Scriptural Doctrine or Marxist Dogma? Examining Ideological Subversion and the Infiltration of the Church

In this final installment of a three-part series examining the realities of ideological subversion, we will be looking at Christianity. In parts one and two, the media and education were explored with an emphasis on accepting the ramifications of subversion in all its aspects. If we as Americans wish to restore our nation to its founding principles, accepting the reality of uncomfortable truths, no matter what level of dissonance they may cause, is essential. Few Christians could argue that there has not been a steady, sustained attack on the fundamental values of their religion. In 1962, religious freedom took a blow as the Supreme Court made a ruling which suggested prayer in public school equated to state-sponsored religion. Since that time, Darwinism and psychology have replaced religion in many sectors of public life, even in the church. In this article, we will look at the conspiracies and realities of the Communist influence on the Christian religion in America and ask if the message you are hearing at church is even the word of God or the Gospel of Marx. According to Yuri Bezmenov, “substituting the traditional values of the Judeo-Christian heritage with this Marxist-Satanic faith is one of the basic principles of subversion at the stage of demoralization – the highest and most effective level of ideas.”

“Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with social religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which was not in need a religious crutch.” (27th goal of the communist party)

Perhaps one of the greatest conspiracies concerning the destruction of the Christian Church is the story of Bella Dodd. The claim is that she, as a member of the Communist Party in the 1920s, infiltrated the Catholic Church and planted upwards of one-thousand communists to act as priests within the church. Dodd allegedly claimed the purpose of infiltration was to destroy the very idea of religious faith itself, not just the church as an institution. She also claimed that these orders came directly from Moscow. Looking at the corrupted history of the Catholic Church and the reality of rampant sexual abuse within its walls, this stands to reason. There is some question to the validity of this, however. In her own book, School of Darkness, Dodd admits to her involvement in the communist party but falls short of making these admissions.

“In the late 1920s and 1930s, directives were sent from Moscow to all Communist Party organizations. In order to destroy the Catholic Church from within, party members were to be planted in seminaries and within diocesan organizations,” Dodd stated according to the affidavit. I, myself, put some 1,200 men in Catholic seminaries.” (International News Analysis Today, 2003)

According to Todd Westerman of INA, these remarks were made by Dodd in public statements taken in the 1960s. He claims that Catholic philosopher, Dr. Alice von Hildebrand, was in possession of an affidavit from certain individuals who witnessed her make the statement. Dodd’s involvement with the communist party is indisputable, and when you take into consideration that one of the declared goals of the communist party is the destruction of religion, along with the reality of the church’s history of sexual molestation – infiltration must be considered a possibility. Let’s face it, catholic priests molesting little boys is something that would destroy the faith of many people. Dodd later defected from the communist party and returned to the Catholic Faith. So, she claimed.

In another book entitled, Color, Communism and Common Sense, communist party member Manning Johnson, makes the claim that the Communists were not only inciting racial tensions to push the cause of communism but were infiltrating the church as well. Johnson was a black man who made it as high as the National Committee in the communist party. His job was to, as he says in his own words, work on The National Negro Commission to facilitate the subversion of African Americans. Interestingly, Johnson makes the claim that infiltration orders were sent by Moscow, and by exclusively focusing on the Catholic Church they would bring about the destruction of religion much quicker. The goal, according to Johnson, was to “influence the ideology of future clergyman in the paths conducive to Communist purposes.” The communists set out to create the perception that American churches were working as imperial oppressors, keeping the black man down with false promises of heaven as a reward for their faith, and status as an underclass citizen in the United States. This could very well have led to the creation of Black Liberation Theology, which is a precursor to Critical Race Theory.

“All the instructions from Moscow at the time ordered reds to combat the influence of the church because the church, by offering to the Negro worker and peasant for the miseries they are enduring in this world, compensation in heaven, are befogging the minds of the Negro workers and peasants, making them a helpless prey to capitalism and imperialism.” (Johnson, Color, Communism and Common Sense)

Johnson’s book is another which many seek to discredit. However, the correlations between his claims of subverting the Catholic Church and the claims made by Dodd shouldn’t be dismissed. The reality is that we are living in a time when the Christian Religion has been discredited and equated to sexism, bigotry, and imperialist greed. Atheism, as a religion, is growing faster than Christianity, and this can be attributed to the rise of the welfare state. People are turning to the government instead of religion because there is an immediate remedy to many of today’s social problems in the form of government-sponsored help. The availability and quick accessibility of psychiatric medicines has also led to the demise of Christianity, as they are an easy solution to the anxiety and depression that many people experience in our fast-paced world. This is a dangerous trend because psychology itself is based on the premise that humans have no soul or independent will of their own.

