Brainwashing: Where Conspiracy Meets Reality

Words are powerful tools that can control our thoughts and beliefs in more ways than people realize. Men can be easily trained to respond to various catchphrases that guide the nature and direction of a conversation. Joseph Stalin wrote in Concerning Marxism in Linguistics that certain sounds and tones can produce predictable reflexive reactions in people. A good example … Read more

Framing Narratives and Inducing Compliance Using Moral Foundations Theory

If Americans could comprehend the amount of research that goes into media messaging, and how to frame an issue to affect attitude change, they would forever shut off their televisions. For the political elite, America’s culture of free choice presents a problem, one they see as standing in the way of their grand vision of … Read more

Cultural degradation and the human rat trap

As America seems to chug along on what during the Obama years, I referred to as – the fundamental transformation choo choo train – people are wondering how our society became so chaotic. America was founded as a nation rooted in Christian ethics and morality, where human life held an intrinsic value because people believed God … Read more

Manipulated language to gain vaccine compliance

The FDA approval of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine is the latest example of how language is manipulated based on what they know about public attitudes and perceptions concerning the so-called pandemic. Studies meant to determine which measures need to be taken to gain the desired compliance are always conducted on the public through social media outlets. … Read more

Opinion: COVID-19: Unquestioning compliance on our part equates to research data on theirs

  The Covid-19 psyop has been fascinating in its rollout from the perspective that it has been nothing but contradicting information from the beginning. For people not persuaded by the fear antics, it is apparent the constant changing of the narrative is meant to keep people confused and not knowing where to stand. There is … Read more

Understanding the depth of the problem

Across the nation, there is an awakening, a heightened sense of encroaching government power that was never supposed to be. As if suddenly slapped out of a deep slumber, parents are realizing the schools they trust to educate their children are filling their heads with anti-American ideals, racism, and immoral ideas about human sexuality. In searching for … Read more

Subordinating the minds of those dumbed down by public education

    Salon magazine ran an article claiming that there is no such thing as left-wing authoritarianism, and the right pushes fear of left-wing policies to advance their own agenda. In fact, the author, Cody Cain, goes on to say that Republicans are responsible for pushing the biggest lies to win elections because ninety-nine percent of the population … Read more

COVID-19: Corrupted means to a twisted end

  The fear campaign marches on, relentlessly targeting those choosing not to inject themselves with an experimental poison yet to receive FDA approval. It is evident that forced vaccinations and lockdowns are on the horizon, as cities in California and New York have already issued their unconstitutional vaccine decrees. While there is a resistance movement building, millions … Read more