep us from experiencing Satan’s wrath or man’s wrath! With this in mind, as I’ve also said many times before, we have absolutely no idea how bad things will get before God’s wrath begins to pour out on this planet and we know that it will begin when Antichrist brokers a deal with Israel and surrounding Arab nations (Daniel 9:24-27). That is the starting point of the coming Tribulation and that is the also starting point of God’s wrath being poured out. As I’ve stated before it will be due to Israel signing a covenant with Satan literally, since his spiritual son, Antichrist, will be Satan’s physical representative on earth at that time.

So until Antichrist rises (and he cannot do that until the world is already one globally in government, with the 10 kings of Revelation 17 having taken up their positions of rule over the earth), and brokers a deal, the Tribulation cannot begin.

With this in mind, how bad can things get? Very bad. If Christians during Nero’s time were mercilessly crucified and lit on fire, why can’t extreme persecution happen to Christians today, especially if Christians are seen as the scapegoat? Throughout history, Christians have always been persecuted. As many as 90,000 Christians are martyred annually throughout the world. [1]

What they are doing to Donald J. Trump with their cancel culture is what they want to do to all conservatives, patriots and Christians. History also proves that they will eventually go after people who sided with them and worked for them to usher in a new regime. This has always happened. They get rid of the protestors to keep them from rising up against the new regime when they realize what happened. Revolutionaries NEVER think beyond the revolution itself. Never.

In America, we have been blessed to live peacefully and to be able to enjoy freedom to practice our religion. That may very soon change. How will you react? What will that mean for your relationship to God?

Like Nero, who blamed Christians for the fire and began persecuting them because they were already seen as enemies of Rome, today’s globalists are also attacking Christians. They know they cannot attack us directly by trying to extinguish Christianity, so they do it indirectly by stating that gathering physically for church is “non-essential” and if you really love people, you’ll stay away from them and worship privately through Zoom. If you aren’t willing to do that, then you’re clearly being defiant through selfishness and the main reason why there is an uptick in “cases.”

Speaking of cases, let’s return to Ireland for a moment. Their number of cases is clearly astronomical. Why? It all has to do with the Ct number (cycle threshold), used in the PCR testing. Recall my previous article where we talked about the higher the Ct number, the higher the number of “cases” even though these were largely false positives because they simply verified that viral material was present, though most were dead nucleotides and therefore, non-infectious.

Well, it turns out that Ireland’s PCR testing uses an even higher Ct number of 40-45! This particular number is not generally revealed but only via FOIA can people in Ireland learn of it. If most of the results of the PCR testing using a Ct number of 35 or higher are false positives, what do you think happens when they use a number much higher? More “cases” that will be false positives. If the viral material at 35 Cts is essentially dead, what do you think a higher number will represent? Many more dead virus results.

The world is being seriously played. Satan is working overtime and his followers are doing whatever they can to push the lies in order to gain control of the entire world. This is why the entire CV-19 was global and not just in the USA.

The only remedy here is to be and remain close to God. We must learn to trust Him in all things as Joseph in Genesis learned. Now is not the time to doubt Him. Now is the time to lean on Him.




[1] https://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2020/march/christian-martyrs-numbers-down-by-half-in-decade-or-are-the.html



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