Georgia Recount?

I heard rumblings about Gov. Kemp’s potential RINOism awhile ago, but the first thing that got my attention was when he ignored Trump’s recommendation to choose Doug Collins to fill an empty Senate position and went with Kelly Loeffler instead. To be frank, I’m not 100% in Trump’s camp and in fact, I find some of his decisions quite unsettling, especially where the Second Amendment is concerned. First, he went ahead and directed the ATF to ban bump stocks, which turns out to be unconstitutional since that was Congress’ job. Second, he came out in favor of Red Flag laws that essentially remove due process and treat people as if they are guilty before there has been any kind of trial. Red Flag laws are designed to appear as though they are truly concerned about people’s “safety,” but these laws align themselves against the Constitution. Beyond this, Trump has increased our national debt more than Obama did. Yes, at least some of it is due to the COVID-19 scandemic, but in reality, I think he should have been far more observant about the debt he was adding to our nation.

In spite of this, I’m really not sure if President Trump has been duped by the globalists or if he is deliberately on their side. I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt. However, in reality, as a pastor that I listened to has stated, if you want to see the USA destroyed quickly, you vote Democrat. If you want to see the USA destroyed slowly, you vote GOP. In essence, both parties appear to working against the Constitution in different ways.

That said, let’s get back to Kemp, who won the governorship in Georgia against far-Left Democrat Stacey Abrams, who still has yet to concede. Like Hillary, she firmly believes her sin was stolen from her and carries on as if that’s fact. She believes this largely because she claims the GOP in Georgia shut out certain voters. In reality, she stated that voters in Georgia would include “undocumented” people, which would be illegal. MSM did not take her to task for the fact that she was actually stating that people illegally in Georgia should have the right to vote. They have no such rights. The GA GOP essentially stopped those illegal votes from being counted. But Kemp won the victory and took the office.

Things appeared to be good at the start, but then slowly, over time, things appeared a bit odd. He appointed Kelly Loeffler to the GA senate even though there are questionable things in her background for allegedly supporting the pro-choice movement. Now, all of a sudden, she’s staunchly anti-abortion.

When COVID-19 came along and President Trump essentially issued guidelines to governors to shut down their states (no, he did not shut down the nation because he has no authority to do that, but he did provide guidelines for governors to do that, so he owns that), Gov. Kemp followed suit and shut things down for what they said would be “15 days.” Those 15 days extended well beyond that and even though much of GA is open for business, other states are still in lockdown, with many businesses going out of business. See how much the Left cares about you? They don’t.

Moving along to the November election, I’ve noticed a number of troubling things and much of it was brought to our attention by attorney Lin Wood. You’ll recall Mr. Wood represents Nick Sandeman in his defamation suits against CNN and other MSM bureaus and individuals. So far, Wood has won some very hefty lawsuits for Nick and they aren’t done yet. More to come.

Recently, Mr. Wood joined Trump’s team to determine whether or not voter fraud occurred throughout the USA during the November elections. Lin Wood not only believes that voter fraud did occur, but for Georgia, where Wood resides and has his legal office, he believes that Gov. Kemp was/is part of the problem, judging by his tweets. Wood recently tweeted out, “TRUTH will prevail in Georgia. Truth will be revealed in Virginia. Truth will be revealed from sea to shining sea.” He also tweeted, “GA and California have something in common – unlawful mail ballots. GA election was unlawful and void. Governor Kemp @BrianKempGA MUST order a special session of GA legislature. @realDonaldTrump won re-election by historic landslide. Do your job, Brian.” He further tweeted out, “The People of the State of GA should inundate @BrianKempGA and @GASecofState with demands for a special session of GA legislature. Also demand that fake count be stopped & a legitimate audit of paper ballots be undertaken immediately. #FightBack to Expose Corruption.

You may have also heard about “Dominion Software,” which allegedly has the ability to change votes once they’ve been cast by voters? Note the name – “Dominion” – it always seems as though the globalists are always telegraphing their moves because of their incredibly vast ego. It seems they must always be telling us what they’re going to do. If we catch on and start squawking about it, they then turn their sycophants on us, who then label us “conspiracy theorists” and attempt to ridicule us into silence.

You can see by Lin Wood’s tweets that he has accused Gov. Kemp of being corrupt by essentially ignoring the potential voter fraud problem in GA. Many have wondered where Kemp is in all this and that he’s not only quiet, but enjoying golfing with some buddies.

Allegedly, according to Wood, the recount is happening in GA, but they’re not taking the time to actually verify the integrity of each vote. They’re simply recounting all the votes originally counted. If so, that’s not going to get to the bottom of potential voter fraud, will it? They’ll simply be counting the same ballots and arrive to the same conclusion.

What angers me more than anything is whether or not voter fraud has been used in this and possibly other previous elections. Sydney Powell, attorney for Gen. Flynn, has claimed that the evidence she has regarding voter fraud is vast and will release it soon. Well, I think it should have been released yesterday, but that’s just me. If evidence exists, why are we waiting? Nonetheless, if it turns out to be true that voter fraud has changed the results of this election, as a taxpayer, a citizen and registered voter in the USA, it not only sickens me, but people who have perpetrated that evil need to pay the price for their corruption. If Gov. Kemp is part of it – directly or indirectly (by looking the other way) – he needs to be ousted from office. The problem is that the next person in line after Kemp (who is also apparently friends with Kemp), is a supporter of James Comey and other Leftwing bureaucrats who’ve done everything they can to “resist.”

We are being promised by Wood, Powell and others that the truth is going to come cascading out. Let’s see it, then. Enough talking about it. Prove it.

Here’s the problem though – for any conspiracy theorists out there – is this all just a huge theatrical production to make us believe that Trump is the best thing for this country when potentially, since things moved Left under his watch, they could conceivably move even more Left during his second term?

The globalists have been at this for a while. They understand how the game works because they developed that game. They understand the nature of psychology and how to propagandize society. They are fully aware of how average people react to situations. They have an agenda and they have been working to make it happen for a number of generations.

This whole thing is Biblical and I do mean Biblical. We are going to have to toss some of that into this blogging as well because the Bible has something to say about what’s happening now and what will happen in the future.

For me, I find it difficult to believe that if massive voter fraud exists, that Trump has been able to uncover it. Is everyone being played? We’ll continue this discussion and introduce some other things that may shine the light on what’s really going on. Hope you’ll join me then.

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