Psychopolitics: Connecting the Hoax to Reality

Every week, I sit down and write an article about Critical Race Theory, persuasion, behavioral manipulation, or something to do with the propaganda that continually spews from the mainstream media. I am very careful to cite something of relevance that shows I am not making anything up, and that what I am saying is coming from some kind of legitimate academic source. Papers like Whiteness in Higher Education: The Invisible Missing Link in Diversity and Racial Analysis, for example, which was published by an organization known as the Association for the Study of Higher Education, make the study of white racism look like a legitimate educational pursuit. Thousands of these papers exist in the academic literature, just as they do when it comes to the issue of transgenderism. These papers are presented as legitimate studies that, for a lack of a better explanation, attempt to show the beliefs of the Marxist left to be a scientific reality. As long as they control the institutions of higher learning, these kinds of studies will dominate the social sciences.

Most of my writing revolves around the idea of communist infiltration into the U.S. government and the psychological warfare being waged against the American mind. To most Americans, communist infiltration remains little more than a conspiracy theory. One that was successfully discredited when Joseph McCarthy frantically warned that communists had gained significant influence in our government and were working to undermine our values. While there is little doubt in my mind that this occurred, a fact easily observed by looking at how the younger generations hate our country, McCarthy himself was labeled a conspiracy theorist. In fact, the term McCarthyism was given its own definition as it is used to discredit any attempt to accuse public officials of being disloyal to the nation’s ideals. It is a perfect example of how something legitimate can be publicly destroyed and labeled as a hoax, or a whacked-out conspiracy theory. McCarthyism is the reason that anyone discussing communist infiltration today is labeled as belonging in the looney bin.

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Another discredited source, one labeled as a hoax, is a book called Brainwashing: A Synthesis on the Russian Textbook of Psychopolitics. Allegedly Written by Lavrentiy Beria, one of Stalin’s most brutal henchmen, it describes a process referred to as “mental healing” to transform a nation from freedom to full-blown communism. The premise of the book is anything that falls short of communist ideals is to be viewed as mental illness, and that communism is the way to a peaceful, vibrant state. Through psychology and psychiatry, the book states that people’s beliefs can be realigned with communist ideals. In fact, on page 40, the book states that through psychology classes the tenets of communism can be transmitted to students, and they can be brought to accept them as legitimate scientific principles on their own terms. It is almost impossible to argue that the hard-core political left does not dominate the field of mental health. The communists have been using psychology as a weapon since the days of Pavlov when Stalin asked him to apply his conditioning techniques to the Russian people. It is hard to say whether this was truly written by Beria or not. The Journal of Alternative and Emergent Religions published an article in 2017 claiming that L. Ron Hubbard wrote the book, and used it to promote his own beliefs about brainwashing. However, the author of this article admits that authentic authorship is hard to determine.

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I cannot prove any more than anyone else whether this book is authentic or a hoax. What I can do, however, is show some peculiar coincidences between what is written and what is occurring in our country. Coincidences that in my opinion, prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there is a concerted effort to change the perceptions of reality of the American people. For instance, on page 62, it is suggested that academic papers should exist that provide scientific evidence of the effectiveness of psychology and psychiatry.

“technical papers should exist as to the tremendous amount of cures effected by psychiatry and psychology, and whenever possible, percentages of cures, no matter how fictitious should be worked into legislative papers forming a background of evidence which would immediately rebut any effort to actually discover anyone who had ever been helped by psychiatry of psychology.”

Setting the issue of psychology aside, there are, as mentioned earlier, thousands of academic papers studying the issue of institutional racism with the explicit purpose of proving America’s founding to be illegitimate and driven by hatred. The further one dives into topics like Critical Race Theory the more one will see that the structural racism they refer to is treated like a societal illness and the implementation of Marxism is the cure. There are also thousands of papers published in Psychiatric journals, posing as a legitimate science no less, suggesting that gender is not binary but nothing more than a social construct. If L. Ron Hubbard did write this, would he have had any knowledge that there would be a future attempt to rewrite science and destroy the traditional understanding of the gender binary? I don’t know. What I do know, however, is that the Marxists of the Frankfurt School developed much of their Critical Theory philosophy based on what they saw in the United States, and what they thought was a contradiction of our values and beliefs. It was the work of Herbert Marcuse and his ideas of sexual liberation that led to much of what we see concerning transgenderism and gender identity. The traditional notion of gender roles was a form of oppression and achieving true freedom meant breaking away from normative theory. I only mention this to show a connection between the alleged hoax, the papers being published in scientific journals, and the reality of Marxism.

Another example is something we see taking place every day and can be tied back to the technical papers quote previously mentioned. It is hard to argue that America’s national character isn’t under attack and that our morals aren’t constantly degraded. Constant accusations of racism are but one example. On page 41, it is suggested: “that attacking the morals of man himself, and bringing about, through the contamination of youth, a general degraded feeling, command of the populace is facilitated to a very marked degree.” Think about this for a moment. These technical papers are used in higher education for research purposes. When a student is asked to write a paper, for example, they can only use what they are told are legitimate peer-reviewed sources. How many pro-American peer-reviewed sources do you think exist? In elementary school, children are being bombarded with anti-American sentiments from radical, left-wing teachers intent on reshaping the way children view their country. There is no doubt this is taking place. Again, all you have to do for confirmation is look at the number of young people who are begging for socialism in America.

As we continue to watch this madness dominate the American mind, can we go on ignoring the reality that there is a darker purpose behind it? Even though the book Brainwashing has been discredited as a hoax, just as the idea of communism in America has I showed a direct correlation between what was written and what is happening. Papers like the one mentioned in the first paragraph are being used, not only by students in academic research but for legislative purposes as well. They are based on nothing more than a desire to reshape America from the perspective of the Marxists who hate her. Whether Brainwashing was written by Hubbard or Beria, the book contains countless examples that could be related to what is happening in America, from attacking religion to treating man as nothing but a stimulus-response organism. The bigger point is sometimes objective reality speaks for itself. How in the world, in the United States of America, would younger generations be begging for socialism if they weren’t taught that it was in some way, preferable to the current system? How could our schools be teaching this nonsense without some support from higher institutions of government? The only answer to these questions is that McCarthy was right.


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