News and Notes Update: Dec 2, 2020

Wow, the year is almost gone! How did that happen? It happened mainly because of the focus on CV-19 and all the fear that the mainstream media (MSM) and political leaders have been generating. Instead of simply being allowed to live our lives here in the USA as the Constitution grants/supports, society has been ultra-concerned about cases, hospitalizations, deaths and the coming “warp speed” vaccine.

Voter Fraud: Continuing Saga Continues
Aside from CV-19, here we are with alleged voter fraud in swing states. One thing seems certain – the Left and RINOs want to push on and certify election results even though many in the public sphere are opposed to it with ongoing legal suits going through the courts, witness testimonies of voter fraud and more.

Apparently, by the middle of December, all of this is supposed to be done. If it’s not, my understanding is that it will go to Congress or SCOTUS. AG Barr has recently stated his agency finds no evidence of voter fraud that would’ve changed the election.

Here’s what I know: I’m not losing sleep over any of this. Our elected leaders are well versed in ignoring their constituency when push comes to shove. It must be something they learn very quickly upon taking office.

Gov. Kemp is case in point. He’s been pretty much invisible over the past few weeks amidst all the accusations and recounts and everything else going on in Georgia. Yet, he pops up on Twitter long enough to issue a dire warning.

His tweet is really self-serving and sleight of hand. He tries to say he is concerned about Dems gaining full control of Congress. Yet, he initially did not support a recount and wanted results of what was potentially an election won through voter fraud certified.

In spite of allegations of voter fraud, life continues even though the powers that be want us to think we are all on the brink of death by CV-19. I’d suggest getting used to the idea that Joe Biden will become the 46th president of the USA.

Just Weird
As if things cannot get weird enough in society, apparently a Kazakhstani bodybuilder has tied the knot…with his life sized doll. This seems to tie in directly with Romans 1, which highlights the downward spiral that society takes when they continue to reject God and His moral code. God gives people over to their own desires.

I don’t understand if this doll has artificial intelligence or is essentially a soft mannequin, not that it really makes any difference. The moral bottom appears to have fallen out of society and nothing is holding it up anymore. They “dated” for 8 years before he popped the question. Wonder what her exact words were in response?

Up is down. Down is up. Men are women. Women are men. Since we are in the Last Days prior to the Rapture and Tribulation, it makes sense that evil in society will progressively worsen requiring God to pour out His wrath (Tribulation period).

Satanic Music
I’m talking about the type of music that has been infiltrating the church for a number of decades. As a drummer since age 10, I’ve played a lot of music, worked with a number of bands and thoroughly understand how music works. I not only play drums, but have sung lead tenor in numerous choirs and music groups and I’ve studied piano and trumpet.  Because I’ve been around so many rock styles, music and musicians, I believe I fully understand what rock is, what it accomplishes and why it exists. I determined a while ago I would never play drums in church again and I’ve stuck to that.

When rock was first established, the lyrics were fairly innocent and designed to make people feel good. “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” and others were simply songs about a boy liking a girl. Rock today has become bombastic, sexually suggestive and emulates African tribal beats. We expect that from the world, don’t we? But it seems more and more that rock music under the guise of worship music is infiltrating and setting the tone within Christendom.

So what is so dangerous and egregious about the style of music infiltrating churches? David Cloud explains it well in his PDF Satanic Attack on Sacred Music. It’s really a dangerous situation that exists and is growing in many churches because ultimately, the style of music utilized today by “worship” groups is designed to make people feel good. That’s part of the Emergent Church paradigm. The problem? Christians are not supposed to be guided by emotions, but by truth. We can exercise emotions, but are not to be guided by them in determining what is true and acceptable to God.

You can download the PDF free of charge or purchase the softcover edition that includes video presentations.  David Cloud’s “Way of Life Literature” produces some great resources. Some are free, while others must be purchased. I’ve added numerous books of his to my library as they are well-researched and extensive.

Martial Law
A reader reminded me by way of an article that more people are calling for “martial law” to be called by President Trump because of this recent election circus. I don’t think they really know what they are asking for though. Martial Law essentially sets the Constitution officially aside during its duration and the military runs things.

During WWII, my wife’s grandparents were fairly well to do living in Yugoslavia. Because of the war, the military came in and took over their home and kicked them out. What could they do? They were outgunned. They had to leave and ultimately lived in a camp for displaced citizens for 10 years before they were allowed to come to the USA and only after guaranteeing that they would not be a burden on the government. The Roman Catholic church sponsored them, brought them over and helped the men get jobs. Her parents actually met and married in that camp.

If Martial Law is called in any part of the USA, the military would be in control. I don’t want that, do you? On the surface it sounds good because then the military could get to the bottom of voter fraud (and potential treason associated with it), but the negatives outweigh the positives in my mind. We’ll see what happens, but I vote “no” on Martial Law.

