World’s Food Supply and Blockchain

I’m sure you’ve noticed when you go into stores that there are often huge empty spots on many shelves and I’m not simply talking about a shortage of paper towels and toilet paper. My wife and I are seeing empty spaces of canned goods and empty areas of meats and other foods that we have often simply taken for granted. Why is this?

Could it be that due to shutdowns of meat packing plants and other food processing companies, the food supply chain has been interrupted? In this video below from IceAgeFarmer, the speaker notes how the government and specifically the DOD are involved in taking control of the food supply throughout the USA. This should be thoroughly concerning to all of us because once the government gains control of something, they never let go of that control.

One of the articles including in the discussion or narration of the above video is found here: How IoT, AI And Blockchain Can Trasform (sic) Supply Chains In 3 Steps

I’ve talked about “Blockchain” previously here: Technocracy: Gaining Ground with Blockchain and what is interesting about Blockchain is that it currently has no regulation and maintains anonymity for users. This may obviously become a thing of the past if the oligarchs get hold of it and take control of it.

Though Blockchain is now not only unregulated, but is free to use with absolutely no transaction fees because of its decentralized ledger system of record keeping, I can see a day coming when the oligarchs will grab it and use it for their benefit by possibly creating it into a new centralized ledger system for themselves. This will allow them to personally keep track of all transactions and be able to control things that are not now controlled in Blockchain.

Ask yourself: why would the people in power who quite possibly either released this CV-19 or seized on it once it was released to further their agenda not do all they could to take control of a financial system that is currently not under their control, especially if Blockchain has the capacity to put financial institutions out of business entirely? I think it’s naïve to think this could never happen and in fact, from my research, I believe it is part of the coming “Great Reset” that these same oligarchs are “warning” us about; that the entire world needs to get on board and willingly be part of the reset by working together to solve all the problems facing humanity due to the realities CV-19 has revealed.

In fact, this Great Reset will likely come about because of another “crisis” they say is very likely coming, which will involve a major cyber-attack on electric grids. This will obviously affect the Internet and everything connected to it (the Internet of Things): financial institutions, along with all businesses that rely solely on the Internet to process transactions. This crisis is threatening to usher in a “Dark Winter” due to the coming “cyber-pandemic.”

WEF founder Klaus Schwab tells us [1]:

We all know, but still pay insufficient attention, to the frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber attack could bring a complete halt to the power supply, transportation, hospital services, our society as a whole. The COVID-19 crisis would be seen in this respect as a small disturbance in comparison to a major cyberattack.

To use the COVID19 crisis as a timely opportunity to reflect on the lessons the cybersecurity community can draw and improve our unpreparedness for a potential cyber-pandemic.

Notice how Schwab calls the CV-19 crisis a “small disturbance” by comparison to what is coming? Most thinking people realize there is simply way too many problems with the CV-19 situation. We are being told that we must social distance, wear masks, wash our hands throughout the day and cough into our elbows, etc. We were told that our economy needed to be shut down and governors of some states are ordering mandatory lockdowns again for at least the next three weeks. They argue that “cases” are increasing at frightening rates but these do not equal hospitalizations or deaths. The tests used are also notorious for providing false positives. We are being told that a vax may help us get back to normal. All of this for a virus that has a 99%+ plus survival rate. Something’s clearly not right but they keep pushing away at it because they cannot let up. Their agenda depends upon pushing the fear.

So where are we heading with all of this? It appears that the globalists/oligarchs are doing everything they can to bring about a massive change throughout the world that will allow them to gain control of just about everything. Blockchain appears to be their choice in being able to control the food supply. In fact, according to the video above, Blockchain has been considered for this very thing since as far back as 2017. Here is a link to the article they mention in the video: How Blockchain Technology Could Transform the Food Industry.

Blockchain technology allows for users to look at all transactions simultaneously and in real-time. In food, for example, a retailer would know with whom his supplier has had dealings. Additionally, since transactions are not stored in any single location, it is almost impossible to hack the information.

That can benefit the retailers, but there is a side that benefits the consumers as well.

For consumers, blockchain technology can make a difference. By reading a simple QR code with a smartphone, data such as an animal’s date of birth, use of antibiotics, vaccinations, and location where the livestock was harvested can easily be conveyed to the consumer.

However, in order for this to become the way food is kept track of, then clearly every animal that provides food for consumption has to be coded with a trackable identify, updated along the way, and kept up to date and accurate. This would require a huge amount of energy. No worries though because 5G is coming and 6G is already in the works and being developed, which will make the sharing of digital information that much faster.

Providing us with such knowledge about every piece of a physical product is a tall order. However, IoT, Machine Intelligence, and Blockchain have advanced to a point at which we can begin to address this problem.[2]

The “IoT” in the above paragraph stands for Internet of Things and includes more than simply the Internet we use on a daily basis. It includes the digital network that “smart” machines and appliances use when they need to communicate with one another.

Of course, this use of Blockchain is being highly touted because of all its alleged benefits and there are some. But how difficult would it be for the powers that be who control the food supply to kill or limit portions of it? Would that be difficult? It seems they are already doing this and we don’t even have the full use of Blockchain yet.

This allegedly happened in recent months in numerous states where laborers in the field and in food packing houses were told that it was too “dangerous” to go to work because of CV-19. Several governors of those states sided with unions in favor of employees staying home. In at least one state, instead of picking and processing apples, they were essentially left to die on the apple trees. This has apparently happened with livestock on numerous farms throughout the world as well.

It would appear that the powers who control things want us at their mercy. This may all be occurring to reinforce the fact that life in this world is exceedingly difficult to manage by ourselves and because the world has gotten so much smaller, it is important for all nations to come together in one purpose to help one another. This is what they would say and are saying. They’re telling us that to fight these “crises,” we need to join forces.

Ultimately though, it appears that the oligarchs simply want to put all things – every living thing – under their control. If successful, they will be that much closer to a new world order that will ultimately provide them with the opportunity to literally rule the world as one global kingdom.

I’m well aware that this sounds conspiratorial. I’m also well aware that the Bible appears to indicate that this is exactly what will take place as time progresses. It’s very likely the only people who will not be taken advantage of here are those who are able to live off-grid. Even with that though, when we consider the tenets of Agenda 2030, one wonders how long that will be allowed?

As usual, what started out as a good thing to help free people from the chains of the gatekeepers (financial institutions, etc.), could end up being used to completely control every aspect of our lives. 5G and iterations after that will make Blockchain work as smoothly as possible as globalists will find a way to use it to their advantage over us.

Frankly, I’m not sure what can be done to circumvent all that appears to be coming down the pike.





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