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Communism Has Arrived
Tomorrow is the inauguration of Joe Biden. While I realize that many patriots and conservatives continue to believe that something will occur to keep that from happening (arrests, etc.), it is best to understand that will likely not occur. Communism has arrived to the USA as predicted years ago.

If we consider world history from the mid-1800’s to now and we focus solely on the rise of Communism, it is very easy to see how Communism made the inroads it has made. They did it by slowly taking over the institutions and with continued deception, fraud and murder. That is abundantly clear.

Just one example is the Bolshevik Revolution. If you dig, you’ll find just exactly how Communists use the rabble and bitter dregs of society against Czar Nicholas and his family in order to bring about the needed change. That change resulted in the murders of the Czar and his family, along with their servants and even their pets. It forever changed Russia.

Were you aware that Karl Marx was a Jewish person who abandoned his faith early in life to escape antisemitism? [1] Would you be surprised to learn that Leon Trotsky was actually born Lev Davidovich Bronstein and who became a leader in the Bolshevik Revolution? [2] How about Vladimir Lenin, aka Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov who was also Jewish? [3] And what about Joseph Stalin? While there is no proof beyond doubt, there appears to be evidence that he was also Jewish. [4]

It makes perfect sense to me that Satan would do his best to destroy all Jews from the face of the earth because it was from Israel that their Messiah and our Savior came into this world. But the next best thing Satan can accomplish if he can’t annihilate them is to turn them against God by dividing and conquering them from within.

How did Satan approach this in the Old Testament? There are numerous examples of Israelite men intermarrying women who were idolaters and because of that, the Israelite men always fell away from God. Solomon was a perfect example (1 Kings 11:2). Another example is in the book of Ezra (Ezra 10:16-17) and another from Jeremiah 7:16–18.

If Satan cannot directly kill Jews, he will attack them from within and in doing so, will be then able to use them to commit the types of genocide that has occurred throughout history in modern times. Of course, Jews were not the only ones who committed these atrocities obviously, but I bet it’s more of a feather in Satan’s cap if he can cause some Jews to become genocidal tyrants.

By the way, I’m not attacking Jews or Judaism here. I’m simply saying that Satan can use Jews as well as Gentiles for his evil purposes. The Bible proves this repeatedly. I do not necessarily support the Israel of today either. I support what God is going to do with Israel in the future. Big difference.

What is the goal of Communism? It is the same goal globalists have (many of whom are Jewish, though not all), which is to create a global one-world system of government that rules over the entire world and divides all of society into just two classes of people: the haves and the have nots.

Wherever Communism has come into play, this has always been the result. The only people who gain anything are those who are either high up within the Communist Party or those who simply cooperate with them. The people at the top of Communism are greatly rewarded with many perks that the average person never sees because all of the “have nots” (serfs) are treated exactly the same with no preference. Look no further than China to see this in play.

This is what has started to take over the USA in earnest with this past election. Christians would do well to disengage from everything that is not needed, including the political system, but that of course, is up to you. Society is going to start experiencing more rules and enforcement of those rules. Biden will likely issue a mandate that everyone wear a mask. As POTUS, he only has power to do that where federal property is concerned. However, it is likely that numerous governors will go along with that EO and adopt it as “law.” Travel mandates, more restrictions, higher taxes, increase cost of goods and services, etc. should be expected.

Operation Trust
If you’re not familiar with this, you should read up on it, which was used by Communists. Operation Trust ran from 1921 to 1926 and interestingly enough, the psyop itself had aspects of today’s “Q” operation in it. The operation was written about by Russian defector Anatoliy Golitsyn and you can download a PDF copy of the book here. It’s really fascinating the length Communists went to in order to advance Communism, even including making it appear that there were top military people who had “control” and were going to bring down Communism from within at just the right time.

I was originally intrigued with Q a few years ago because it seemed to ring true. The problem is that over time, there appeared to be issues. The constant “disinfo is necessary” was starting to get frustrating because based on that alone, one could argue that anything Q said could be deliberately wrong to throw those in power off.

But looking back, it’s clear that nothing really came of it. I actually do believe that Q provided real Intel and actual facts that helped sell it. But as we’ve seen, as long as MSM ignored all of that Intel, there was no change at all.

