An ideological purge of the military coming, again?

The Biden administration has already been dubbed the most radical in American history. Barely in office for three weeks, Biden has issued nearly fifty executive orders, which shows he intends to rule by fiat opposed to governing by the constitution. Newly confirmed Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin, has just taken a radical move to eliminate extremism in the ranks by ordering a 60 day stand down of  U.S. military forces. This is concerning because the radical left does not hide who they consider to be extremists. Gun owners, constitutionalists, and those who oppose illegal immigration are on the top of the list. It would be safe to say that pretty much anyone who disagrees with the left-wing world view would be considered a hateful white supremacist. Is there a larger agenda? Is it possible that they are seeking to create a more ideologically aligned military by removing anyone that disagrees with the Biden administration? Unfortunately, this is what leftists do.

If anyone ever doubted that the government intended to strip Americans of their second amendment rights, they need to pay attention to H.R. 127. This bill is the motherload of all gun control. People should consider the possibility, as this bill moves through congress, that the Biden administration may intend to purge the ranks of those that would refuse to participate in a gun confiscation scheme. In the minds of most Americans this is wild conspiracy theory territory. There is a precedence, however, to be alarmed by a Secretary of Defense who refers to people of differing beliefs as extremists. Especially when that defense secretary is part of Obama’s third term and conservatives are now being portrayed as the biggest threat to national security.

President Obama drew much unwanted attention to himself when it was alleged that he had issued a litmus test to certain military commanders asking if they were willing to fire upon American citizens. To be fair, and for purposes of this writers own credibility, this claim was made by Dr. Jim Garrow who refused to give up his source. Garrow has made other claims in the past that have failed to materialize. With this being said, it is not out of the question that the test was given considering Obama’s hatred of the second amendment and the military. There is no doubt that there was a purging of the ranks if you disagreed with Obama over issues of homosexuals and transgenders in the military and, women serving in combat rolls. Whether or not this controversial litmus test was given however, remains unproven speculation based on hearsay.

Such a survey does exist and in fact, was given to 300 Marines at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC) in Twenty-Nine Palms California in 1994. Exactly one year before this writer joined the Corps as a matter of fact. The forty-six-question survey was devised by Lieutenant Commander Ernest Guy Cunningham, U.S. Navy, for the purposes of writing a thesis in pursuit of his Master of Science degree. The intent was to analyze the attitudes of U.S. service members and their willingness to participate in non-traditional missions which mostly revolved around the U.N. being in command of U.S. troops. There were also questions pertaining to a willingness to take part in missions on U.S. soil as well. Cunningham stated that he was surprised to see that 85% of marines surveyed were willing to be assigned to missions which violated the posse commitatus act. In other words, they were willing to act in a law enforcement capacity, policing America’s streets.

Question number 46 is the big one. It asked if marines were willing to fire upon U.S. citizens who refused to follow orders to surrender personal weapons in the event of a gun ban. While the majority said no, 26.2 percent agreed they would, and 12 percent had no opinion. You might as well add them to the agree column and kick that number up to 38 percent.  That is one hundred fourteen out of three hundred marines that agreed, as far back as 1994, that they would confiscate guns from Americans and, fire upon those who refuse to comply. For people that think the military would never turn on U.S. citizens, there are 8,413 marines in Twenty-Nine Palms. Thirty-eight percent is 3,196. Thirty-eight percent of two million is 760, 000. What would those numbers be now? Perhaps the biggest take away from this survey is the realization, at least back in ’94, that a breakdown of unit coherence would occur if sent on such a mission.

Lt. Commander Cunningham claimed to be a strident constitutionalist who came up with this survey to test the attitudes of marines towards non-traditional missions. Where did he get the questions from? Was he just observing the direction the country was going under the Clinton administration or, was there more to it than that? Looking at the survey, those questions are pretty specific. Is it possible that he was directed by another source to give this survey? That is pure speculation, and a question that will likely never be answered. The thesis he wrote, according to The New American Magazine, indicates that he believes there is a legitimate role for the U.S. military in non-traditional missions and, that he believes the president has the authority to place troops under U.N. command. One thing is for certain however, after eight years of Obama purging the military of patriots, and the constant drumbeat of leftist indoctrination in our schools, these numbers, should a survey like this be given again, would certainly be higher. Not only a little higher, but likely much higher.

While it is a little pre-mature to assume that Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is intending to purge the ranks of people who may refuse to follow unconstitutional orders, there is precedence to believe he will be getting rid of people who disagree with the leftist worldview, just as Obama did. There is an alarming trend in the left’s willingness to label anyone of differing opinions as extremists, white supremacists, or enemies within as Pelosi so eloquently puts it. They have made it perfectly clear that gun owners, Christians, those opposing abortion and immigration and even those questioning the Covid-19 narrative are the new targets in the war on extremism. That in an of itself should cause Americans to question the left’s intentions. Reach down and grab a hold, as Marines always say, this may hurt a little.



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    There’s an tremendous paradigm-shifting lesson in Biden’s turning over Trump’s previous executive orders, IF ONLY today’s alleged Christians and patriots are willing to open their eyes, hearts, and minds to it, and then courageous enough to admit it and address it.

    The Constitutional Republic’s 230-year (and counting) ever-revolving election carousel never fails. It goes round and round, round and round again (incessantly), providing both Elephants and Donkeys their turn at the helm to undo the previous administration’s policies.

    Nevertheless, alleged Christians and patriots never fail to clamor for their right to ride this merry -go-round every two and four years, as if doing so actually keeps America from advancing further along on her suicidal trek to the precipice of moral depravity and destruction, despite the historical record.

    No, instead, they’re complicit in America’s continuing destruction because to support the biblically egregious Constitutional Republic is to support its biblically abominable two-Party election system, and to support its two-Party election system, is to support the Donkeys turn at the helm.

    Not that the Elephants don’t also contribute to pushing America over the precipice. Regardless whether a Democrat or Republican has been elected, it’s always, every single resulted in facilitating America’s continuing march toward destruction. And hoodwinked Christians and patriots have contributed to the same by promoting the genesis of America’s national woes as the solution.

    Time to get off the carousel and start working for a biblical replacement, if not for ourselves then for sake of our posterity.

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