Viewing man through the lens of science is the problem

No matter how hard the media works to show a pro-vaccine attitude among the public, the polling numbers tell another story. According to The Washington Examiner, just over half the population oppose President Biden’s recent mandates. While many people were shocked to see him conscript the nation’s employers to enforce his will, those paying attention were expecting it.

In October 2020, The New England Journal of Medicine suggested that constitutional, due process concerns could be avoided by having employers force the shot instead of the government. How that equates to an effective strategy when it is the government forcing your boss to do so is anyone’s guess. In any case, opposition to the mandate is high enough that public health officials are concerned that people will begin rejecting all vaccines that are currently taken as a matter of routine. Mandate or not, there are still enough people considered vaccine-hesitant, from the government’s perspective, that a conscious effort must be taken to persuade people into compliance.

According to the Journal of Medical Ethics, government polls showed as early as January 2021, that there would be considerable resistance to a Covid-19 vaccine from most of the population. This means that before the vaccine was even available, they were studying the population to see who was most likely to comply. They cite reasons such as the speed of its development and the limited availability of safety and efficacy data on the shot. The JME even admits that it is reasonable, due to the politicization of the issue and lack of data, for citizens to be skeptical of the gene-altering jab.

There are many questions concerning the potential health effects of the shot considering the FDA admitted in their approval press release that the long-term effects remain unknown. There is also a great deal of confusing information circulating in media. Vaccinated people are undoubtedly still getting sick. There is also a great deal of research that exists concerning mRNA vaccines and something called Anti-body Dependent Enhancement. This is a process where the spike proteins being inserted into your cells after vaccination are more likely to reproduce when exposed to the virus, which in turn makes you sicker. Questioning the government’s efforts to mandate the vaccine is certainly reasonable.


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