Missing the Point: The Economy and a Nation Divided

A funny thing happens that I seem to have little control over. It doesn’t matter that sometimes I just don’t feel like it, or that I may have to spend hours looking for the one source, the one quote, that backs up what I am trying to say. It doesn’t matter that at times, I may feel like my efforts are for nothing as I carry this false perception that the next piece I write will make all the difference. Just as naturally as the sun rises and falls, I will inevitably be here at my desk, sharing my thoughts, and turning what I have spent the week researching into an article of my own.

I feel that I have gone as far as I can discussing Critical Race Theory. It isn’t a subject that can be banned in any sense of the word. It is the new application of Marxist thought meant to tear down western civilization. Race has become the new social science that class was in The Communist Manifesto. I have written hundreds of pages analyzing the higher academic work concerning CRT because I believe that is where the solution lies. Not in reading or writing these papers, but in getting conservative academics into positions of authority in our higher learning institutions. I have run into a lot of criticism, as I have noted several times already, over my argument that CRT isn’t being taught in school the way people think it is. I reference William Tate’s Towards a Critical Race Theory of Education where he explains that it is primarily a tool to analyze what he calls – structural racist policies that lead to inequity in public schools. He also made the argument that race should be the primary point when analyzing any societal issue. From this, we get the idea that failing to take race into consideration when analyzing social policies is a form of “colorblindness” that allows white people to hide behind their racist attitudes under the belief that the civil rights movement made everything ok. In order to even think this way you have to be placing black people on a lower level than whites, to begin with. I have come to the conclusion that CRT is a (phony) academic doctrine that justifies the creation of special preferences and welfare state policies on the premise that black people cannot compete in the economy. This is the case because CRT itself is based on Marxist doctrine and Critical Theory. Enough said.

I wrote a Facebook post the other day on the economy and the idea that the American people aren’t each other’s enemies. We are all familiar with the term divide and conquer, yet, as Americans, we are letting ourselves be divided. Conservatives are getting tired of being called racist and having our values and traditions destroyed based on revisionist history and the lie of white supremacy. If you stop and think about it for a moment, Black people in America are just as much a victim of CRT as anyone. They are literally being taught they are oppressed victims, and that there is a privileged class of white people who deliberately keep them in a state of subjugation. What does that do to them? It fills them with hatred and resentment. About a week ago I saw a story out of California where a Black man stabbed a white man to death, while he was riding his bicycle, screaming something about white privilege. This guy doesn’t believe he did anything wrong. Through a twisted reversal of psychology, Black Americans are being trained to advocate for their own segregation while at the same time, arguing that white supremacism keeps them down, and they need the welfare state for everything to be fair. How does this empower anyone? It doesn’t, it destroys self-initiative and free will. Just as Marx intended. Of course, a cognizant argument can be made concerning the deliberate creation of a welfare state aimed at Black people, under the guise of the new civil rights era, where President Lyndon Johnson said he would “get those ni**ers voting democrat for the next two hundred years.” That is the real exploitation of Black America, where the ramifications of broken families and generational welfare are still being felt. I would even argue that what we are seeing with CRT is what Manning Johnson warned us about in Color, Communism, and Common Sense.  

Black and White people are not each other’s enemies. The truth is that we are both being exploited, distracted, and deliberately divided to draw our attention away from a much bigger problem that will inevitably, bring us all down. The fake economy and the national debt. This is the one issue, that in my opinion, will show how divided and misinformed the American people are. Looking at things in strict terms of just left and right, race doesn’t even have to be a part of this at all, both sides believe the system we live in represents capitalism. Face it, this is not a capitalist system. It may be in the sense that we are supposed to be entitled to (most) of the fruits of our labor, but there is one thing missing. Real capital. Our highly tuned and effective propaganda system called the television media has successfully made the left believe they are rallying against an evil capitalist system that exploits the masses for the selfish interests of those who sit at the top of the economic chain. The right has been conned into defending a system that essentially, has been printing money out of nothing for the past fifty-three years. They did this so the people who sit at the top of the economic chain can advance their own selfish interests, naturally. Americans foolishly blame whichever president happens to be sitting in the Oval Office for the consequences of fiscal policies that were enacted decades ago. Inflation is soaring in America and conservatives are blaming Biden. It is easy for the media to concoct stories about this policy or that policy that caused inflation to rise, but ask yourself a question. Doesn’t it make more sense that inflation would be in the inevitable consequence of printing money out of nothing? Inflating the money supply with nothing of any substantial value to anchor it to reality? Don’t get me wrong, and I shouldn’t even have to say this, Biden is definitely an anti-American, communist dingaling.

