They have had the vaccine since January

Skepticism about the upcoming Covid-19 vaccine runs high in America, and rumors abound. Its makers, Moderna, are not hiding the fact that it is a DNA altering vaccine which writes the genetic code of the Covid-19 virus into our DNA. How this is even possible when the CDC admitted a purified, isolated sample of Covid doesn’t exist is anyone’s guess. In any case, a vaccine is coming. Donald Trump launched “Operation Warp Speed” with the promise of a quick delivery of an effective vaccine by years end. Despite enlisting the military to distribute it, which in this writers opinion is a frightening prospect, his supporters are of course, lauding it as one of his greatest accomplishments. There is only one problem. Moderna is now claiming that they have had the vaccine since January 13 of this year and had conducted successful trials before the end of February. If you buy into the constant stream of propaganda fed by the mainstream media then this essentially means, the government let 250,000 thousand Americans die so you would be scared enough to accept being injected with the unknown.

We Had the COVID-19 Vaccine the Whole Time (

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