CV-19: It Just Keeps Getting Better!

As fortune continues to smile on China Joe, we are now being told that the dreaded and mysterious COVID-19 has now peaked! Isn’t that just swell? I don’t know about you, but I’m just chuffed about the whole thing!

In my previous article (News and Notes: January 21, 2021), I talked briefly about CV-19 and the fact that the WHO (God bless them – snark), had pointed out that the cycle thresh hold number (Ct), used in the current PCR testing was admittedly too high. In the United States, the average Ct# used is about 35. The WHO now tells us that the higher the number, the greater the chance of the test coming back with a false positive. Hey, this could be why Ireland is now in full lock down with an ever-increasing load of “cases” that has skyrocketed!

Gosh, do you think it might have anything to do with the fact that Ireland’s testing labs used a Ct# of between 40-45? I’m wondering that myself. Seriously though, the WHO wants labs to roll back that number so that a more accurate count is achieved without the false positives. I commend them on waiting until one hour after Joe Biden was installed…er, I mean, elected as the 46th president of the United States of Amerika. They didn’t want to steal the limelight apparently.

Well, now there is additional information and it is apparently telling us that the surge in US “cases” has reached it’s peak. Isn’t that fascinating? So from here, we should expect to see a downward spiral of the number of cases.

Yes, we have peaked in terms of cases,” says Ali Mokdad, who has been tracking the pandemic at the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. “We are coming down, slowly. This is very good news — very good news.

Doggone it, that is just SWELL, I say! But wait, there’s more:

And while hospitals in some places are still being overwhelmed, the overall number of hospitalized patients also appears to have reached a peak and begun to decline slightly. It’s down from a peak of over 132,000 patients on Jan. 6 to 122,700 as of Wednesday.

Well, the hospitals in my area are not overwhelmed. In fact, I know healthcare workers in several hospitals and they tell me their hospitals are simply not overwhelmed. While the media might make a big deal out of a hospital being at 85%+ capacity for instance, most hospitals have to have that percentage of patients at any one time to made budget. That’s the way it’s built.

However, so far in just two days since China Joe took office, we now know that the Ct# they used for the past year during the last part of the Trump Administration is way too high and the actual cause of all those darn false positives. As you may recall, the WHO also stated that there should now be two tests to determine whether or not a person actually has CV-19 and then only with the presence of actual symptoms. Man, who knew it could be that simple? Thank goodness for the experts. What would we do without them?

So, lower the Ct#…check. Test twice and must have symptoms…check. Now, looks like we’ve peaked and can expect deaths to start declining…CHECK!

And to think, all that needed to happen was to keep Trump from being re-elected and install China Joe. This has all been a game, controlled by the Elite, who have their globalist agents throughout the world constantly interfering with nations and regimes in order to bring the entire world to its knees in order for the final global new world order to become a reality.

I’ve had it with this. I’m not playing the game anymore. I’m done voting until someone can prove to me that my vote actually counts and won’t be sidelined or overwritten by illegal votes. Until that happens, what’s the point? The Left has proven they control the whole show and with this last election, they proved it to us by presenting two of the most inept, deranged candidates possible to be the Democrat Party’s nominees for President/Vice President. They actually showed their hand and are laughing in our faces right now. That’s how confident they are about what they’ve done knowing that we can do essentially nothing. Drop out of the system like me? Sure, go right ahead. That’s no skin off their nose. Stay and vote regardless? Who cares? They have it all sewn up anyway!

How does it feel to be laughed at by people who are so wealthy and powerful that they could kill half the world and get away with it (and they’ve done as much throughout history). This is the first time in my life when EVIL has come to the surface and we can see it for what it is and see their intent to do greater evil. They’re not going to stop.

If you happen to be conservative, patriotic, or an authentic Christian, you are in their sights. They want us taken down, silenced and done away with just like they’ve done this before to numerous regimes and nations.

I have this hope, which is not hope at all, but fact. I’m only on this planet for so many years. The Good Lord has my life in His palm and He cares for me. However long He allows Satan to run things (with limits), on this planet will be exceedingly short compared to my eternity with God.

The day is here to choose whom you will serve. I say with Joshua, as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

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