News and Notes: January 21, 2021

Q is Gone
For the past four years, we have been told that we were watching a “movie.” We were made to believe that the “Deep State” was being dismantled and that it would take time to do so. We were told to “trust” a bunch of people that seemed completely inept and disingenuous in their jobs.

As time progressed, we were told the reason things were so difficult was because the “Deep State” was fighting back. No worries, though because we were also told the good guys “have everything,” implying on one hand that we, the people were not really needed in the fight because they had everything already. On the other hand, we were told that we needed to “fight” by educating normal people through memes to send out on social networks.

Forbes, just published an article on the whole Q phenomenon, “We Got Played.” As I’ve mentioned previously, this whole thing is very reminiscent of a psyop used by Communists in 1920 called “Operation Trust.”

Essentially, it was Controlled Opposition in which Communist agents infiltrated another regime stating that Communism was basically dying and in its final death throes. There were military people at the top who were going to take it officially down when the time was right. Once those agents gained the trust of the people in the regime they intended to overthrow, the agents then completed the overthrow and arrested/executed the people who had trusted them in the first place. Mission Impossible crew could not have done it better.

Ultimately, there were no top military people ready to take down Communism. It was simply a ruse that allowed otherwise intelligent and questioning people to stop questioning and comply.

Initially, I admit I was a “follower” of Q. There were two reasons for this. First, he seemed to be a true patriot who¬† quoted Scripture and appeared to want what was best for this country. Second, he provided information that truly appeared to be specific Intel. Who but someone close to President Trump could’ve gotten the types of pictures and other info he was privy to? Answer: some spy agency.

Over time, I began to notice problems with what we were being told. As I’ve said before, Q’s disclaimer – “disinfo is necessary” simply served to muddy the waters and provide Q with a logical out every time something he promised did not happen.

In spite of the turn of events, I am still seeing people on social networks seriously stating that “the best is yet to come.” They urge everyone to have “faith” while they wait for the fireworks to begin. They fully believe that arrests are coming and Trump will be flown back to the White House where the fraud will be clearly uncovered and dealt with and he will begin and complete his second term. Sadly, even attorney Lin Wood keeps promoting this whole scam.

Why do so many willingly believe this and appear to be Christians? Do they not understand what the Bible teaches? They believe it because of a number of things:

  1. the false prophets/apostles of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) have been busy “prophesying” all kinds of things about Trump and pushing the Kingdom Now/Dominion theology which promises a great turnaround for the USA
    1. Kingdom Now/Dominion theology states that as Christians work very hard to change the world, Christ will be “enabled” to return physically. Apparently, His return is solely dependent upon Christians in this world doing what they should do instead of the fact that the Father sets the time for Christ’s return.
  2. false prophets claimed Trump was America’s “Cyrus”
  3. It helped that “Q” quoted Scripture from time to time
  4. People want to believe good things. No one likes to believe the worst is coming.

I think you get the picture. Ultimately, people were hoodwinked because too many believed that Trump actually was/is the “Cyrus” for America. In reality, he’s a guy who has flip-flopped between being a Democrat and Republican and whether truly well-meaning or not, has made a few good decisions while in office and a lot of not so good decisions as well.

Sadly, when the dust settles, it appears to me as though at the very least, President Trump was used by the globalists to foment division between parties and political persuasions. He has been so hated that unfortunately, anyone associated with him is also hated, including those who supported him. I’ve said all along – since the very beginning of his term as president – anything good he might do would be offset immediately after he was out of office.

Donald J. Trump has been used as the lightning rod by the Left. I’d like to share a video with you that one of my readers sent. It’s an informative video explaining how “controlled opposition” is used. You may not agree with the video author’s conclusions about Trump, but at least understand what he says about controlled opposition.

Have you ever talked with someone who is conservative and yet completely hates Trump? Have you ever talked with someone who firmly believes God put Trump here at this time to “free” America from the chains of globalism and will not tolerate any nay-saying where Trump is concerned? Both are resolute in their positions.

Why are these two positions so eagerly adapted and used as wedges to divide people? I believe it is because people have failed to comprehend the big picture and that big picture is found in Scripture. But instead of reading the Bible, too many Christians today prefer to have their ears itched or tickled by NAR wolves who call themselves pastors or teachers and who simply tell people what they want to hear. For those leaders within Christendom, it’s very rewarding, both politically and financially. Their “ministries” are based on that, only using God as a vehicle to promote themselves.