BLM Complains about…BLM
Local chapters of BLM in various states have issued formal complaints to the national BLM chapter for not supporting the local chapters with an influx of money and other resources. BLM Marxists in the local chapters are not fully aware of how Marxism actually works apparently. Marxism only says it will share with underlings. In reality, Marxism is rife with corruption and the only people who really get a lion’s share of anything are those at the top. This has been true of every Communist or Socialist government in history (with Venezuela’s Madura administration being a most recent example). In those governments, the people at the top live like they are capitalists, with everyone else forced to live as serfs, providing for the people on the top.

This is exactly what the globalists want for the entire world (with themselves on top of the heap). This has been a continued theme in many futuristic books and movies.

As a bit of an aside, I still find it fascinating that young white people are involved in BLM. They are trying to present themselves as “woke;” people who purposefully denigrate themselves for their whiteness and endeavor to prove to the world that they are worthy of being accepted due to their “repentance” and emotional self-flagellation.

Faithless, False Pastors
It is very hard to keep up with the amount of heretics within Christendom. According to Way of Life’s latest Church News, Pastor Carl Lentz (who was pastor over a Hillsong Church plant in NYC), has been forced to step down due to an adulterous affair with at least one woman.

This same Carl Lentz just hired a small PR firm to help him “recover” back to the limelight. This info was brought to my attention by the good folks at Watchman’s Bagpipes.

The PR firm has their hands full, but sadly, if Lentz does make a come back, he will be accepted and praised even more because of his “fall” and return after deep sorrow and renewal. According to Scripture though, this guy and many like him should never enter a pulpit again because of his sin. This does not mean God cannot or will not forgive him. God will if Lentz is sincere in his confession and repentance (and if Lentz is actually a Christian). The problem is that he has lost all credibility just like King David did because of his affair/adultery with Bathsheba and deliberate murder of her husband, Uriah. A person who does these things cancels himself out of ministry. Paul has a good deal to say about this in his pastoral letters (1 & 2 Timothy, Titus).

On a related note of false teachers, I’d never heard of Richard Rohr, but apparently he’s been out there for a while. He’s buddies with heretic Brian McLaren and a number of other “contemplatives.” Rohr is a Franciscan priest who seems to major in mysticism. These three things (his buddies, his position in life and his beliefs), are enough to keep me away, but I’d encourage you to read the linked article for more about him because he’s not as well known as other heretics like Joseph Prince or Francis Chan.

Another heretic who is also running for Congress in Georgia is Raphael Warnock, current pastor of the church where Martin Luther King, Jr. was pastor years ago. According to evidence from his own sermons, Warnock is anti-Semitic and anti-white. He twists Scripture to support his own racist views on things and supports a woman’s right to “choose” to kill her unborn baby. Not sure how this man can be confused with being a Christian except that he has the title “Pastor” in front of his name.

J D Farag Prophecy Updates
Farag is not the most organized speaker and if he were, his hour and 10 to 20 minute sermons would be a great deal shorter. He gets off track too much and digresses frequently. Yet, Farag has some very interesting things to say.

In one of his recent prophecy update videos (dated Nov 22), he points out the similarities between Israel in Egypt and today’s Christians in the world. Is God trying to get His Church to start looking up and come to a point where we no longer want to be here on earth? Something to consider.

What is our outlook today? Are we longing to go home to glory while continuing to be about the Lord’s work of evangelizing the world or have we gotten so comfortable here that we want to invest time and money in changing this world or society to become more like we want it to become? But what does God tell us in His Word?

I know a lot of people believe that God placed Trump in office to “save” America, but there is really nothing in Scripture that says America will be saved. The Bible clearly shows that as we progress toward the coming Tribulation, the world will become one in government, religion and outright hostility toward God (Mt 24). We can assume this means the entire world, not just parts of it. God is allowing Satan to build the final global empire of Daniel 2 because it will get Satan out into the open (via Antichrist, who will reign for 7 years). Why?

Because when Jesus returns, He will deal openly and publicly with Antichrist, Satan and the False Prophet, making Jesus’ victory apparent to the entire world and all of Creation. The Bible is absolutely clear about that.

Farag says he does not see people as either right or left. He sees them as saved or unsaved. Too often our rhetoric focuses on politics (and I’ve certainly been guilty of this!), when in point of fact, we need to be focused on the condition of people’s souls, regardless of their politics or station in life. I’d venture to guess that many who are conservative in their politics are not saved either.

I’m reminding myself as well as you that our concern must extend to all people who do not know the Lord regardless of politics. Beyond this, we need to be thinking about the last days/end times and what that really means for this earth and us. Are we too comfortable here in “Egypt”?

I firmly believe more pastors need to be warning their flocks about the times in which we are living and the Christian’s biblical reaction to these times.

Prayerfully consider these things.

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