Analyzing the Conspiracy: Aliens, The Second Amendment and REX84 Internment Camps

This morning I decided to take a break from the usual and return to my roots. Good old conspiracy theories. I tried to bring a little entertainment to this while also addressing the reality of disinformation, and the fact that there is always some level of truth to a conspiracy theory. Enjoy. 


The past few weeks must have had the heads of some conspiracy theorists exploding. Chinese spy balloons, UFOs, and the possibility of nuclear war escalating? The motherload of all conspiracies is among us. For years, it has been theorized that the government would stage a fake alien invasion under the guise of saving humanity from its own foolishness. Stories of alien craft hovering over our nuclear sites, while allegedly shutting them down, have been told among UFO enthusiasts for decades. Even Bill Cooper, deceased host of The Hour of the Time, and author of Behold a Pale Horse, makes some pretty astonishing claims. Cooper was best known for his unapologetic defense of liberty and his in-depth discussions of secret societies, the occult, and the global government conspiracy. In Chapter 12 of his book, entitled The Secret Government, Cooper discusses some aspects of the so-called alien agenda. For instance, he discusses the meeting between the U.S. government and the aliens in 1954, which resulted in a treaty allowing them to experiment on us. He also states that the aliens demanded we dismantle our nuclear weapons program because we are not spiritually evolved enough to handle it without destroying ourselves. Finally, he states the aliens possessed “project blue beam” technology, and the very crucifixion of Christ was little more than a manipulation of mankind meant to control our beliefs while concealing the alien’s involvement in our creation.

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This image is enough to frighten anyone.

Is any of this true? I don’t know. Personally, I do not believe that space travel on this scale is possible considering what we currently know. Is it possible for an alien species to travel beyond the speed of light? I would imagine, but is it likely? Putting this into perspective people have to ask themselves why an alien species with the capabilities to do so would be so secretive. If everything that has been fed into the minds of the public over the past few decades, with shows like Ancient Aliens, for example, is true and aliens arrived thousands of years ago to manipulate our genetic structure, then why would they have left at all? Why wouldn’t they have made their presence known beyond the shadow of a doubt, and demand that we worship them as our rightful makers? Why travel the multitude of millions of light years only to turn around and go back?

Whether aliens exist or not, it is safe to say that the possibility of their existence is something the powers that be want you and me to think about, as UFOs have been dominating the mainstream media. They are either preparing us for disclosure, or a fake invasion. It is anybody’s guess at this point.

What makes Cooper’s book, and more specifically Chapter 12, interesting is the little doses of reality that are dispersed throughout the text. One minute he is talking about aliens and recovered spacecraft, the next about secret government programs meant to create dependency on the government, only to deliberately destroy them, creating a permanent criminal class. Even that, in some people’s opinions, borders on the conspiratorial. It is difficult, however, to argue against it as government dependency is rampant, and crime is out of control. It is easy to look back in history and see the creation of welfare programs that left certain elements of our society dependent on government. Families were destroyed in exchange for welfare payments, setting the stage for what we currently refer to as, generational welfare. The point is that conspiracy theories can easily be given credibility by looking at what is actually happening in society. A fake alien invasion, for example, has more credibility than the idea that we could actually be invaded by aliens because they have been conditioning our minds to it for so long. What is more likely? The idea that they need to prepare us for disclosure, so they try to keep it a secret while UFOs are reported worldwide? Or everything concerning UFOs in the first place is propaganda meant to guide and control our thoughts and perceptions? This is for the individual to decide.

Another claim made by Cooper, on page 225, is that the government would allow the growth of the second amendment culture, and the proliferation of “military-style assault weapons” to inflame the passions of the anti-gun movement. At the same time, they would use programs like MK Ultra, or what he calls Project Orion, to create sleeper assassins that could be programmed to commit mass shootings at the press of a button.

