Subordinating the minds of those dumbed down by public education

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Salon magazine ran an article claiming that there is no such thing as left-wing authoritarianism, and the right pushes fear of left-wing policies to advance their own agenda. In fact, the author, Cody Cain, goes on to say that Republicans are responsible for pushing the biggest lies to win elections because ninety-nine percent of the population oppose republican governorship.

This article is so filled with lies and deliberate misperceptions it is hard to know where to start. To claim, however, that the right must lie to win elections, or that right wing-policies lead to the most oppressive dictatorships is to ignore the most fundamental truths of leftism. They are godless and without a soul, and as evident by this Salon article, willing to do anything to sway opinion to their side.

The biggest point Cain makes is the typical argument made by the communist left that capitalism is the world’s greatest oppressor, and a great man named Karl Marx came about with an idea of how to eliminate it from the Earth. Not only did Marx seek to destroy Capitalism, he also sought to dethrone God in the minds of men. The conservative right cherishes the freedom of religion and does not come up with deceptive ways to deprive people of their right to be non-believers. In fact, in America, we respect the freedom of religion almost to our own detriment.

The Christian religion, to the communist, represents a system specifically designed to uphold the value system of the so-called bourgeoisie against the proletariat. The very intent of the advent of communism was to set up a dictatorship of the proletariat to strip the wealth from the haves and give it to the have nots. To argue that there is no such thing as left-wing authoritarianism is about as delusional as it gets.


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