According to an article entitled Debt-Based Currency and Borrowing from the Future: Is it Sustainable, real money is tied to human labor in the sense that its value is derived from the output of human energy. This creates a real economy as money is now tied to reality. This isn’t a concept that is unfamiliar to those who are interested in economic issues. It is the truth that creates real capital or capitalism. When the gold standard was dropped around 1971, before I was even born no less, it enabled the financial elite to manipulate the economy in ways beneficial to them because it was no longer tied to anything of substantial value that would give it stability, nor was it tied to human labor in any way. Inflation, according to this article, is the result of an inflated money supply produced “ex nihilo” and the issuance of debt instruments by the government, to the banking system, in order to create new credit. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t this what we do every time Republicans and Democrats, agree to increase the debt limit? The propaganda machine is already hard at work trying to convince seniors that their social security benefits will be cut unless we increase the debt by trillions more to fund it. Isn’t that indicative of a much larger problem? How did we get to the point where we have to go into debt to fulfill financial obligations that frankly, were never the governments to take responsibility for in the first place? What right did the government ever have to take our money from us, then decide how much of it they would give back for our own retirement? Who are we borrowing money from to ensure we receive the money we are entitled to because it was taken from us in the first place on the false promise it would be put away into our own, personal savings account managed by the government? China, of course. Such is the way I suppose.

America has much bigger problems than CRT and Chinese spy balloons, UFOS, or whatever they are. Our biggest problem is that we are allowing ourselves to be divided by a propaganda machine working to ensure we continue to believe in a fake two-party system. Conservatives defend conservatives and liberals defend liberals, no matter what they do. How many times has Biden’s idiotic mumbling exposed him for being the racist he is? How many times have conservatives slapped us in the face, only for us to insist they are our only hope? Do you think they don’t notice our behavior? You can bet your bottom fake dollar they do.

Back in December, I wrote an article entitled Planned Economic Destruction: A Deliberate Communist Strategy. Here, I discussed the fact that every president since Reagan has continued to increase our national debt by over a trillion dollars. I also used Carrol Quigley’s quote from Tragedy and Hope alluding to the idea that both parties are working together to advance the same agenda. It seems that bankrupting the nation is at the top of this plan. I think most conservatives get that. I think, however, that we are too easily distracted and pulled into this other nonsense that contributes to the further division of the nation. While we are reeling in shock at the nerve of school administrators to introduce transgenderism and Queer Theory to our children, or trying to figure out cognizant arguments which prove why we aren’t racist, this is the agenda that is driving forward. Like CRT, which I have continuously argued is decades old and already embedded deeply in our educational and legal institutions, the economic issues we face are also decades old. We have been printing money and adding it to the existing supply of cash since dropping the gold standard. Every time this happens the value of what currently exists, and what is in our own savings account, is depleted. As I mentioned earlier, I was born in 1973. This essentially means that I was never alive during a period when our money was real and anchored to a valuable commodity. Had I never taken the time to investigate this on my own, I could very easily go on thinking that this is a normal system. Think about the current generation that is being taught to believe this is capitalism.

I think Americans need to focus on the fact that all of us are suffering the consequences of this. It doesn’t matter if you are Black or White, or whatever. Your money is affected just the same. When the economy crashes our money will be equally worthless. When they print the next quadrillion dollars, our money will lose value equally. Therein lies the true equality of communist economics, the equality of squalor, and nothingness.

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