“The government encouraged the manufacture and importation of military firearms for the criminals to use. This is intended to foster a feeling of insecurity, which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. Using drugs and hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion, the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and thus inflame the antigun lobby. This plan is well underway, and so far, is working perfectly. The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd amendment.” (Cooper, pp. 225)

The Rise And Fall Of William Cooper, The King Of Conspiracy Theories
William Cooper

Is this a conspiracy “theory” or is there a reality to it? On the surface, it seems that the gun rights movement in America is gaining momentum, not only among the public but in the courts as well. After the NYSRPA v. Bruen decision last June, it is becoming increasingly difficult for any judge to justify gun bans of any kind. There simply is no historical precedent going back to our founding as a nation, that shows gun bans were part of the plain text and meaning of the second amendment. In fact, there is nothing in our history that even shows a citizen had to ask permission from the government to exercise a constitutionally protected right. Looking at it from this perspective, the Bruen decision, by all rights, should do away with anything that infringes upon our inalienable rights to self-defense. Including the unconstitutional background check.

Is it possible that the Bruen decision and the growth of the gun rights movement is a front for a larger agenda to ultimately do away with the second amendment? In some ways, it would have to be considered a possibility because the agenda to disarm America expands beyond our own borders. There is the U.N. Small Arms Treaty still floating around, with John Kerry’s signature on it. (Yes, I know it must be ratified to be legitimate) China has made several demands to the U.N. that American citizens be disarmed while buying up large portions of American land no less, and we continue to see fake studies being published that point to gun control being the solution to mass shootings. In the meantime, we are still being bombarded by the media with a major shooting every week. What will happen if Biden has his way, and the World Health Organization has the power to dictate America’s policies when the next pandemic arrives? If you are a conspiracy theorist, then you know there will be another plandemic as sure as you are reading this article. To what extent will SCOTUS’ rulings dictate over the World Health Organization should they deem disarming the American citizen essential in enforcing whatever policies they intend to implement? Policies mind you, that an armed citizenry is not likely to accept from a foreign organization run by a communist dictator. Don’t forget the attempts to label gun violence as a public health threat.

As far as programmed sleeper assassins are concerned, there is little doubt that MK-Ultra existed. According to an article entitled Ethics of CIA and Military Contracting by Psychiatrists and Psychologists, projects under the MK Ultra banner were contracted out as subprojects to psychiatrists and psychologists to study hypnosis, the implanting of false memories, and the creation of dissociative disorders through the use of LSD, sensory deprivation, and most likely, torture. This was published in the Journal of Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry, proving there is some truth to it. Whether the government deliberately planted an urge to commit mass murder or created sleeper cell assassins programmed to commit mass shootings in defenseless, gun-free schools is up to the reader to decide. Looking at the frequency they have happened, and the fact that they occur unimpeded by anyone capable of stopping them makes it all a little suspect. But I digress.

While writing this article, I began to wonder what the second amendment and the so-called, alien agenda, have to do with each other. Why are they in the same chapter of Cooper’s book? The other day I came across a podcast. You know, the kind where you listen for a moment and then keep scrolling because you conclude the podcaster just wants attention? Anyway, he was going on and on about the alien conspiracy and how it is the primary agenda driving everything concerning the push for a global government. If you dive deep enough into it, you find that many people believe the creation of many organizations, like The Council on Foreign Relations, were established to reform the government in compliance with the alien’s demands. Even Cooper, when concluding his commentary on the second amendment, states that the Alien takeover of America was rehearsed with the military exercise REX84. This, of course, was the exercise rehearsing the mass detainment of American citizens who are deemed to be threats to national security. Whether it has anything to do with aliens or not is anybody’s guess, but I do know that gun owners, people refusing vaccines, those opposing illegal immigration, and anybody speaking out against the government, in general, are now considered terrorists.


This place doesn’t really exist. Or does it?

Will the government stage a fake alien invasion? Would you put past them at this point? Is it all misinformation designed to keep us distracted from the real agenda that is slowly but surely advancing? Will a fake alien invasion be used as justification for this agenda? If we were invaded by little green men, would you give up your guns to keep yourself and your loved ones safe? Would you voluntarily surrender yourself to an internment camp? Are these the questions we need to be asking?



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