News and Notes Update: January 28, 2021

It’s too bad there’s so much going on in the world because it is not only hard to keep up but I’m unable to spend the amount of time I’d like really researching things. Suffice it to say that things are clearly ramping up throughout the world and deliberately moving us toward the final one-world empire first highlighted in Daniel 2. By the way, a few of the links below I’ve not had time to thoroughly investigate. I include them because they are connected to the subject being discussed. Use your own judgment and wisdom in researching. There are not enough hours in the day.

But before we get to that, let’s highlight some changes in the approach to COVID-19, shall we?

Did you notice that literally within an hour of Joe Biden taking the oath of office, The WHO issued an advisory that recommends that labs reading the CV PCR tests should lower the Ct# (cycle thresh hold number) used to determine if a person actually has CV-19? The WHO has stated that the high number (USA labs generally uses a Ct# of around 35), creates way too many false positives. They suggest lowering it. You can read it here:

The problem with the higher number – according to The WHO –  is that it causes the test itself to focus on any small bit of viral material (even if that viral material is non-contagious and/or dead). It will then highlight that material as “CV-19” when it isn’t. Also from The WHO, they have now stated that there should be TWO tests to confirm CV-19 AND a person must actually “present” symptoms. So, asymptomatic carriers will become a thing of the past. Let’s not forget that they have not yet isolated the actual CV-19 virion so one wonders how they are able to determine that people actually have something they have not yet isolated in the lab?

It is interesting that a few weeks ago, Ireland shut down the entire nation until at least through the end of January. Interestingly enough, they all wear masks all the time yet cases were still shooting sky high. Turns out the Ct# they use is not 35, like the USA, but 45. The higher the number, the higher the number of “cases” (and potential false positives), but hospitalizations and deaths do not coincide with those “cases.” –

Also noted last week a team of medical researchers have declared that CV-19 has “peaked” in the USA. We will start to see the numbers decrease sharply I’m sure.

Remember, this all happened within a very short time of the recent inauguration. It seems that the Ct# used in the PCR testing was deliberately kept high during the Trump Administration. I suppose one could argue that they may not have known? The problem is these are supposed to be experts in the field and they were not able to figure this out until one hour after Joe Biden was sworn in? Okay, sure, that sounds reasonable.

Also, Merck has stopped production on its CV-19 because they now believe it’s better to get the disease and recover than getting the vaccine:

Really? Yes, really. Merck is saying that people are better off getting the disease and allowing their immune systems to fight it off rather than take the vaccine, which has shown not only to be of minimal benefit (at best), but can cause severe reactions and even death. Yes, CV-19 can also cause death, but so does the flu and pneumonia and even though they have flu vaccine, that particular flu vaccine changes each year based on the version of the flu and in large measure, they are simply guessing which flu variant they should create the vaccine for, which may or may not work for people.

Great Reset Revisited
Turns out that the CV-19 vaccine may well cause tremendous harm or death with the elderly. There is no excuse for this except to say that it would seem the globalists want people to die. Think I’m kidding? Just read some of the writings of World Economic Forum founder, Klaus Schwab. Recently, author Mark Jeftovic (, penned a piece that took apart Schwab’s “Great Reset” and other books written by the enigmatic Nazi-like “geriatric madman” (hat tip to Maranatha!). Jeftovic approached the entire subject with new eyes, trying to see if he had previously misunderstood it and endeavored to try to find anything positive and pleasant in this coming “Great Reset” as envisioned by Schwab.

Ultimately, Jeftovic couldn’t find any reason to praise the Great Reset because it only benefits those who are already in power due to their tremendous wealth. These elites point to their profound wealth as actual proof that they must be correct. It is because they are correct that they are wealthy as they are and we are not. If we were correct in thinking that “climate change” is simply a myth and that the world needs to become one and stop with the individual national sovereignty issues, then we would clearly be rich.

Of course, what Klaus and the other Nazis fail to realize (or admit) is that they are rich because they’ve sold their souls to Satan, aka Lucifer to them. They have literally made a pact with the “light bearer” Lucifer that allows him to work in and through those people to bring about a world dominated by them (so they think). Of course, what’s really happening is Satan using them as he used Eve, Cain and others thousands upon thousands of years ago to bring about his will.

Satan needs this world to become one. He needs to rule it and will do so through his upcoming “spiritual” son, Antichrist. This will attempt to prove to the world that he (Satan) is the true owner, the true god of this world. To that end, he gives the elites who are willing to serve him everything they could possibly long for and more. I’m quite sure in moments of solitude when they are by themselves (which is likely very rare), they have to deal with their own fears and insecurities.