Final Global Kingdom
Do we really believe that Satan’s final global kingdom would happen so incrementally that it wouldn’t be noticed over hundreds and hundreds of years? Satan doesn’t have that kind of time. He knows his days are short (Revelation 12:9), so why would he take the time to wait for a few more hundred years or even multiple decades to usher in his final kingdom? He’s been working on it already since the time after the Flood at Babel when his efforts then were sidelined by God Himself (Genesis 11), but he began in earnest immediately afterwards. He’s already had thousands of years since then to recreate and move forward. He simply needed technology to catch up so that he could put his final goals into fruition. We are there now.

Yesterday, a new president and vice president were sworn into office. There were at least 17 executive orders waiting for President Biden once he was sworn into office. Apparently, there are 10 more today. Things are moving very quickly.

As I said in the last article, Communism has officially arrived to America. It is here now in our federal seat of government. What we will see over the next four to eight years is the Obama Administration on steroids. The MSM is already asking softball questions because they are tasked with supporting Biden’s administration. We will see a complete change of approach in the media. They will become very polite and gracious and not ask any hard questions. Those who attempt to ask hard questions will be thrown out of press briefings. If/when that happens, no one in the MSM will complain as they did when Trump tried to do that.

Over the next few years, understand that the coming final global kingdom is being built and in earnest with the Constitution essentially being dismantled. One of the ways this is happening is by going on the offensive against anyone who supported Trump by either working in his administration or by supporting him in office. Ultimately, this includes all conservatives, patriots and many Christians who wrongly believed that Trump was America’s Cyrus.

It appears that Donald Trump is not done either as there are rumors he wants to create the “Patriot Party.” I’d frankly be careful about joining because ultimately, the Left will use it to identify people whom they see as “insurrectionists” or “domestic terrorists.” Never mind that even last night, AntiFa was busy destroying Democrat headquarters in Portland and shops in Seattle. That’s allowed, but not supporting your country. Nationalism is terrorism by another name, according to the Left.

As expected, CV-19 is already being de-emphasized in some ways. Literally, within one hour of President Biden taking the oath of office, the WHO issued a new directive regarding the Cycle thresh hold (Ct) number that is being used to determine the results of PCR testing. You’ll recall my previous article on January 8 regarding the explanation of how the high Ct# simply promotes more “cases,” because any viral material that might be present is seen as a positive for CV-19. The entire time Trump was in office, this scenario was pushed. Things are different now.

With Biden as president, we have new information from the WHO. They tell us that the Ct# is essentially too high and because of it, too many cases are being identified without merit.

Gosh, who knew? Many of us knew it but the time was not right until Joe Biden became president. Now, things can start rolling back so that there will be fewer false positives from the PCR tests.

The lowering of cases in the USA will be credited to Biden issuing his “100 days” mandating masks, which he signed yesterday. He’ll be classified as a genius and someone who truly cares about the American people (unlike Trump they’ll say), even though Biden has really done nothing. The WHO did it by stating that the Ct# needs to be reduced.

Not only that, but now it appears (also from the WHO), that you are now only considered CV-19 positive if you have a second test and present actual clinical symptoms as well. Before, you’ll recall that allegedly there were many “asymptomatic” carriers who had it, could pass it to others and not even know it or be affected by it themselves.

All of this is going to create a new way of looking at CV-19. I also wonder if that “new” strain, which is said to be more aggressive from the UK will turn out not to be as problematic as previously thought?

Yet, Biden is pushing ahead with more restrictive measures related to CV-19, but I wonder if it’s all for show and within a month or two, it will be declared that it worked and CV-19 is basically a thing of the past? Most of these new travel regulation EOs are directed at flights, passenger trains and even on city buses. So far, you still have the option of not wearing one in your own car.

Remember folks, as Christians, our calling is far higher than being a “nationalist.” It’s one thing to support the rule of law of your country. It’s another thing to place that country above God’s Kingdom. Christians are citizens of heaven. We are sojourners here. Because of this, while we can participate in the things of this world (like voting), it may now be the time to remove ourselves from the process. That is, of course, your call for yourself. Choose wisely.

(This article reprinted from with permission)

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