Contradictions to Make Us Servile

The reality appears to be that we, the people, have been thoroughly had and many of us realized that from the start. It all began with a “pandemic” that was actually designed to destroy our freedoms and therefore, the USA as we know it, not to “keep us safe.” Whenever the government says that, we know that it’s the exact opposite they’re after.

We were told it would be just “15 days to slow the spread” and that turned into a year’s worth of shutdowns, bankruptcies for many and the inability of people to actually work for a living. So, the government stepped in once again but this time to help “bail” us out with our own money. If Donald J. Trump had not been so clueless, things might’ve gone differently. I don’t necessarily agree that Trump is part of the globalist plan to hijack America. I believe he was an unwilling (or unknowing) accomplice to their ends. Let’s not forget how globalists used Reagan as well numerous times even though people often think of him as the greatest president in modern times. Trump? He was just clueless and kept hemmed in by people he unfortunately trusted in his administration who were nothing but obstructionists. That tells me that Trump is not the “stable genius” he bragged about being.

So with the “15 days to slow the spread” or “flatten the curve” or whatever, we all know what happened. Here were are over a year later from the official start of the CV-19 “pandemic” and what have we to show for it? We as a nation are poorer, much more limited and essentially now looking to the government to do the right thing. This of course, is the same government that didn’t do the right thing and has no intention of doing the right thing.

We are dealing with a fake “pandemic” that has no known source. Scientists have yet to isolate the CV-19 virion in the lab, yet they were able to supposedly make a PCR test that “sees” or detects the presence of CV-19. This is absolute garbage and even the creator of the PCR test calls Fauci a liar. Not only has a test been used that claims to detect CV-19, but a vaccine has also been created at “warp speed” based on this same CV-19 that has yet to be isolated in the lab. Yes, people died, but from what? The CDC isn’t even counting cases of the “flu” because everything is about CV-19. Truth continues to come out about how they lied and covered things up but it doesn’t matter because the MSM continues to ignore all that just like they ignore the mass murderer sitting in the governor’s mansion in New York (as well as governors in other states who did the same thing). I find it fascinating though that the MSM is going after NY’s governor for sexual harassment. Kind of a joke there that they’re ignoring the bigger elephant in the room.

What is astoundingly unfortunate is the fact that so many people not only believe all the government’s lying “experts,” but are also thronging to receive the warp speed vaccine even though this is the first time in history that the mRNA component has been utilized within any vaccine. No one really knows what this mRNA-based vaccine will do (or they’re deliberately not telling us), but there are some awfully good guesses from medical professionals that are circulating the Internet (though not on YouTube of course).

There is absolutely no logic to any of this, unless we look at things from the perspective of the global elite. Only then will things come into focus. They clearly want us dead because there are way too many of us. There, I’ve said it. They want to depopulate the earth and for them, a total of 500 million people total on the earth is a good number to shoot for, isn’t it? If they don’t quite get there, I’m sure they won’t be too upset.

Wars are really passé aren’t they? You can only create so many wars before people get fed up with all of it and stop participating. That leaves one option: mass murder directly. How best to achieve that? I know! Let’s start a false “pandemic” that will kill people (through biotech weaponry?), then start demanding that in order to route the “pandemic,” there must be a vaccine quickly created or all life as we know it on the earth will be snuffed out! Good GAWD man, where do I sign up???

So, a warp speed vaccine was created and for the first time under “stable genious” Trump and the mRNA component was used. Genetics be damned as it will likely change a person’s genetic code…if they manage to survive the vaccination. As Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and other medical professionals have noted, like Dr. Vernon Coleman: the vaccine is very problematic and will likely destroy a person’s Microphage Type 2. Once these are gone or ineffective, a person has no ability to heal themselves and modern science will not be able to intervene to correct it. The result? Most likely, death. It’s called a cytokine storm and destroys a person’s immune system completely.

But if folks would simply stop and think critically for a few moments, they would see the inconsistencies in what the “experts” have been telling us since the beginning. The image up to the right informs us how it has taken shape. Wear masks and stay six feet away from people. Stay indoors as well. Finally, take a rushed vaccine but still continue to wear masks, social distance and remain home. Does this make sense to anyone, anyone besides the die-hard Leftist, I mean?

I saw a number of school bus drivers yesterday with completely empty buses wearing their mask as they drove. Empty buses. Maybe they like the smell of their own breath, who knows?

I’d like to close this particular article with a link to a ten-minute video from a Franciscan monk who tells it like it is. He understands the problem and gets to the heart of it. Whether or not you agree with his references to an uprising against the evil people doing everything they can to control the world, I doubt you’ll have any difficulty agreeing with the rest of what he says.

These are desperate times. Because of it, desperate measures are needed. I’m not necessarily talking about a physical revolt against the government by storming the Capitol. What I AM saying though is that a physical revolt against their draconian, out of touch, and illegal executive orders is what is required. Here’s exactly what I’m talking about:

  • stop wearing a mask
  • stop distancing yourself from other human beings
  • stop staying home – go OUT and enjoy life!
  • stop bending the knee to the government because they really do NOT want to keep you safe
  • ignore the media
  • don’t take the vaccine

You are, of course, free to do whatever you’d like to do, but I would certainly encourage you to live as a free person, as the Constitution guarantees (not provides!). My wife and I have just started camping again. We enjoyed our first camping trip with our new pop up camper this past weekend. We took our dog and enjoyed the mountain areas of our state. We talked with other people who were also camping and who also brought their kids and dog(s). We hiked around and just relaxed. We got off the treadmill of society for a bit and realized how much we have to be thankful for in life.

As Alexis Bugnolo from the video above states, we are living in incredibly dark times. I think I know where things are headed from a biblical perspective, but in spite of that, I won’t cower, nor will I bow the knee to the government that has no interest whatsoever in doing what’s best for me and everyone else in society. Our government is filled with dinosaurs who should’ve retired years ago but their allegiance to globalists keeps them in their jobs, shilling for them against we, the people.

I hear that several anti-gun bills are on the table. I really don’t care. Unless they legally manage to set aside the 2A (which can only be accomplished via the adoption of a new amendment to the Constitution), any anti-gun bill they pass won’t make a difference to me. Yes, I realize that they’ve already managed to place numerous anti-gun laws in place in front of the Constitution, but I carry and will continue to carry. I don’t need anymore guns or ammo at this point so their stupid attempts at creating “laws” will not affect me.

I’m not one to oppose the government in the sense of wanting to “overthrow” that government. In that respect, I’ll be obedient to Scripture (Romans 13). However, I’ll ignore illegal laws all day long.

I’m all for living. People who are afraid of dying actually stop living. Great movie, eh? Truth there. Let’s endeavor to live in spite of the fact that our government wants us to only think of dying and what we can do to avoid it.




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