Herr Schwab uses catchphrases that sound great to many people today solely because they have no idea of their actual origin and meaning. For instance, I was discussing the concept of “Stakeholder Capitalism” used by Schwab in his most recent book just published in hardcover. As soon as I mentioned that phrase, my wife said, “Oh, that’s just COMMUNISM!” My wife got it of course because she’s educated and because she understands where her family came from and the years they spent in a “relocation camp” after losing everything in Yugoslavia.

However, the average person today especially younger person will have absolutely no clue at all about stakeholder capitalism except for what Schwab says it means. Of course, Herr Klaus paints a wonderfully romantic picture of it as if it’s pretty darn close to basic capitalism so what’s the problem?

Another phrase we’ve been hearing a lot is “Build Back Better.” It’s designed to make us think that as the world is being “rebuilt,” it will look so much better than it does now. We just need to deal with things like “climate change” and national sovereignty, etc. These people go by the assumption that climate change is a super real threat and if we don’t deal with it, it will “destroy the world.” This means that America needs to deal with its “car” problem. There are just “vay too many kars on ze roads in Amerika!” says Schwab and the rest of the elites nod in agreement.

The USA is not like Europe. There are many rural areas throughout the USA and to take away our vehicles is to mean we go back to horses and buggies. But we’ll like that, say the elites because it’s best for ze world! In Europe, mass transit is best because everything is so close together. In major cities within the USA, mass transit is also better for the same reason. However, once a person goes outside the metropolitan areas into the more rural areas, mass transit doesn’t work.

Where we live, we cannot get an Uber to come to our home. It was even very difficult for my wife to consistently count on getting an Uber to come home from the airport after one of her business trips before CV-19, so we were forced to buy a second vehicle so she would have that when I was unable to drive her or pick her up from the airport.

Herr Schwab’s desire for a better world that includes fewer cars in the USA is simply untenable. Are car manufacturers supposed to stop producing gas-powered vehicles overnight replacing them with electric vehicles? Where does the energy come from to run those? It’s not magic.

Of course, Schwab has the answer and the answer is NUCLEAR power! Really? Yes, apparently, nuclear power is fine now because he says so. Moreover, while he’s downplaying the fact that CV-19 will not decimate society, he compares that to the many annual deaths that occur via car crashes, cancers, and the like and then says compared to that, the problems with nuclear energy are minimal even though one accident alone killed nearly 200,000 a while ago.

Herr Schwab’s word of the day is “subsidiarity.” When a word does not exist, no worries, because the elites will simply create one.

A primary principle for the implementation of Stakeholder Capitalism is therefore that of subsidiarity. It is not an untested or purely theoretical principal. Applied most famously in the governance of the European asserts that decisions should be taken at the most granular level possible, closest to where they will have the most noticeable effects. It determines, in other words, that local stakeholders should be able to decide for themselves, except when it is not feasible or effective for them to do so. {1; emphasis in original]

Actually, the word has been around for a few years, but who talks like that? Elites, who seek to control us and every aspect of society. Don’t forget, these people believe they were placed here on earth to rule over us peons so it does not matter to them if we live or die.

People are waking up to the reality of what the globalists are attempting to achieve and guess what? They don’t like it. Interestingly enough, people like Bill Gates are more than puzzled at our insistence that we don’t want him ruling over us. Go figure.

It’s here. CRISPR technology is here and apparently, they’ve already used it on TWINS inside China. CRISPR is a gene-editing technology, so in effect, (mad) scientists in China have used it to alter the genetic code of two twin girls. Not much is known about this because it has been so secret for so long, but certain things have leaked out and experts have peer reviewed what has come out and have a lot of questions. In fact, some are downright angry at what they believe are misconceptions and false findings. Allegedly, the gene editing was done to make the girls impervious to HIV, but no one knows if that even happened and some argue that it may have done the exact opposite.

What truly bothers me (and I’m sure, you), is the abject evil that is showcased by people who apparently consider themselves to be gods. Why is this all being done? I believe it is because the elites themselves want to physically live forever. David Rockefeller lost his chance and other elites are in death’s crosshairs. So, as good “technocrats,” they use China where they can do anything they want and not worry about repercussions from anyone, to do all sorts of experimentation in the hopes of finding that longevity drug or technology.

Satan wants and needs these people to live longer so that they can be used for his benefit. However, even when they do die, there are plenty of other family members who will step up to take their spot and carry on their deadly experimentation attempting to do what only God can do.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting fatigued from realizing just how much Satan has gained in society. What’s more, his “best” is yet to come.



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