“Q” The deceptive nature of communism on full display

Now that the dust has settled, and it is obvious there was no grand plan to take down the deep state, it is time to get to the task at hand ̶ ̶ ̶ realizing exactly what we are up against. Patriotic Americans understand that the left has come to represent communism. Do they even know what communism is, aside from a failed, oppressive system of economics? Most likely not. America, despite her hard turn to the left, is still largely Christian, and most people still hold onto traditional ideals of a universal morality. It is hard to fathom, for example, that our own government would wage a psychological warfare operation against us. Most of us, despite evidence to the contrary, believe the United States devotes her military might to defeating evil and, fighting for freedom. It is hard for most Americans to understand how the left, as another example, can continuously get away with being such hypocrites. American’s must first come to understand that we are not dealing with people who share in our morality and, that they are willing to do things we would never consider pursuing the change they seek. Communism, if anything, is deceptive by its very nature. It must be because people would never willingly accept it. American’s must open their minds to the reality that everything going on around them is a deliberate effort to deceive and distract and, that the history of communism itself, and its alleged dissolution, is a lesson in deception.

First, an understanding of the type of morality we are dealing with is in order. It cannot be stated enough that the left is operating from a place most American’s simply do not understand. Everyone is familiar with the term, “the ends justify the means,” however, the disturbing reality of the mentality behind it goes unnoticed. Saul Alinsky describes it best in Rules for Radicals by describing means and ends morality. As far as the left is concerned, preventing yourself from doing what is necessary for the greater good is an act of selfishness. People who are more concerned with their own salvation, as Alinsky states, care not for the good of humanity because they are not willing to corrupt themselves in pursuit of a better world. In a twisted sort of way then, no morality becomes a higher form of morality. Those who are willing to corrupt their own soul are of a higher virtue. The good of humanity is of greater importance to them than their own well-being. This means that they are willing to lie, cheat, steal and even kill to achieve their ends. The ends after all, justify the means. Alinsky mocked those who lacked the willingness to corrupt themselves. He referred to them as means and ends moralists. People who refused to take any action at all out of fear of going against their misguided views of morality. In some cases, Alinsky was right. He referred to the passivity of the Germans who willingly sat back knowing their country was systematically eliminating an entire race of people as means and ends moralists. In this case however, fighting for what is right is not necessarily corrupting yourself. Doing what is necessary to defeat evil is hardly corrupting. What it boils down to then, is who is defining what is right.

Communists believe that capitalism is the root of all suffering. They have worked tirelessly to rework human nature in a way that people willingly accept the fruits of their labor being equally distributed to those who did nothing to earn it. This is the great lie of communism of course. It is a system that has failed miserably every time. Communists believed they could create a better man that was devoid of selfishness and committed to the ideals of the state. If you failed to fall in line with this kind of thinking, you were considered undesirable and your elimination from society was justified. The problem is that people will not accept this type of a system willingly, so deception becomes a necessary means of achieving it. It is the depths of communist deception that Americans remain largely unaware of. To the point where many of us fell for a controlled opposition strategy that was employed one hundred years ago in Soviet Russia.

First, it is important to understand that the reason communism is even a threat today is because its so-called defeat by Ronald Reagan was nothing but an illusion. According to Charlotte Iserbyt, Reagan signed the  Exchanges and cooperation in Scientific, Technical, Educational, Cultural and Other Fields, agreements with the Soviet Union which gave them influence in our education system. In fact, this is how critical theory became so prevalent in our schools. In the book Perestroika Deception, Anatoliy Golitsyn,  a Soviet propaganda specialist and defector, warns the west of the Soviet’s mastery of misinformation and the use of controlled opposition to transform governments into communist states. He describes the differences between communist planning and the west’s understanding of strategy. To the United States, strategy is usually understood in the context of short-term goals which are immediately achievable. Comparatively speaking, the communists viewed strategy as “a grand design or general Party line which governs the Party’s actions over a long period and contains one or more special maneuvers designed to help the Party achieve its ultimate objectives” (Golitsyn, The Perestroika Deception). One of these party lines and special maneuvers was creating the illusion that communism had died, and the Soviet Union had taken on capitalist reforms. In fact, Golitsyn implicitly states that the purpose was to use this illusion as a weapon against the west. The defeat of communism, and their willingness to adopt capitalist reforms would cause the west to lower their guard.