In an article entitled, How Preaching Moved From Solid Theology to Pop Psychology, Joseph Mattera claims that there has been a steady shift from the practice of theological study in the churches to an emphasis on self-help messaging. Psychology has replaced religion in the sense that many sermons now resemble lectures on human behavior and sociology as opposed to scriptural doctrine. This is something that I can equate to my own experience at a local church here in Tulsa. First, there were no Bibles in the Pews. Second, the sermon was given by a guest speaker who did little more than preach the tenets of psychology and its usefulness in the church. There was not one mention of anything resembling a biblical message. Unfortunately, this is a church that has tremendous influence in the area. In another article entitled Psychology and the Church, it is claimed that Bible colleges and seminaries are adding psychology degrees to their curriculum, while also promoting mental health programs to help Christians “solve their personal problems and find personal fulfillment.” Psychology, along with all the sciences concerning human behavior, is based on the premises of Pavlovian conditioning, which according to the book Battle for the Mind, has infiltrated all aspects of medicine as well. If anything would influence the beliefs of clergymen to be conducive to communist aims, as Manning Johnson states, it is the replacing of spiritual healing with the tenets of mental health and psychiatric medicine.

Are the messages you are hearing at your church based on real biblical scripture, or leftist propaganda? I think we have all experienced driving past a church and seeing a sign that seems to be pushing a liberal narrative instead of something based on scriptural doctrine. Would you be able to tell the difference? Most Americans probably wouldn’t be able to because Christianity’s message of love and forgiveness has been equated to tolerance, diversity, and social justice. How did this happen? Most Americans would be shocked to learn that there is a group hired by many churches across the country to write their sermons and other publications. The name of the group is the Docent Group, and they are largely made up of Marxist scholars who deliberately insert messages of social justice and Marxist doctrine into the sermons they provide. This group was exposed when some of their clientele were caught up in a plagiarism scandal involving Docent publications.

“You will find an expose’ on the writers of Docent Group, and a survey (complete with photographic and primary-source evidence) that demonstrate the group universally holds to leftist-progressive ideologies, Marxism (in various forms), egalitarianism, and includes at least one practicing homosexual. You will discover that many have no theological training at all but specialize in sociology and political activism.

In no uncertain terms, what we have discovered by researching Docent is that it is a coordinated effort across Big Eva to invade America’s churches with leftist ideology in the name of “sermon research,” all the while producing sermon-writing and facilitating plagiarism. Sermon plagiarism is hardly the only danger presented by Docent – the more dangerous issue is that the contents of the sermons provided by Docent present leftist ideology masquerading as exegesis.” (The Docent Group: The Leftist Takeover of America’s Pulpit)

The Docent Group is made up of many writers who have training in sociology and interests in social justice issues. Many of them belong to religious organizations yet make no claim to having beliefs that would align with these institutions. Some of the pastors exposed for using Docent have claimed that their work and research were invaluable to them as they lacked not only the time to do meaningful research but the resources as well.

“Docent has been a humongous help to me, saving me literally hours each week and improving the quality of my preaching dramatically. These guys are the real deal. I give them assignments and questions on everything from interpretation to cultural analysis to illustration, and they get me thorough answers, always on time. They are outstanding scholars and really “get” my job as a communicator. I often have people remark to me, ‘How many hours did you spend on that sermon? Where do you get time to do all that research?” Ha. Thanks, guys for making me look so good!’” – JD Greear

When you consider Bezmenov’s words about the subversion of religion, “substituting the traditional values of the Judeo-Christian heritage with this Marxist-Satanic faith,” then the information presented in this article must be considered relevant if the problem is to be fixed. Many Americans suspect there is something wrong with our churches. They lack the spine to push the necessary message needed to return America to her traditional values and morality. There is a fear permeating the pulpits to go against the social justice message, or risk being identified as bigoted and hateful. Psychology, sociology, and political activism are replacing the traditional, theological approach to the study of God and his word and at this point, the question must be asked. Is there a relationship between the realities of the Docent group, psychology replacing religion, the general decline in Christianity, and the conspiracy theories of Dodd and Johnson? The answer, in my opinion, is self-evident when looking at the state of the nation and the Christian religion.


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