God’s Coming Great Reset, Pt 2

Last time, we discussed the fact that technocrat globalists are doing whatever they can to bring the world together in one globalized government, God allows it because it will ultimately bring Him tremendous glory. The technocracy that is being built by technocrats will create the final one-world empire first highlighted in Daniel 2.

Today’s technology has indeed made the world much smaller because information travels extremely fast today and in a matter of seconds, people in the USA can see what is happening in the opposite side of the earth and in real time. Travel, which used to be by foot, horse, train or ship, now happens via automobiles, planes, trains and rockets. Speeds have increased tremendously cutting down the time it takes to get half way across the world.

So the final globalized empire that is being built now is literally being thrust upon us because of a virus that is said would destroy humanity if emergency precautions were not put into effect. Because of this, our rights and privileges have been destroyed all for the “common good” and “safety” of all people. This is in spite of the fact that thousands upon thousands needlessly died from CV-19 because they were first put on ventilators and then Hydroxychloroquine(HQC) was kept from them, which would’ve healed many. It was deliberate to ramp up the fear.

Even though the WHO and CDC are constantly updating their recommendations regarding CV-19 and we are seeing a drop in hospitalizations and deaths in many areas, the new president is considering halting travel to and from Florida. Why? Because Florida’s governor wants people to make intelligent decisions based on common sense. During every flu season, this is what was done even though in some cases, 60,000 or more people died from the flu. There were no lock-downs, no shutting of businesses considered non-essential, no social distancing or masks, etc.

So on one hand, the CV-19 situation has peaked and reducing, yet on the other hand, it seems that globalists want to keep the “urgency” of the situation at the top. This way, they’ll be able to push more people into getting the vaccine and make new “laws” that will force people to have CV-19 testing done prior to flying or eventually no flight without proof of vaccination. The ridiculous thing though is that we are also being told that even with the vaccine, masking and social distancing is still needed and the vaccine will likely only last a few months. This indicates that another “booster” shot will be required every few months in order to guard against getting the virus that has a 99%+ survival rate, versus the vaccine, which at best, has a 95% efficacy.

This is all classic Helegian Dialectic from Step 1 (see image). Society has already seen the first six steps happening. The next step, mandatory vaccine passports has been discussed and do you think for a moment that Joe Biden’s administration will not push for this? If he is going to try to halt traffic to and from Florida, why wouldn’t he? The next step (#8) highlights rolling out 5G. This is already being done and recall that President Trump thought it was a great idea as well. From a business perspective, it does makes sense, but from a how best to control the population (as currently exists in China), there’s no other way. In order to roll out the coming world empire, there must be absolute control over society and 5G will create this simply because of how fast it is compared to the current 4G. Some places like California already have 5G in place and the next phase, 6G is already being developed.

Mandatory vaccinations may also occur, though I think there will be a great deal of push-back here in the USA. I know too many healthcare workers who have refused the vaccine. One nurse we know in California had to sign something stating she understood the risks of not taking the vaccine because she didn’t want it. She has personally seen numerous reactions to the vaccine.

  • Bells palsy
  • Seizures
  • Epstein-Barr

Though many people are refusing the vaccination, there are too many in society who are willingly offering their arms, believing it is the right thing to do in spite of the fact that it offers no guarantees, was very quickly developed and an efficacy of 95% is questionable with many doctors asking the question. The whole thing is absurd because even with the vaccine, social distancing and masks are still highly recommended. Do masks work? Does social distancing work? If not, why are we bothering? If so, why do we need a vaccine?

During 2020, the “experts” told us that using physical cash could be seriously problematic because the virus could live on surfaces of money for days. This is all an attempt to get us away from using physical forms of payment and going completely digital/cashless (step 10). The problem is still having your information hacked. The world will ultimately be introduced to the “mark of the beast” system where each person will have that mark embedded on their hand or forehead. This makes for easy scanning and that mark can be digitally updated as needed through the coming 5G/6G system. Yet, it still won’t be hack proof.

Though many believe the CV-19 vaccine is the mark of the beast, I believe the coming mark of the beast will certainly incorporate the technology that is being used for this vaccine and coming vaccine “boosters,” but this vaccine is not it, in my opinion.  They are getting us used to the “need” for vaccines and boosters and serves to reduce and even eliminate any concerns people might have when the actual mark of the beast is rolled out.

People will have gotten so used to getting vaccines and booster shots, when they introduce the mark of the beast (which will, in all likelihood, introduce a new delivery system method), people will clamor for it. I believe it will be possible through the coming mark of the beast system that with the many scanning stations that will be needed, people will constantly be able to update their “mark” with the newest information and also receive the newest “booster” vaccines through the same delivery system. I could be wrong. I’m simply guessing. I’m not a prophet.

Once the world goes cashless, only one form of currency will be used worldwide. Multiple currencies won’t be needed any longer. The coming digitizing of money is actually brilliant as far as a one-world government is concerned.

Technocrats envision a world where they are in charge and the rest of us are relegated to the crumbs from their table. They are determined to get the world to that future point.

I’ve talked about it before but the system resembles a pyramid with the elite at the top and the rest of us (serfs) at the bottom. It really is going to be the modern version of historical feudalism. Just as the technocrats are using CV-19 to usher in the final world order and doing Satan’s work, they will be ultimately usurped by Antichrist (Daniel 7:24), once they’ve done all the grunt work.

By the way, on a somewhat related note, Amazon is building it’s second headquarters in Arlington VA. The shape of it is said to be a double helix that wraps around itself. As numerous people have pointed out, however, it appears to be more like a modern rendition of the Tower of Babel. You can read more about it here. Also interesting to note that the Parliament building of the European Union (EU), is very much shaped like the ziggurat that is believed to have been what the original Tower of Babel looked like.

There are unfortunately, too many within Christendom who continue to believe that God is going to save America. These people are either Kingdom Now, Dominion or Reconstructionists and have set the literal interpretation of Scripture aside in favor of their view.

So if we know what’s coming, where does this leave us? If you’re like me, it can make us all a bit nervous because we know society will become more restrictive. Our freedoms will continue to be removed all for our own “safety” in the age of Coronavirus.

So what do we do? What is our approach? In Numbers 13, we read about the 12 Israelite men who were sent into the land of Canaan. Their job was to spy out the land, bring back a few things they found there and give a report.

When the spies returned, ten of them had a fearful report. The people were like giants and there was no way God could overcome them! Only two – Joshua and Caleb – sided with God, believing He would give them victory. In Numbers 14, the people believed the 10 spies and wanted to overthrow Moses and return to Egypt. God was ready to destroy them, but Moses, acting as high priest for the nation, pleaded on the people’s behalf (as Jesus pleads on our behalf). God relented and still judged the 10 spies with their deaths because they sided against God. God then said for for forty years, the Israelites would continue wandering until all the men from that generation had died in the wilderness, all except Joshua and Caleb.

In the coming days, we will increasingly be funneled into the coming world order. It may seem that we are overwhelmed on all sides. But like Joshua and Caleb, we must resist the temptation to think that God has forgotten us and cannot deliver us. What’s important now is that we do not deny God or His ability to keep us from stumbling. If we simply focus on the situations around us, the temptation will be great. If we instead continually seek to see Him and His provision, I believe God will respond to our faith accordingly by granting discernment and wisdom.

I’m not saying this is going to be easy. It will require our effort and it starts with a deliberate decision to choose God and His ability to carry us. God’s coming Great Reset will destroy Satan’s cheap imitation. That day cannot come soon enough!

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