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Recently, in a few minutes of down time, I was playing Solitaire on my phone and since I have the free version, between each game a brief ad is shown. A new ad came up that I had not seen before called “Every Mask Up.” I’ve included screen grabs from the ad and as can be seen, the push is on to ensure that everyone wears a mask all the time.

It started off by stating, “The science has not changed.” No, it hasn’t, but unfortunately what has changed is the twisting of science to make it say something other than what is actually true.

So, the science supposedly has not changed and lo and behold, masks slow the spread of COVID-19…according to the group behind this ad. The problem? There is no proof that masks slow the spread. In fact, as I’ve noted previously, some within the healthcare profession are speaking out against the use of masks for everyone at all time.

Kevin McKernan warns of the potential for masks to actually nebulize large droplets that are caught in our masks upon exiting our mouth or nose into aerosols, making them much easier for people to become infected because they can actually go deeper into another person’s lungs? There are other healthcare professionals – in fact, many – though they are rarely given any attention by the media unless it is to pan, ban or ridicule. Dr. Jim Meehan also weighs in on masks from the perspective of a surgeon and one who edited a medical journal.

The Every Mask Up ad continues by stating the following:

As some of the most trusted hospitals in the nation we know that continuing to take precautionary measures is tough. But, here’s what we also know: The science has not changed. Masks slow the spread of COVID-19. Diligently washing our hands stops its transmission. And staying 6 feet apart from those we don’t live with makes it harder for the disease to spread too.

There is quite an extensive list of hospitals that have jumped on the Every Mask Up bandwagon and if you go to the URL, you’ll likely see yours included. The problem is that if we continue to social distance from other people, wash our hands like Howard Hughes on steroids and wear masks all the time, we are likely doing more damage to our immune systems because they will have little chance to learn to fight CV-19 or any other virus naturally, through herd immunity that the MSM and health “experts” also like to pan and ridicule, saying it won’t work in this particular situation.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of all the propaganda that is out there, with constant reminders to distance, wash, and mask. It’s really beyond the pale and over the top because I believe those in charge of the “Great Reset” want and even need society to react in fear of potential death (over an illness that has a 99%+ survival rate. The interesting thing is things like the Great Reset are produced by globalists who are arrogant enough to put their thoughts on the ‘Net where anyone can read them. However, if we start warning others about the problems associated with the reset, ID2020, Agenda 2030, or any other globalist “cure” for society and the planet, we are automatically and immediately labeled “conspiracy theorists” even though we are simply reading and understanding their words as they present them. It’s a bit maddening.

Finally, the “EveryMaskUp” ad on my phone says I can “learn more,” so I clicked on it and found a bit more information but not much. In fact, there’s not even a way to contact the group behind the ad. I did note that at the bottom of the ad, the group provides a list of other groups who have “generously” partnered with them to get the message out.

Interesting that the groups that partnered with EveryMaskUp are the same people who are guilty of lying to us all the time: The New York Times, TikTok (a company owned and operated by Communist China), U.S. News & World Report, USA Today, Washington Post and a few others. So these groups, who are anti-truth are doing their best to help brainwash society with the propaganda that says if we will just mask up all the time, CV-19 would go away much quicker.

I expect the world to participate in this type of thing. After all, the world has a god called Satan who controls much of what happens here (by God’s permission), at least for now. I expect lies from the media to further a globalist agenda. What I have a hard time with is when people who call themselves Christians get involved in the same lies and propaganda.

More and more I’m noticing the social justice warrior (SJW) mentality sneaking into Christendom. Way back at the beginning of CV-19, Fauci and others were not really concerned. Pelosi told us to go to Chinatown and hug Chinese people. Fauci said masks were not necessary and others echoed the same.

All of a sudden, masks were recommended for sick people, ostensibly to keep others from catching what sick people had, but healthy people should not. Then masks were largely symbolic, which meant that we should wear masks to project care and concern for others, not that masks actually did anything.

Then, Costco began requiring people to wear masks while shopping in their stores. Walmart quickly followed, and others as well. In my area, we pretty much ignore these policies in stores and you’ll learn why in a few minutes if you keep reading.

I also began noticing Christians stating that if you really “love” your neighbor, you’ll wear a mask. The thinking is that even if masks do not actually help, it sends a visible signal to others that you “love” them enough to want to reassure them that you care about their health. In that way, you are “evangelizing” through masking up.

