The disturbing reality Americans are awakening to

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American’s are awakening to a disturbing reality. A truth that questions not only the trust they place in public officials but their ability to realize they are being propagandized. After a year and a half of constant fear-mongering, contradictory information, forced mask-wearing, and draconian lockdowns which cost many people everything, Covid-19 is being revealed for what it is, a lie. Not that the virus itself wasn’t making people sick, only that from the beginning, the information being presented was contradictory enough to warrant healthy skepticism. For example, Dr. Fauci published an article in The New England Journal of Medicine as early as March 2020, admitting that Covid-19 would be no more serious than seasonal flu with a death rate of less than one percent. Throughout the so-called pandemic, it was revealed that the PCR tests were producing false-positive rates, death numbers were inflated with deaths by comorbidities, which was admitted by Dr. Birx, and it was discovered the consequences of the lockdowns were far more devastating than the virus itself. The latest news is that Dr. Fauci’s emails revealed he funded gain of function research and knew that the Covid virus was “potentially” manufactured in the Wuhan lab. He also knew that wearing masks would do nothing to prevent healthy people from getting sick, as masks are designed to keep sick people from spreading an illness. Despite all the contradictions many Americans continue to comply by wearing masks and/or getting vaccinated. The whole situation gives credibility to Cass Sunstein’s assertion that people do not what to do with information that contradicts their previously held beliefs (Sunstein & Thaler, 2008, p. 37).

“Devising an effective fear appeal, is to some extent, an art, but it is an art that requires a scientist’s appreciation of the intricacies of human behavior. (Perloff, Dynamics of Persuasion: Communication and Attitudes in the 21st Century)”

There is little doubt that the agenda was to shock the public into a state of consciousness where they would comply with any mandate which promised a return to “normalcy.” A consistent theme I have been discussing revolves around the idea of understanding how they employ propaganda so we can resist it. Joost Meerloo, in Rape of the Mind, for example, said that “If we are to survive as free men, we must face up to the problem of politically inspired mental coercion, with all its ramifications” (1961, p. 7). Cleon Skousen said in The Naked Communist “that if all men would study the problem and move across the world in one vast united front, we may achieve true freedom in our lifetime” (1958, p. 6). The common denominator here is if people don’t take the time to understand propaganda, they can never see through it. What is it that we are to understand? What do we study? The answer to those questions is as disturbing as it is simple. If people are to resist propaganda, they must understand that the global elite, the powers that be, the “deep state” have a very thorough understanding of human behavior and knew going into Covid-19 exactly what our responses would be and how to get us to comply.

In my new book Without a Shot Indeed: Inducing Compliance to Tyranny Through Conditioning and Persuasion I discuss fear and what it is they understand about our reactions to it. When it comes to Covid-19, they based their predictions on something called the Health Belief Model of behavioral change. There are several fear-based models from which they view our behavior and attempt to manipulate it. The Health Belief Model is the most pertinent because it revolves around people’s perception of health-based threats. Threats that are largely shaped by what they refer to as cues to action. The following passage is from Without a Shot Indeed.

The Health Belief Model, according to an article from JMIR Public Health and Surveillance, is a model used to understand health-related choices. Behaviors are predicted in much the same way as other models. The desire to avoid a threat and the effectiveness of the offered solution are the main mediums in which certain actions are predicted. The model itself approaches the issue of behavioral choices both from Skinner’s view of stimulus-response and, a cognitive perspective. This means it is believed the benefits of taking appropriate actions to avoid illness will reinforce correct behavior from the former, while the latter suggests people are actively choosing which course of action is best based on perceived expectations. In other words, the Health Belief Model has been used to examine behaviors from both a stimulus-response and cognitive theory approach.

There are four main theoretical approaches that are believed to motivate human behavior when it comes to health-related threats. Take note of the keyword in each of these approaches. Perceived susceptibility, perceived severity, perceived barriers and, perceived benefits. The word perceived, of course, relates to how the health threat is viewed by either the individual or society. Susceptibility refers to a person’s fear of their own vulnerability. Severity of course refers to the seriousness of the threat. The perceived benefits relate to the belief in the recommended course of action and the perceived barriers refer to the psychological costs of following such recommendations.

An article entitled Performative Pandemic Panic by J.D. Tuccille puts this into greater perspective in a way that hits home. According to Tuccille, a group called the Scientific Pandemic Influenza group on Behavior and Communications convened in the U.K. to help guide people into compliance with interventions recommended by medical experts. This past May, this group admitted that it used fear to persuade people into compliance with government objectives. How does this align with the Health Belief Model? In March 2020, the SPI-B acknowledged that their propaganda was not effectively pushing people into the desired behavioral changes and that Britain’s health ministers “needed to increase the perceived level of personal threat from Covid-19 because a substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened” (Tuccille, 2021). The whole coronavirus plandemic assumed that a well-crafted fear message would induce compliance with their objectives, and sadly, they were right.

Perhaps every aspect of this fake pandemic was designed deliberately to give a false impression of its severity. This explains why the devastating lockdowns were something seen on a global level. It is possible the contradictory information cited earlier in this article could have been deliberately released to gauge public reaction and/or contribute to the confusion. As I noted in my article, Mainstream Media: Keeping the public trapped in a constructed narrative, those who study persuasive communications and our reactions to media know that as a whole, people will not do the necessary work to retrieve pertinent information from memory, to contribute to a decision they must make now. This is called The Heuristic/Sufficiency Principle (Shrum, 2002, pp. 71-72).

Tuccille concludes his article by suggesting officialdom has taken a massive blow, and that the powers that be, would be hard-pressed to get away with such a stunt again. This is wishful thinking. With the numbers of people still wearing masks and rushing to get vaccinated, I can guarantee they are taking note and trying to figure out better ways to craft their message. Sure, if they tried the same thing next year they would run into more resistance, but when the fifth graders who are forced to wear masks in school and stay six feet away from each other grow up, that’s another story altogether. Makes you wonder what the real objective has been.


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