Supreme Court denies bid to overturn Pennsylvania election

Today, according to The Blaze, the United States Supreme Court denied a bid from Republicans to overturn the election results in Pennsylvania. Supporters of the President thought for sure that the latest nomination of Amy Barrett ensured any challenges to election fraud, would be a sure win. Clearly, this isn’t the case. From this writer’s perspective, and it is an unpopular one for sure, the Trump presidency was really nothing more than a dangling carrot at the front of fast moving treadmill that burned zero calories. Throughout its entire duration there was an anticipation that the swamp would be drained and the so called “deep state,” which is most likely a term coined by the deep state, would finally be put in its place and America would once again, be great. Too many people ignored too many inconsistencies and let him get away with too many unconstitutional actions. Most likely because the relief of averting a Clinton presidency was so overwhelming, reinforcing an unquestionable support for the man that would save America. Needless to say, the swamp wasn’t drained and instead, it seems to be overflowing leaving the president gasping for breath. Personally, this writer was skeptical of Trump however, it is difficult to deny his popularity. Furthermore, his victory in 2016 was a complete repudiation of Obama and Biden’s rampant liberalism. This makes it difficult, despite the obvious voter fraud, to believe Biden could have beat him. In any case, it doesn’t appear that the swamp will be going down any drain in the foreseeable future.

BREAKING: Supreme Court denies pro-Trump bid to nullify election results in Pennsylvania – TheBlaze

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