The Implications of Darwinism and the Devil’s New Spokesman: Yuval Noah Harari


The implications of Darwin’s theory of evolution are beginning to rear their ugly heads. It is becoming increasingly evident that mankind is no longer viewed as having a significant place on planet Earth, and we are indeed thought of as nothing more than another animal. Over the past couple of years, we have been treated to a dehumanization process where we were forced to conceal our identities, isolate ourselves from our families, and socially distance ourselves from other human beings. On the surface, these so-called interventions may seem like common sense measures in response to a global pandemic. By this point, however, most people know Covid-19 was no such thing, and what we experienced was nothing less than an attempt at gaining control and compliance. These forced measures to the Covid lie broke down the human psyche, dehumanized the masses, and attempted to herd us like sheep into mindless obedience with a global vaccination agenda. Where are we going from here? Was Covid-19 a one-time thing, or are we being conditioned for what comes next?

Many people are familiar with the term The Great Reset. Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum, all but admitted in his own words, that Covid-19 was not the world-ending pandemic it was portrayed to be, but nonetheless, it provided the opportunity to move forward on many stalled agendas. What stalled agenda? The United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda, otherwise known as Agenda 21, for starters. Schwab states in his book Covid-19: The Great Reset that Covid exposed the weaknesses in global governing systems while presenting an opportunity to move forward with an agenda that until now, seemed inconceivable. Agenda 21, to many people, is nothing more than a whacked-out conspiracy theory that comes with tall tales of culling the human population. One of the great conspiracies of our time is that the global elite is seeking to eliminate roughly six billion people because the earth is overpopulated. Could this be true?

The twentieth century alone is replete with examples of mass genocides of populations deemed useless to the state. Communist regimes in Russia, China, and Cambodia, to name a few, murdered nearly one hundred million people out of some misguided sense of creating a world of total equality based on a Godless morality. This morality was driven by Darwin’s theory of evolution. Karl Marx adopted Darwin’s theory as the defining explanation of natural history that would justify his view of Atheistic materialism. James Rachels argues in his book, The Moral Implications of Darwinism, that because Darwin’s theories proved there was no God, and human beings were not special, or significant to the universe in any way, a new morality that was less centered on their being superior to other animals was called for. He called this new morality “moral individualism.”  He argues under this theory that people shouldn’t automatically be viewed as having a higher value, or a higher right to exist than any other animal simply because we are human. He argued that certain characteristics of animals could be more desirable than those of individual humans, therefore, those animals’ lives could be deemed more valuable. He also argued that equality between humans was a misguided concept because people are not equal to one another. The concept of equality to the communists is laughable because they clearly found justification in murdering those they found to be less desirable, using Darwin’s Godless theory of evolution as a launching pad.

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Darwin’s theories are set to take on a whole new meaning as artificial intelligence continues to play a growing role in our ever-growing technocracy. This may be especially true when it comes to the implementation of The Great Reset. Yuval Noah Harari, a name gaining more and more notoriety, is the scientific advisor to Klaus Schwab. He is arguing that the advent of AI, and the merging of computers with the human mind, is leading to the creation of two classes. Advanced superhumans, and the useless masses. Harari travels the world, giving Ted talks to the global elite where he tells them that the majority of humans are useless, and as best as science can tell, we serve no higher purpose. Harari, in his book Sapiens, attempts to connect the dots of human evolution, claiming that today’s human is no more significant than our neanderthal ancestors. Interestingly, he states that there is currently no explanation that accounts for our rapid advancement in intelligence that clearly set us apart from earlier hominids. That doesn’t stop him, or science for that matter, from saying we are direct descendants of apes, and our existence has no special meaning in the larger scheme of things.

There is truth in what Harari is arguing. If AI and automation continue to advance at their current pace, human beings will become replaceable. Computers will be able to do everything we do with more efficiency and economic viability, making most of us exactly what Harari says. Useless. We are already on the verge of becoming a global welfare state, meaning that it will cost the global elite more to keep us alive. We will virtually be a population that produces nothing, and we will be completely dependent on the state for our sustenance. The question then becomes what do we do with a useless population? Harari says that until something can be figured out, people can be kept happy in their meaningless existence with drugs and computer games. Did you get that? Drugs and computer games.

There is a quote in a document entitled Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars which highlights exactly what the government thinks of the masses. The quote is attributed to the global elite who use propaganda and social engineering to manipulate the thought, beliefs, and behavior of human beings. “In view of the law of natural selection, it was agreed that a nation or world of people who will not use their intelligence are no better than animals who do not have intelligence. Such people are beasts of burden and steaks on the table by choice and consent.” It is hard to pinpoint who exactly said this. According to the website Modern Ghana, Henry Odoi, president of the Ghana Monetary Institute said it. Perhaps, he is quoting the original source. In any case, the implications of the quote are glaringly obvious. The government considers the masses to be stupid, mindless animals because the vast majority of us simply do not use our intelligence in defense of our lives and liberty. Instead, we do precisely what Harari suggests. We take drugs and play video games. The elite view the masses as useless because we fall for their propaganda, we fatten ourselves up on food that kills us, we subdue our consciousness to deaden our perceptions of reality, because we can’t deal with the stress of everyday life, and we accept whatever they tell us as gospel truth. This doesn’t apply to everyone of course, but they know through decades of study that the majority of people are simply unable to think on their own, or show no interest in getting involved. Our behaviors have convinced the technocrats that we do not use our intelligence and are therefore steaks on the table by choice and consent.

Harari states that humans are useless. As best as science can tell there is no higher purpose for our existence and there is no great “cosmic drama” occurring that defines who we are. The cosmic drama is being played out through his own words. We do exist for a purpose and it is a purpose we have to fight for. We have been conditioned to believe, through decades of Darwinian indoctrination, that we are just animals and that there is no God. This conditioning is leading to each generation drifting further and further from God’s truth. Transgenderism and homosexuality are growing at a rapid pace, as is atheism as America’s fastest-growing religion. The more we turn toward these misconstrued perceptions, and away from God’s truth, the more power we give to the idea that we hold no special place, and that our existence is meaningless. We must start asserting our value and returning to a belief in God to reverse course. This is indeed a battle of principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places that is occurring, and Harari is the Devil’s spokesman.

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