Exploring the Concepts and Realities of Ideological Subversion

I was in my local grocery store the other day. It was earlier in the morning than when I usually go. I have been at home all week recovering from carpal tunnel surgery and this was the first time I had been out since. Even though the site has long become a familiar one, we have been dealing with the issue of Covid for over two years now, seeing most shoppers wearing facemasks left me feeling, shall we say, disheartened and deeply concerned about the state of our nation. The store was relatively packed, and I was, maybe, one of three or four shoppers not wearing a face covering. What left me feeling so disillusioned was the behavior of some of the people. For instance, one man saw me standing in an aisle all alone. He was at least twenty years older than me, putting him at around seventy or so. He was scared to death to walk down the aisle I was in and deliberately avoided doing so, despite the open space and me being the only one in the lane. Another individual, when I reached down to grab a package of shredded cheese, jumped back as if I had just threatened her with a gun. I was already at least three feet away from her when I grabbed my item, but she felt the need to put on this little show. I have reached the point, a long time ago mind you, where I can no longer take any of this seriously, and I begin to wonder if people have any interest in defending what little freedom of thought remains in our country. I told the woman I was not contagious and just a few years ago it was common knowledge that people would get sick from the flu every year. Influenza, after all, is a coronavirus as is the common cold. Her reply was at once, both hilarious and disturbing. She said she has Covid. If that’s the case, what is she doing in the grocery store? She didn’t appear sick. Her voice wasn’t coarse and despite being a bit misguided and frightened, appeared to be relatively healthy. Who knows, maybe she is recovering? I realized at this point, and I have known this from the beginning of all this nonsense, that there is no going back to normal. The issue of Covid-19, its variants, the vaccine, and all the other information pertaining to the so-called pandemic, has captivated, or captured, the hearts and minds of most Americans to the point where their perceptions of reality are so deeply altered, they will never let go. In the check-out lane, the cashier greeted me with the usual attempt to get rid of all their plastic bags as if I am someone who simply responds to the power of suggestion. “Plastic bags for you today sir?” He says with a smile. “No, thank you,” I replied. Driven by an urge to snap people out of this trance-like state they are in, I asked him if he had ever heard of Ivan Pavlov. He replied by asking, “The dog guy?” “Yes, the dog guy,” I said. “Did you know that Joseph Stalin employed him to apply his conditioning techniques to people in communist Russia?”

America’s perception of what is or what isn’t considered normal is deeply rooted in our subconscious. We all get up every day and live our lives within the confines of what has largely appeared to be a world that makes sense. We go to work, pay our bills, and keep ourselves informed by watching the daily news. We have our beliefs, our opinions, and our attitudes towards major social issues which affect all of us. Democrats believe that America is a racist nation in need of a complete make-over. Republicans believe that Donald Trump was America’s savior after eight years of Obama, without even considering his long friendship with the Clinton’s, and the fact that Billie boy encouraged him to run in 2015. Covid-19 has dominated our thoughts and beliefs for more than two years. No matter what side of the aisle you are on you cannot escape it. It has become the reality whether you believe it or not.

These issues are at the forefront of American consciousness because they are constantly pushed through the avenues where most Americans receive information, media and education. On one side of the aisle there is Fox News, which presents itself as the conservative outlet, and on the other, CNN. America’s educational institutions have become little more than pushers of liberal indoctrination and thought reform. While most conservatives would agree that education has taken a very socialistic turn, working to melt the minds of our younger generation, would they consider the possibility that Fox News exists to shape, define, and guide conservative thought? Probably not, if they pride themselves on staying informed. According to the book Political Persuasion and Attitude Change, highly educated people consider the news, whichever flavor pleases their senses, to be credible, and are likely to go along with whatever their favorite outlet is reporting. This is useful information if the purpose of the media is to shape and guide public opinion.

While the nation appears to be brainwashed by the illusion that masks and vaccines will save them, without asking the obvious question of why they haven’t already, there is good news. Millions around the world are awakening to a new reality. They are beginning to wonder if there might be something to the whacked-out, tinfoil hat, one-world government conspiracy “theory.” The bigger problem is that the powers that be successfully discredit and demonize any movement that works to expose this truth. In the 1950s, Joseph McCarthy worked to expose communist infiltration in our government, and the methods of subversion they employed. The term McCarthyism was attached to anyone who bought into his ideas. Today, anyone who opposes the leftist agenda is discredited through elaborately staged illusions meant to give the impression they were something that they weren’t. The best example of this is from a biography of Saul Alinsky from Stanford Horwitt. Many people are likely to know this, but it is a good reminder of what we are dealing with. Alinsky was asked by a group of college students what the best way to protest a George Bush rally would be. This is when he was a U.N. Representative. Alinsky told them to show up to the rally dressed like the KKK, and cheer whenever he said something they were against. Mainly pertaining to the Vietnam war. This, of course, created the illusion that the KKK supported Bush and that Bush was for the KKK.

