Happy New Year: Reflections of a Writing Journey

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Here we are again, the beginning of another new year. The planet has made three whole rotations around the sun since the world was forced into compliance with an agenda that is admittedly, being used to reshape global economics and bring the world in line with the UN’s sustainable development ambitions. They intend to have everything in place by 2030, so whatever needs to happen to bring this all to fruition will occur in the next seven years. Who knows, maybe between now and then there will be another pandemic? It’s not like they didn’t learn anything about gaining compliance and messaging over the past three years.  Some people are even suggesting there is a planned “alien invasion” for 2024. Would that surprise you at this point? Surely, anyone who believes that Covid-19 was a “plannedemic” wouldn’t put this idea past those with ambitions for global domination. The United States is over thirty trillion dollars in debt, with no real signs of any real economic growth. Throughout the Covid-19 propaganda operation, the government paid people to stay home. Over one trillion dollars was spent on welfare in 2021 alone. In some states, welfare benefits pay more than jobs that pay fifteen dollars an hour. Where does that money come from? People who go to work for fifteen dollars an hour. There is no doubt that the national debt is one of America’s most pressing issues. It seems that spending money our country doesn’t have is one thing that Republicans and Democrats can get behind.

Not all news is bad, however, going into the new year. Since the Supreme Court’s Bruen v. NYSRPA decision back in June, the second amendment has been enjoying some pretty big court victories. Magazine bans have been declared unconstitutional in some states, as has New York’s red-flag laws. Some states, including New York, continue to defy the Supreme Court by passing unconstitutional laws which directly contradict the Bruen ruling. It will certainly be interesting to see how all of this unfolds. The second amendment is perhaps, the one thing that is still holding the wolves at bay. Look at how much further they have been able to push the Covid-19 agenda in other parts of the world. If there is one thing still worth fighting for in our country, it is the second amendment.  It is the one thing that defines our inalienable right to be responsible for ourselves. Our lives, our liberty, and our prosperity are our responsibility. To say that you don’t have the right to defend your keep through the use of arms is to deprive your life of any meaning, as that responsibility is now bestowed upon those who can’t possibly be there when needed. If you don’t have the right to defend your life, what rights do you have?

Today, on this first day of the year, I wonder what direction I will take in my writing. I look back not only on the past year but since the beginning when I first started writing. What were my motivations?  One, I wanted to share my experience in social work education where I had to write a White Privilege paper describing my own privilege and unconscious racism. Two, I wanted to answer a question. How were they getting people to accept this? How are they getting people to accept the notions of white privilege, transgenderism, or even socialism for that matter? The things that I have discovered may not be new discoveries in the sense that the material has existed for a long time, but it was new to me. Writing about it fortified my mind against the constant onslaught of propaganda we have been witnessing in this country. One thing that I know for sure, is the powers that be study our reactions to everything. Our motivations, beliefs, and desires are under the microscope, and they feed us back what we want to hear in order to push their agenda. This is the new propaganda. I have, in large part, answered my questions. In fact, I attended Liberty University’s Master of Professional Writing Program for the explicit purpose of learning how to answer those questions more efficiently. Aside from becoming a better writer, I learned another valuable skill while there. I learned, or perhaps the better word is re-learned, how to read.

Writing has been an up-and-down journey for me. Over the years I have contributed to various conservative media websites. I have written for The Western Free Press, The Brenner Brief, Patriot Update, Freedom Outpost, The Liberty Loft, Natural News, and Global Liberty Media,  to which I am still a contributor. Sons of Liberty Media, however, aside from my own website, has been the primary home for most of my stuff. Tim Brown has been a big supporter of my writing. One thing that has, and continues to be a thorn in my side, is that people from other websites take the liberty of posting my work without my permission. In some cases, I have found my articles with other people’s names on them. I have learned a great deal about the nature of conservative media over the past few years. Most of which is a detriment to the fight for liberty, in my opinion. For example, The owner of Liberty Loft told me my articles were too long and, that they needed to be “dumbed down” for the audience. Later, he asked me specifically to write an article on the Universe 25 experiments. Ironically, despite telling me that my articles were too long and technical for most people, (that is what he thought about his audience, by the way,) he said they had a substance that people should be paying attention to. Another thing I have noticed is that people will read what reinforces, as opposed to challenges, their perceptions of the world. Something that is well understood by the propagandists, incidentally. It is very challenging to write an informative, educational piece about the nature of propaganda and the psychology of persuasion, in an entertaining way that people want to read. Perhaps my biggest accomplishment, albeit less noticed, is the recent book I finished on Critical Race Theory. I read and cited over one hundred and fifty journal articles on the topic of CRT, and other things Critical Theory related. I know one thing for certain. Fighting CRT in elementary school is the wrong fight seeing as though one of its biggest proponents states that the theory itself is not for undergraduate students. But, I digress. I have said that too many times.

The big question that remains for 2023 and beyond is whether we, the American people, can come together under the principles and ideals the nation was founded on, or, will we continue down the road we are on? The one thing that I have continually demonstrated in my writing is that propagandists have been, for decades now, studying the effects of media messages and how to get the public to accept things they would normally reject. Edward Bernays, for example, writes in his book Propaganda, it is now possible to mold the minds of the masses so that they will direct all of their efforts towards the desired ends (p.19) of the shadow government, which use the powers of propaganda to gain approval from the people on issues they may have, at one time, disapproved of. If that is true then it must be considered that they have the power to create any perception. Even one where there is an omnipotent enemy, and only one man who can save us. Another book I cite often, Media Effects: Advances in Theory and Research, states quite explicitly that the media “exerts significant influence on our perceptions of
what are the most salient issues of the day. Bernard Cohen says it best with his observation that the news media may not be successful in telling people what to think, but they are stunningly successful in telling them what to think about.” Finally, a paper entitled Propaganda studies in American social science: The rise and fall of the critical paradigm, puts it simply by saying that communications researchers have been studying the methods of persuasion, along with propaganda, as a way to pinpoint exactly how to frame media messages to produce “attitude changes” in the public since the 1920s. It is my belief that nothing will really change in America until we all realize how easily our thoughts and perceptions are controlled.

I will almost certainly continue to write about these topics, as I believe their understanding is detrimental to saving our nation. If you have been reading my writing I thank you. If you are new to my articles and find them interesting, please take the time to read the sources I have cited for yourself. Kleon Skouesen wrote in The Naked Communist that if we could just study the problem we may find freedom for all mankind. The problem he speaks of, in my opinion, is the manipulation of behavior through the control of our perceptions. The evidence is out there for those who wish to read it, and I will continue to provide these sources here to the best of my abilities. There is no doubt that we have more struggles ahead but I believe if we bring ourselves to understand the nature of propaganda, and political coercion, we have a better chance of resisting.

Thanks for reading,

David Risselada

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