Ramifications of Political Coercion: Accepting The Uncomfortable Truth

What type of future does America face? Are we winning the struggle to restore our founding principles and system of constitutional governance? Are we even fighting in the right arena, or are we too distracted to pay attention to what is happening where it matters? In my last article, I discussed the ideas of ideological subversion and what it meant in terms of mass media communication and their agenda-setting role in public life. What about education? Americans are awakening to the disturbing reality that our public schools are being used as indoctrination centers, yet they haven’t quite grasped the full reality of how this happened. Our children are being demoralized, as America is being presented to them as a racist, imperialistic nation which exploits the world’s resources for our own benefit. They are going to school every day in the new reality of the Covid-19 psyop. They are being trained to be afraid and dependent upon the government. The first graders today, being forced to wear a mask and stay six feet away from their friends, are the leaders who, in fifteen years, will panic when someone sneezes. The children having topics like Critical Race Theory shoved down their throat in elementary school, are the ones who, when they grow up, will institute new laws and systems of racial preferences. Yuri Bezmenov explains demoralization as a fifteen-to-twenty-year process of re-educating the population into the beliefs of the enemy. He states that once indoctrinated, there is no going back, and highlights the fact that the radical hippies of the 1960s went on to become the politicians of the 80s. Some of whom we are still stuck with today. If Americans ever hope to restore their nation to a state of liberty, they must first “face up to the problem of politically inspired mental coercion, with all its ramifications,” and realize the depth in which their own ideas and beliefs have been subverted.

Americans have been conditioned to react to the idea of a “grand communist conspiracy” with ridicule and doubt. Even when presented with reasonable evidence, they may accept certain facts with some skepticism, but they will fall short of fully accepting this reality. The idea has been so successfully discredited that many people simply will not do the research, which is readily available, to understand what we are dealing with. When it comes to the idea of ideological subversion and demoralization, the communists have been undermining American principles and replacing them with the tenets of Marxism for decades. How did America go from being a land of rugged individualism, and inalienable liberty, to one where people are literally begging the government for socialism? Most conservatives understand the role the Universities are playing, but it didn’t happen by chance. Somewhere along the line, Marxist ideas were allowed to penetrate our higher institutions of learning, and later, elementary education as well. Accepting the truth about how this happened is essential. To see the truth, one simply needs to look at the available evidence and the reality we are currently living in.

In any public school today, our children are being taught that America is the problem with the world. We are standing in the way of progress when it comes to global warming. We are a nation of racists; we are imperialist warmongers who care little for the plight of poorer nations. In a textbook I had as a student in a social work program, the American healthcare system was being presented as capitalistic, too expensive, and out of reach of most Americans, while European healthcare was shown as the solution to the problem. In short, socialism is presented as the answer to the problems caused by capitalism. Most Americans can see this, especially if they have been in any liberal arts program during the last twenty years or so. In 1951, The House of Un-American Activities released a report entitled “The Communist Peace Offensive: A Campaign to Disarm and Defeat the United States.” Seventy-one years ago it was highlighted that Americans have failed to realize the depths of the psychological warfare being waged against them. As part of their strategy of world conquest, the Communists employed a technique where they presented Communism as the peaceful solution to war while taking advantage of the good-willed nature of America. Communist aggression was disguised as efforts to liberate others from the oppression and exploitation of capitalist nations. According to this report, the communists were fully aware of the impact public opinion has on western democracies and they sought to influence it by taking advantage of our free press. This so-called peace offensive began in 1947 when the Information Bureau of the Communists Parties was established. Their aim was to present America and other western nations, as fascist expansionists being led by Wall Street and American big business. According to this report (p.5), members of the Information Bureau wrote a letter to all men of influence in America – writers, news broadcasters, businessmen, and anyone else who influenced culture to speak out against American exploitation and support the world peace movement. This was done to “corrupt and sow disaffection among cultural leaders in the United States.”  Think about this the next time someone accuses you of not caring about the poor because you speak out against excessive welfare spending, or not caring about victims of crime because you argue for gun rights. They successfully created the perception that caring for humanity meant supporting communism.

Americans fail to understand that communists take an entirely different approach to strategy and long-term planning. In the book, Perestroika DeceptionAnatoliy Golitsyn,  a Soviet propaganda specialist and defector, warns the west of the Soviet’s mastery of misinformation and the use of controlled opposition to transform governments into communist states. He describes the differences between communist planning and the west’s understanding of strategy. To the United States, strategy is usually understood in the context of short-term goals which are immediately achievable. Comparatively speaking, the communists viewed strategy as “a grand design or general Party line which governs the Party’s actions over a long period and contains one or more special maneuvers designed to help the Party achieve its ultimate objectives.” One of these party lines and special maneuvers, along with presenting the west as fascist, was creating the illusion that communism had died, and the Soviet Union had taken on capitalist reforms. In fact, Golitsyn implicitly states that the purpose was to use this illusion as a weapon against the west. The defeat of communism, and their willingness to adopt capitalist reforms, would cause the west to lower its guard.