There is an idea that I have come across in a couple of different books. In The Naked Communist, for example, Cleon Skousen says that if we study the problem of communism, we may be able to preserve freedom for all mankind. Unfortunately, he said this back in 1958. In another book, The Rape of the Mind, Joost Meerloo states “If we are to survive as free men, we must face up to the problem of politically inspired mental coercion, with all its ramifications.” What does this mean? It means we must accept that the world isn’t as it seems. Conservatives must accept that it isn’t just Democrats trying to transform our world. They must accept that when six corporations control all the media, and the owners of Fox News contributed more to Hillary Clinton while pushing stories promoting Trump, something is fishy. They must accept that perhaps Q is little more than a psychological warfare operation, controlling the thoughts of Trump supporters. The Soviets, after all, were experts in the use of controlled opposition to transform independent nations into communists states. Above all, it means that we must accept that everything we have ever believed about our thoughts and attitudes could be little more than deliberately created perceptions meant to keep us trapped in a thinking pattern that distracts us from the true reality. The reality of what Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov refers to as, Ideological Subversion.

Ideological Subversion: To change the perception of reality to such an extent that despite the abundance of information, no one can come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their families, their communities, and their country. (Yuri Bezmenov)

According to Bezmenov, Ideological Subversion is such a long process that the average person doesn’t realize that any change is taking place. This is like the concept of Fabian Socialism, small incremental changes over long periods of time. The frog in boiling water, so to say. Most Americans alive today, for example, were born after the invention of the television. The idea that we receive the information that guides our decisions and daily activities through our T.V. sets has been so normalized, for so long, that no one blinks an eye at it. Most Americans are also unaware of the fact that the Soviets had plans to use our free press against us before the television was even invented. In a report entitled The Communist Peace Offensive, it is highlighted that communist propagandists were keenly aware of how to use America’s free press to push their aims. This was at a time when America received all its information through radio. They were exploiting our freedoms, and our susceptibility to the belief we were exercising freedom of choice by choosing what we wanted to listen to. Bezmenov states that one of the key principles of subversion is turning a stronger force against itself. This is a concept echoed in Saul Alinsky’s Rule for Radicals, where on page 128 he says to “Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. You can kill them with this because they can no longer live up to their own rules than the Christian Church can live up to Christianity.” This is an example of political coercion we must face up to. Our cherished freedom of speech is being used as a weapon against us in the mass media. Even if we are aware of communist propaganda, we can’t argue against it because of the First Amendment. So, we believe.

Media, according to Bezmenov, is one of the main avenues of subversion because it has a direct impact on public opinion and attitude. This isn’t a crazy conspiracy theory. Countless hours of research have gone into media-related studies going all the way back to The War of the Worlds radio broadcast. The book, Invasion from Mars: A Study of the Psychology of Panic highlights the fact that researchers found people’s trust in media figures had a major impact on their belief that what they were listening to was a real-world event, not a play. The book, Media Effects: Advances in Theory and Research discusses the role of media from being simply a conveyor of information to a tool of persuasion. For years there was little in the way of solid evidence suggesting that media can change people’s beliefs or opinions because it was doing little more than telling people the facts. It was in the 1960s that researchers found that opinions and attitudes were largely shaped not by the story itself, but how the story was framed for the audience. How did the media present the story? The news media started assuming the role of defining what issues American’s would think about, not necessarily how they thought about the issues. This, according to the authors of Chapter One of Media Effects, is referred to as the agenda-setting role of mass media. Defining what it is Americans consider to be the most pressing and salient issues of the day.

Again, this is an example of the problem of communism we must study. Media Effects: Advances in Theory Research isn’t a conspiracy book. It is a detailed account of the numerous studies that have occurred to figure out how to use media to persuade, not inform, written by the researchers. If we decide to keep ourselves trapped in a line of thinking that was deliberately designed by these people to guide our opinions, and define for us what we should consider important, we will not get out of this. Another book to look at is Manufactured Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media by Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky. Chomsky is admittedly, a known leftist, however, his insight rings true. Discussing something called the Propaganda Model, he describes a news media where a certain amount of dissension is allowed to counter the mainstream narrative. This is done to give the illusion of a free press as the alternative information is kept within acceptable bounds and margins. In other words, whether you are listening to news that pushes or questions the Covid-19 narrative, your mind is still on Covid-19. Right where the commies want it to be.

This is the reality we are living in. Our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and opinions have been subverted through the infiltration of media. A massive amount of research has been conducted concerning how we respond to media messages, how they affect our opinions and dominate our thinking. The mass media sets the agenda for what we are to consider “the most important and salient issues of the day.” As noted earlier, researchers also know that highly educated people pride themselves on staying informed and up to date on the latest information, and view media sources as legitimate. This is the reality of Ideological Subversion. It isn’t a crazy whacked-out conspiracy theory, but a frightening truth that can be verified if people could learn what to research. The media narrative over Covid-19 has been so successful, for example, that people continue to rush out to testing sites and accept a positive test result, despite the fact that the World Health Organization itself has admitted the PCR tests are producing high rates of false positives.

A good article is supposed to describe the problem and offer viable solutions. Presenting workable ways to solve the problem of brainwashing is difficult because you must first, convince people they have been brainwashed. Solving this problem and returning America to a state of uninfringed liberty means accepting that we have all been affected by this. We cannot go on thinking that Fox News is giving us the conservative viewpoint, for example. We must move on realizing, based on the evidence presented, that they could be defining what it is conservatives should be thinking about.  It is the same for all media. The false left/right paradigm exists to create conflict and push us towards socialism. The bottom line is this. We must shut off the news and start researching for ourselves. It has all been written down, the work has already been done. We just need to read and accept that it may be the reality we are dealing with.






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