Covid-19 and the Raping of America’s Mind

Americans are living in a warped reality, one that has changed their perception of everything that was ever considered normal. Their minds are trapped in a controlled narrative depicting a life-ending pandemic, despite revelations from its inception that it was never as severe as portrayed. Every year, thousands of people die from seasonal flu alone. In 2019, the number was 61,000, with 810,000 hospitalizations in the United States. The reported number of deaths caused by Covid-19 for the year 2020 is around 350,000. Is this true? The CDC released a report stating that ninety-four percent of the 540, 667 people hospitalized with Covid-19 between March 2020 and March 2021, suffered from at least one major comorbidity. This means, according to their own words, that only six percent either died or suffered from Covid-19 alone. Six percent of 540,677 is a little over 32,000. This is half the number of Americans killed by the flu in 2019, and the 540, 677 is way less than the 810,000 hospitalized that year. Even Dr. Fauci, in the March 2020 edition of The New England Journal of Medicine, acknowledged that Covid-19 would be no more consequential than seasonal influenza, assuming the asymptomatic cases were higher than the reported number of cases. Which, of course, they were. From the very beginning, there has been available information showing everything about Covid-19 to be little more than a hyped-up flu season with a big agenda behind it. Yet, Americans, through an incessant, never-ending propaganda campaign, have bought into it hook, line and sinker. Their minds are being raped by experts of behavior, who have decades of study into the effects of persuasive communications through media messaging behind them. Despite continuous revelations that Covid-19 differs from what the media shows, Americans refuse to research for themselves, and continue to behave as if we are in a real pandemic. The real conspiracy isn’t a virus or a vaccine, but the hidden work of those who manipulate our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes through carefully crafted media messages, meant to control and guide our thinking.

According to the book Rape of the Mind, by Joost Meerloo, there is a massive study taking place in human motivation. What makes people believe what they do? What makes them respond to media messages in ways which produce desirable behavior? Through decades of research, communications specialists have concluded that most people are susceptible to propaganda, and the media can produce messages creating any perception, while also allowing the public to believe they are forming their own opinions. The goal of propaganda, according to Meerloo, is to keep the public’s mind trapped in a state of thinking useful to the tyrant. According to the book Manufacture of Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media, something called the Propaganda Model allows for dissenting views which keeps all the information they expose us to within acceptable “bounds and margins,” which are useful to those in power. In other words, most of the news is pushing a dominant narrative while there is a different view that gives the perception of an independent media. The dissenting view is hardly large enough to interfere with the mainstream narrative. Is it possible that contradicting information concerning Covid-19 is released to see how the public responds? How would that be useful to the powers that be?

First, it keeps the public trapped in the Covid-19 narrative. There are those who believe it and those who don’t. No matter where you fall on that scale it is hard to argue it does not affect you in some way. The contradictory information creates conflict and confusion. Soviet defector, Yuri Bezmenov, in his famous interviews describing the process of ideological subversion, stated that the overabundance of information is useful to keep people from coming to logical conclusions in their own interests. Covid-19 has caused such a state of fear in American life that families no longer get together over their vaccination status. Much of the public believes that unvaccinated people should be arrested, although they have admitted that the vaccine does nothing to stop the spread of the virus. This is a great example of how the media can create and control perceptions. Dr. Fauci himself admits the vaccine is useless in preventing infection, yet millions of Americans remain convinced they must get it because of the effectiveness of media-controlled perceptions.

As Meerloo stated, there is a massive study taking place examining people’s motivations and what it takes to get them to comply. The communications specialists he speaks of have done decades of study on the effects of persuasive communication strategies through media messaging, and have people broken down into categories they refer to as “elaboration likelihood.” This means that they know what groups of people are more likely to think about or elaborate on, what they are hearing in the news, and those that are not. They are studying how to tweak the message to make those more likely to question it, accept it within the parameters of their own belief system. Studies like Persuasion Amidst a Pandemic: Insight from the Elaboration Likelihood Model are taking place right under our noses while the media feeds us the information which controls what we believe, and guides our decision-making. Other studies like The Use of The Health Belief Model-Based Deep Learning Classifiers for Covid-19 Social Media Content to Examine Public Perceptions of Physical Distancing: Model Development and Case Study, examines in real-time, people’s perceptions of Covid-19 interventions and how to change them through persuasive communications. Finally, a model of behavioral change called The Health Belief Model is being used to study and predict health-related behaviors concerning our reactions to Covid-19 interventions based on our perceptions.

Covid-19 has captivated the minds of the nation. Whether you fear the virus itself, or the conspiracies surrounding it, one thing is for certain. Most people are not aware of the depth of study that has gone into controlling our perceptions and guiding our opinions. To the tyrant, it doesn’t matter if you are vaccine-hesitant or if you got the shot. What matters most to them is how you are responding to the media messages which influence your choices. Through the studies mentioned above, they are learning more about our motivations and beliefs. They know which populations are likely to comply and which are not, and they are learning what it may take to gain compliance from those who question the narrative. They are controlling our perceptions and making us argue within a context that serves their purpose. Creating confusion and conflict, which, as Bezmenov has noted, keeps us from coming to logical conclusions while enabling them to learn how to better manipulate our beliefs. The bigger conspiracy isn’t Covid-19, or the deaths surrounding the vaccines. It is the decades of study in human behavior which enables them to capture our attention and control our perceptions. We will continue to be nothing but guinea pigs for the social scientists conducting such studies until we realize this.

Meerloo states in Rape of the Mind that men can resist thought control if they understand the nature of the propaganda being used against them. They must, however, understand what makes their minds susceptible to accepting it. The study of persuasive communications has identified the susceptibilities of the human mind, and what they know has been used against us for decades. These susceptibilities are fear, confusion, and social isolation. Keeping people in a state of fear and hopelessness is essential in creating the conditions necessary for people to abandon their own sense of reason and display a willingness to endure tyranny. Covid-19 has frightened many people to the point where being unafraid seems unreasonable. Fear has become the common virtue and it is driving the decisions of millions. Those skilled in exploiting our deepest frailties have raped the minds of America in their attempts to implement their dreams of collectivism. The most effective way of reversing course is understanding how propaganda and persuasion work. You must study what it is they have learned.



“If we are to survive as free men, we must face up to the problem of politically inspired mental coercion, with all its ramifications.” (Meerloo, 1961, p. 7)

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