Busted: Proof Against Overriding Voting Machines Goes Bad

In this short video, you’ll watch a group of election people led by their supervisor go through the process of learning how a Diebold voting machine works. The supervisor insists the machine is foolproof and cannot be overwritten with false votes. They go through the process together with one person appointed to vote “yes” and the rest all voting “no.”

It’s interesting how after all the voters have voted, an administrator provides the memory card (and did NOT vote). The memory card is supposed to simply verify that it has ZERO votes on it. It’s job is to simply record the way people actually voted and be able to store that information on the card and print it out.

The supervisor is shown inserting the memory card, then printing out a receipt proving that there are no votes already on the card. Then the card is transferred to another part of the machine and the votes that have already been run through the machine are transferred to the card itself. Following this, a receipt is printed out and lo and behold, the entire vote is actually¬†reversed, with one “no” and the rest “yes.”

Watch the video yourself and see what happens and the reaction of the people who were simply acting as voters. The video is only just over seven minutes and enthralling.


Personally, I’m not sure why the powers that be at Facebook have not taken this video down yet. View it while you still can!

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