We had a guy come out to the house to install a new stove. He got out of his truck and put on not one, but two masks and two pairs of gloves. I told him it was not necessary for my sake. His response was that it was “policy” and it was about “respect.” I was not wearing one and would never wear one in my own home. In fact, the only time I wear one at all is when I’m having blood drawn or at a doctor’s appointment.

So, while he was installing my stove, the two masks and the two pairs of gloves caused him to sweat profusely and his sweat was dripping onto everything he touched, through his gloves. But he felt it was important to wear two masks to show me just how much he cared. Meanwhile, after he left, I had to scrub everything he had touched or leaned over because of all his sweat droplets left behind.

Christians who believe that wearing masks offers a symbolic sense of “loving our neighbors” are, in my opinion, misappropriating various passages of Scripture for their own self-esteem. It amounts to them becoming SJWs based on a misuse of biblical premises.

We know Jesus talked about loving your neighbor as yourself. We also know that the apostle Paul addressed these things too. In 1 Corinthians 10, Paul speaks clearly about the problems that Israel experienced and noted that they were due to disbelief and worshiping idols. He moved into the proper way we should worship that the Corinthian believers were not doing. Then staring in verse 25, Paul speaks about the believer’s freedom in Christ.

Paul then warns that we should not cause others to stumble because of our freedom in Christ. For the next few chapters, Paul breaks things down even further explaining how the Corinthian believers were essentially doing it wrong. They were more concerned about their “rights” than they were in simply living a life of love that potentially helped others understand their need for salvation. Paul warns that mature Christians need to be extra careful in making sure that they do not cause “weaker” brothers or sisters to stumble. The term “weaker” here simply means younger in the faith or not as mature. Paul advocated this position because he believed it was important to establish unity in the faith which produces love; the love that comes only from God. He wasn’t talking about romantic love. He was talking about agape, the self-sacrificing love that comes from God toward others. As we submit to His will, we become vehicles for His love to touch others.

So here’s the problem. Too many Christians simply repeat the mantra of the Left that says, “Hey, if you love people, you’ll inconvenience yourself with a mask to send a message.” On the surface, that sounds loving. It sounds self-sacrificing. It sounds like the person who does that really cares about other people. I would actually agree with that IF no harm came from wearing masks! Unfortunately, the opposite appears to be true.

Not long ago, I wore a mask to have my blood drawn. When I received my results, everything was fine except my Carbon Dioxide levels, which were high and out of range. Why? Because as I sat there having my blood drawn with my mask on, I was actually rebreathing some of the CO2 that I was exhaling. This caused a rise of CO2 in my blood stream and I had only been wearing my mask for about 20 minutes.

Think about people who wear masks all day long. If my CO2 went high, out of range in such a short time, what is happening with people who must (or choose to), wear them after many hours of masking up each day? It’s not good and as I’ve pointed out before, Dr. Fauci’s own research team found that many of the people who died during the 1918-1919 Spanish Flu epidemic actually died, not from the flu virus, but from bacterial pneumonia from wearing masks. Yet, this same Fauci had no problem saying he would support a national mask mandate even after this research! The hubris from a guy who was “fired” from Trump’s health team, yet continues to be the go-to mouthpiece for health in this nation is absurd.

Folks, if masks did not harm, if they had no potential to cause problems for the wearers, I would probably wear one while in public even though I wouldn’t want to. The mask is a symbol all right, but it’s a symbol of oppression and causes harm. Do I think Jesus would want me to participate in that? Apparently, some Christians do because I’ve heard them say and seen them post that “Jesus would wear a mask.” Garbage. I don’t believe that for a moment and their only basis for that is feelz because Scripture does not teach that Christians are to deliberately do things that cause physical or mental harm to themselves or others.

Folks can do what they want, clearly. But masks cause harm by raising CO2 levels in our blood at the very least. They also cause harm by not allowing herd immunity to do its job. Herd immunity is what God has provided for our bodies to learn from, react to, and improve our health.

If your doctor has told you to wear a mask because your health or immune system is compromised, then hopefully that same doctor has told you of the risks of wearing masks all the time and also told you to take many breaks from them. If not, you may wish to start seeing another doctor.

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