The Consequences of Compliance

Barack Obama’s mouthpiece, Joe Biden, made his move against the second amendment by calling for a ban on assault weapons, universal background checks, magazine bans, and other measures which can be found in HR 127.  While everyone knew that creepy Joe would come after our guns, many people fail to realize the precedent that has been set by former President Trump. The Donald was anything but a staunch pro-gun president but, he had many of his followers convinced otherwise. No one questioned the unconstitutional actions he took against the second amendment. Biden’s call for gun control is just another example of how the two political parties are pretending to oppose each other on small, insignificant matters but, on major policy issues, work hand in hand.

For example, HR 127 itself was likely written during the Trump administration. President Trump, at the same meeting in which he made the controversial comment “take the guns first, go for due process second,” also urged Congress to come up with a comprehensive gun control bill. In this video, Donald Trump is seen telling anti-gun Congress members several things. One, he said the NRA has too much power over them and they shouldn’t be afraid to take them on. Two, he urged them to be strong on background checks and mental health screenings. Finally, he assured them they didn’t have to worry about bump stocks because he would take care of them. President Trump was never presented with this bill, likely because it would have never made it past the Republican-controlled senate. This doesn’t change the fact that had he been given the opportunity, he likely would have signed it.

The second precedent, which is likely far more worrisome, is the bump stock ban itself. The ATF, under direction from the Trump administration, redefined the term machine gun in existing gun control laws. An AR-15, for example, can now be considered a machine gun for lawful purposes because it is capable of receiving attachments, such as a bump stock, which can increase its rate of fire. In other words, an AR-15 can theoretically be banned as a machinegun and not a semi-automatic rifle. Furthermore, the bump stock ban eliminated the grandfather clause. Owners were required to surrender them or face prison time. This is a blatant violation of the Constitution’s ex post facto provisions.

Truthfully, it does little good to focus on what Trump did to further gun control when he is no longer president. Aside from understanding why these policies were vehemently opposed by people considered to be “never-Trumpers.”

What people need to understand is that Democrats and Republicans incrementally advance their agenda by making small, minuscule steps that go unnoticed by the masses. This is called Fabian socialism. They also work on gaining your compliance by being dishonest about their intentions. The majority of Trump supporters unquestionably accepted Trump’s bump stock ban because one, it was only a bump stock and they had no interest in it, and two, it was believed banning bump stocks was a lot better than what Hillary would have done. This isn’t a theory, this is what they said when asked why they never opposed it. This alludes to what Saul Alinsky said in Rules for Radicals. People will accept things they normally wouldn’t if presented with a hopeless future.

Trump is able to walk away from gun control without having his name attached at all. He was likely used to convince the conservative base to accept this infringement without question, just as he was used to create negative perceptions of conservative ideology. Because people refused to question this action under some misguided notion of 4-D chess, the AR-15, a semi-auto rifle available to the public since the fifties, can now be considered a machine gun. This will likely make the passage of the upcoming gun control bill, more likely to succeed.

The Democrats have no reason to believe people will not comply. The masses have shown that they will by agreeing to voluntarily cover their faces while separating themselves from their own family members over a virus with a 98.6% survival rate.


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