It’s been over 4 years and Donald Trump will be out of office tomorrow, January 20th. I’m still reading about some folks who are now stating even if this happens, “it’s not over.”

These folks will be forced into the box cars and be smiling and eating popcorn waiting for the “movie” to conclude. I have come to conclude that what we’ve been watching the past four years has been a movie. The problem is that it’s been a movie that the “Deep State” (a phrase likely coined by the Deep State itself), created. Everything has been perfectly planned just like the Bolshevik Revolution and other Communist revolutions in the past.

Q has not posted since December 8th and I doubt that he’ll post again. He did his job of mollifying patriots and conservatives into sitting back and waiting for the Cavalry to save the day. It worked and here we are now.

What I also find very interesting is that these “anons” (self-proclaimed Autists), while they were able to search the ‘Net and dox people or find valuable information, not one of them could figure out who Q was/is. The amount of work they put into figuring out all of Q’s clues (crumbs), must have been cause for absolute high-fives and celebratory toasts by the globalists. Read about Operation Trust and see what you make of it.

Internet of Bodies (IoB)
On top of all this, there is something else that is going on behind the scenes. You recall my writing about the Internet of Things (IoT)? It’s usually been part of my writings on Technocracy, but for a brief definition, you can read it at this link. You can see their definition about halfway down under the heading, “So What Is The Internet Of Things?

Of course, what makes the IoT work is the coming 5G capabilities that will ultimately encircle the globe once the infrastructure is completely in place (satellites and new cell towers). But there’s something else on the way. That something is called the Internet of Bodies (IoB). If that sounds a bit foreboding it’s because it is foreboding and a massive breach of privacy.

However, like what is happening today with more and more people calling for censorship or outright banning of people who hold views that are not “politically correct” or acceptable, people will rally around this coming Internet of Bodies that will literally link people up to the Internet in a variety of ways. Here’s an article also from Forbes explaining the IoB and an excerpt (emphasis added).

When the Internet of Things (IoT) connects with your body, the result is the Internet of Bodies (IoB). The Internet of Bodies (IoB) is an extension of the IoT and basically connects the human body to a network through devices that are ingested, implanted, or connected to the body in some way. Once connected, data can be exchanged, and the body and device can be remotely monitored and controlled.

We are already there to an extent with our wearable items like Fitbits and Apple Watches, not to mention the smart phones we carry. Because of these items, we are traceable because we are constantly connected to a cell or WiFi signal. Any government agency (or search engine corporation) can easily track us in real time.

But the IoB goes beyond this to include implantable devices like pacemakers, cochlear implants and even what they call “digital pills.” These particular prescription medications, once swallowed, would send information back to the patient’s physician with a report indicating that the medication is being taken correctly and any side effects that the medication might create. This will cut down on physical doctor visits because so much then would be able to be corrected over WiFi.

But the third and final (for now) aspect of Internet of Bodies are those things which are embedded into our bodies, not simply implanted. Embedded items are what will make people transhuman. Someone might have a “chip” deliberately implanted with their upgradable financial information embedded on that chip. A person would simply scan that chip at financial institutions or stores and digital money would be transferred from their bank to that institution, etc.

When all of this is rolled out (and again, 5G is needed with 6G already being developed and expected to roll out in 2030), what will happen to whatever is left of people’s privacy? That is not the concern of globalists and in fact, it is one of the pluses they look forward to having – the ability to spy on anyone they choose. It gives them greater control.

Interestingly enough, let’s be fully aware that none of these things will apply to globalists. They will not be connected to the IoB even if they choose to use these devices. Note that VP Cheney, after he received his pacemaker, chose not to have it hooked to IoB because of “security” issues. You and I would not have that option.

Expect a lot happen in 2021 and more after that. We are on the final approach for the last kingdom of Daniel 2 to rise. There is nothing we can do. I do not expect a last moment “victory” by Trump or Conservatives on the 20th. There is no way the Left will allow that and I believe that if God was going to do something about it, He would’ve done that long ago. He appears to be allowing the final global government to take shape and Christians need to understand the times.

It is past time to disengage from needless activities and to be fully focused on the Great Commission and the King of Kings’ coming Kingdom. I cannot urge you enough.








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