Solutions are impossible without understanding the game.

There’s another reason for working inside the system. Dostoevski said that taking a new step is what people fear most. Any revolutionary change must be proceeded by a passive, affirmative, non-challenging attitude toward change among the mass of our people. They must feel so frustrated, so defeated, so lost, and so futureless in the prevailing system that they are willing to let go of the past and chance the future. This acceptance is the reformation essential to any revolution. (Alinsky, Rules for Radicals) 

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My greatest fear is that the American public fails to see the game being played against them, no matter how obvious it has become. The average American continues to allow their minds to be trapped in a dialectic that cons them into accepting the tyrant’s agenda through false choices, misinformation, and the deliberate destruction of our system. The enemies of human freedom have purposefully corrupted our government, corrupted themselves, and destroyed any chance of it working for the betterment of all so that they may accomplish one simple objective. The loss of hope and the acceptance of an agenda that at one time, would have been rejected. The purpose of all propaganda, according to Edward Bernays, “is to mold the minds of the masses so that they will direct all of their efforts toward the desired ends of the shadow government, who use the powers of propaganda to gain approval from the people on issues they may have, at one time, disapproved of.” How do they do this from a practical perspective? They create the problem, manufacture the demand for a solution, and then offer one they have had for a long time. This is commonly known as the Hegelian Dialectic. Unfortunately, many Americans fail to see its use in the daily narratives being framed for us. One recent example was displayed on an episode of the Dan Bongino show. Dan boasted of Trump’s 2025 plan to increase federal control over education to combat the “woke agenda.” Most people would argue that something needs to be done because this ideology is wreaking havoc on the minds of our young people. The problem, however, is that the federal government isn’t supposed to have any power over education at all. The public is being conned into accepting more government power where there is supposed to be zero because the problem is so bad, that giving the government more power seems to be the only solution.

The Hegelian Dialectic

Another interesting example was presented in an article published in The Western Journal. It sums up on one hand what the social change movement aims to accomplish, and on the other, how this publication itself contributes to the problem. First, this article discusses a poll taken by The University of Virginia which allegedly shows that voters from both sides of the political spectrum no longer see “democracy” as a viable form of government and are open to other alternatives. Both Republicans and Democrats stated they see the other side as problematic to the future of the country and view political violence as an acceptable alternative. The biggest problem with this article is The Western Journal’s failure to use the word Republic to get the reader on track. It is bad enough that most people refer to our country as a Democracy. Failing to set the record straight in this article keeps the uninformed reader’s mind framed in the “America is a Democracy” narrative. That, however, isn’t the main point. After years of nonstop corruption, continuous fighting between the parties, constant chaos, and never-ending propaganda depicting America as an imperialist, white supremacist nation, many millions of Americans are at the point where they “feel futureless in the prevailing system and are willing to let go of the past and chance the future” with an agenda they may have otherwise, rejected.
I have believed for some time that they are intentionally creating a sense of hopelessness, a state of confusion that is meant to keep any of us from knowing exactly what to think. The average person believes in the strict divide between the two political parties but has no answer as to why the Republicans continue to join with Democrats to spend us into oblivion. We watch C-SPAN as the Republicans put on these neat little hearings meant to create the perception they are holding corrupt officials accountable, only for nothing to be done about anything in the long run. Donald Trump, considered by many conservative Americans to be our only hope was publicly destroyed, and Joe Biden is portrayed as a mentally incompetent imbecile. This, in my opinion, is all done on purpose to keep us confused and looking for answers that aid in the advancement of government control. This is the only logical conclusion considering the above quote from Rules for Radicals and the fact that Hillary Clinton worked directly for Alinsky. She also wrote her college thesis on his methods.

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I think Americans need to understand what is known and documented about the effects of trauma on the brain. Merloo writes in Rape of the Mind that people “can be subjected to enslavement and submission through the creation of chaos and uncertainty” and that “keeping people in a state of fear and hopelessness is essential in developing the conditions necessary for people to abandon their own sense of reason, and demonstrate a willingness to comply with tyranny.” That statement echoes Alinsky’s quote and highlights the possibility that it is a deliberate strategy being played out against us. Meerloo’s book is the result of a detailed study of the effects of propaganda on the prisoners in Nazi prison camps. Furthermore, the book, Media, Persuasion, and Propaganda says nearly the same thing, stating on page 2 that “scientists now know that cognitive overload depletes self-control, leaving us more vulnerable to suggestion.” This has been a major area of study since Pavlov discovered people can be programmed to respond in a predictable manner, and through constant stress and trauma we can be brought into a state of compliance. The part that most people miss, and I think this plays out in ways that most people simply don’t want to think about, is that the compliance part comes not from the stress-inducing stimuli itself, but from the offered solution that replaces it. Think about all the little ways this theory could be applied. It is how they advance an agenda by getting the people to accept the lesser of two evils, or the lesser of two infringements. I will use the Second Amendment as an example. The threat of full-blown gun control is so pervasive that the majority of people will sigh a long breath of relief when all that is accomplished is a bump-stock ban or the passage of a red flag bill. In fact, the relief can be so powerful that excuses will be made for the accepted solutions without the acknowledgment that they are advancing the same agenda and the people have been conned into accepting it. The battle between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is no different. Trump brought us the COVID-19 vaccine that Joe Biden empowered employers to force upon their employees. Yet for some reason, people believe Trump will still save us despite the fact that the end of his presidency resulted in his supporters being arrested after he encouraged them to go protest at the White House after the deep state stole the election. Do you see what I mean? Constant chaos and confusion, and the minds of the masses are trapped in a narrative that advances the growth of government no matter which way they go.
What is the solution? There isn’t one as long as Americans turn away from taking responsibility for their own freedom. As long as we are looking to the government for solutions, they will be there to offer them, and they will not be ones that advance the cause of personal responsibility. There is an agenda. That agenda is the consolidation of power at the global level and they are using what they know about human behavior and our responses to stress and trauma to gain acceptance. Even if it is just one little step at a time. Until people acknowledge that they may be susceptible to propaganda in ways they may have not considered it will be impossible to come up with logical solutions. Until the possibility that both parties are working together to corrupt the system and make it look unsavable is recognized for what it is, people will continue to go along with the contrived narratives designed to get us to go along with the proposed solutions.


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