“Since then, I have submitted new memoranda to the CIA and American policymakers in which I explained Soviet grand strategy and its strategic designs against the West, the essence of ‘perestroika’ (the final phase of the strategy), the new use of the Bloc’s political and security potential for introducing new deceptive controlled ‘democratic’, ‘nationalist’ and ‘non-Communist’ structures in the Communist countries, and the deployment of the political and security potential of the renewed ‘democratic’ regimes for the execution of the strategic design against the West.” (Golitsyn, The Perestroika Deception).

Here is where Americans have a hard time accepting reality. It is imperative, however, to understand the truth of the above passages while looking at the current reality we are living in. How did we get to the point where Americans are so willing to surrender their liberties for government offered solutions? How did our educational systems get to the point where leftists have absolute control, and curriculums like Critical Race Theory are dominating the minds of our students? Americans’ perceptions of reality have been so altered through media and education for so long, they rarely question anything that has been solidified in their minds as truth. Conservatives believe this, liberals believe that. Reagan was the greatest conservative president ever because he single-handedly defeated the Soviet Union. Did he though, or was that just a deliberately created perception? Golitsyn himself made the prediction that the Soviets would allow the destruction of the Berlin Wall to aid in this deception. Reagan was a master at telling America what they wanted to hear. His speeches, which contrasted the stark differences between western and communist philosophy, have been highlighted and referenced by commentators for years. The uncomfortable truth is that Reagan bears some responsibility for what we are experiencing now. In 1985, according to Charlotte Iserbyt, he signed the Exchanges and cooperation in Scientific, Technical, Educational, Cultural and Other Fields, agreements with the Soviet Union. To be clear, I am not claiming he did this with ill intent towards the United States. It is possible he was deceived to some extent. The fact remains that he did sign this agreement, and it gave the Soviet Union unprecedented opportunity to influence our educational system and the minds of our students with Marxist ideas.

“The agreements call for cooperation in the field of science and technology and additional agreements in other specific fields, including the humanities and social sciences; the facilitation of the exchange by appropriate organizations of educational and teaching materials, including textbooks, syllabi and curricula, materials on methodology, samples of teaching instruments and audiovisual aids, and the exchange of primary and secondary school textbooks and other teaching materials…the conducting of joint studies on textbooks between appropriate organizations in the United States and the Ministry of Education of the U.S.S.R.” (Soviets in the Classroom)

Consider the above quote for a moment. This agreement allowed for exchanges and cooperation in the social and hard sciences and the exchange of teaching materials like textbooks. Textbooks like the one mentioned earlier concerning healthcare, and the ones that are literally re-writing the second amendment under our noses. Why would Ronald Reagan sign these agreements? I don’t know. I like to think there was some deception involved pertaining to what these agreements were, but the possibility that he was never who we thought he was must be considered. The perception that Reagan was one of our greatest conservative presidents is so pervasive, people will have a hard time swallowing this, as is the fact that he paved the way for many advances in gun control. This is the exact definition of ideological subversion and what Bezmenov meant when he said people, despite the abundance of information, will never be able to come to sensible conclusions when it comes to defending their interests. Ideas completely opposed to the concepts of individual liberty and responsibility have been implanted in our consciousness for so long, and most people don’t even know how they got there, to begin with, or that there is anything wrong at all.

America is facing a rough future. Millions of school children will grow up with no clue of what liberty even is. They will enter the real world frightened of their own shadow with no idea how to take a stand for anything. I asked a young cashier the other day if she had ever heard of Joseph Stalin or Lenin. She was a senior in high school and her reply was concerning. She said she had never heard of them, and she was not required to take a history class for graduation. It stands to reason if the communists exerted as much influence in our education system as is being claimed here, the brutal reality of communism would be erased from history. If there is any chance of preserving liberty in shape or form, the possibility that our very beliefs have been subverted must be considered. You can’t fix the problem of a broken starter by getting an oil change. Only by admitting this possibility will we see the problem clearly and have a real starting point of being to articulate the right responses and arguments that need to be made to address the problem of leftist indoctrination in our schools. This is what Meerloo meant in Rape of the Mind when he said, “If we are to survive as free men, we must face up to the problem of politically inspired mental coercion, with all its ramifications.” The ramifications he refers to are truths we may not want to accept because they go against our previously held beliefs. In the past, I have been called names like milksop patriot and hater for addressing this issue concerning Reagan, and even questioning Trump’s sincerity. Aren’t we, as Americans, supposed to harbor a healthy skepticism towards our government in the name of defending liberty? That means questioning even the government you voted for, and holding them accountable, doesn’t it? We are a far cry from that as Americans are more and more, demonstrating a willingness to endure infringements against their liberty as long as it comes from their favorite pop-culture president, whomever that may be.






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