“Since then, I have submitted new memoranda to the CIA and American policymakers in which I explained Soviet grand strategy and its strategic designs against the West, the essence of ‘perestroika’ (the final phase of the strategy), the new use of the Bloc’s political and security potential for introducing new deceptive controlled ‘democratic’, ‘nationalist’ and ‘non-Communist’ structures in the Communist countries, and the deployment of the political and security potential of the renewed ‘democratic’ regimes for the execution of the strategic design against the West.” (Golitsyn, The Perestroika Deception).

What Golitsyn is saying is that communism is alive and well and the idea that it has been defeated is part of the overall strategy to conquer the United States. Another grand design involved creating the illusion that communism stood for peace and equality. The report entitled The Communist Peace Offensive, which was prepared and released by the House of Un-American Activities in 1951 highlights this strategy. The goal, and we see this playing out on our college campuses and public schools, was to portray the United States as the war mongering, oppressive nation and capitalism, as a selfish system driven by greed. Communism was to be presented as a system that stood for equality, peace, justice and human rights. This has been extraordinarily successful as millions of college aged Americans are literally demanding socialism. This is the result of critical theory being used in our classrooms.

What does any of this have to with today? Over the past four years some of America’s most patriotic citizens have fallen for a classic soviet style, controlled opposition strategy known as Qanon. It is hardly their fault. Donald Trump won the 2016 election when American’s were at their most desperate state. The thought of Hillary Clinton winning after eight years of Obama tearing down our national character and discrediting the values we stood for, was frightening indeed. Donald trump brilliantly portrayed the much sought-after patriotism, and his victory was certainly a relief in the minds of millions of liberty loving patriots. Unfortunately, social science knows a great deal about our behavior in this state of relief. Fear-then-relief is a technique used to induce compliance because it is known that people become more suggestible and willing to simply go along with whatever requests are made after this sensation is experienced. If this is in fact, a well-known trait of human behavior, it stands to reason that Q was a psyop designed to take advantage of it. For the duration of Trump’s presidency patriots were lulled along with promises of arrests and the restoration of our great republic. All we had to sit back and trust the plan. Even up to January twentieth, the day of Biden’s inauguration, people were expecting Trump to swoop in and save the day. Now that it is over there is the sullen realization creeping in that perhaps, Trump was not all that he was cracked up to be and Q, was nothing more than a charade. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to understand the deceptive nature of communism. Q was a controlled opposition strategy that was based off an operation known as Operation Trust in 1920’s Soviet Russia.

According to the book New Lies for Old, by Anatoliy Golitsyn, Operation Trust was established to give the illusion that there was an opposition building to the Soviet control of Russia. It was established by the old security services and the main objective was to create false opposition movements intended to draw into their ranks, people of a genuine political resistance to communism. In other words, the resistance within the movement was real, it was just controlled by the communists themselves. The purpose of course, was to define the parameters of discontent and guide it towards communist ends. Ironically, and this will be hard for some people to swallow, the message was identical to the one portrayed by Q. The anti-communist groups were working within the system and the eventual down fall of the tyrannical regime was inevitable.

“These agents confided in their contacts that the anti-Soviet monarchist movement that they represented was now well established in Soviet Russia, had penetrated into the higher levels of the army, the security service, and even the government, and would in time take power and restore the monarchy. They convinced the emigre leaders that the regime had undergone a radical change. Communism had completely failed; ideology was dead; the present leaders had nothing in common with the fanatical revolutionaries of the past. (Anatoliy Golitsyn, New Lies for Old)

Worse yet was the fact that after there was no more need for the operation to continue, members were arrested, and fake trials were held to discredit any movement against communism. Unfortunately, we see our government is now taking action to prevent Q followers from obtaining security clearances on the grounds that their conspiratorial views pose a danger to national security.

Some have argued that Donald Trump has destroyed the face of conservatism. He undoubtedly became the face of the Republican party. When Qanon followers, some of Trump’s biggest supporters no less, allegedly stormed the capital on January 6, the values of conservatism were essentially discredited and destroyed. Is it possible that Operation Trust was the framework from which Q was established? From this writers perspective it is more than possible, it is undeniable. This conclusion is reached because after a decade of studying Alinsky and understanding the deceptive nature of the left it just makes more sense than believing someone like Donald Trump is going to single handedly defeat the deep state. Being strung along and told to stand down and trust the plan, seemed from the very beginning, a way to pacify the right and get them out of the way. While at the same time, setting them up for a massive fall.

The positive take on all of this is that there is a massive group of patriotic Americans who may now be awakening to just how deceptive those that hate our country can be, and the lengths they are willing to go to get full control. Now is not the time to bury our heads in the sand and sulk. It is time to realize what we are up against and make sure the courage of our convictions is up to the task of fighting for what we believe in. It is time to forget about Trump and all the propaganda surrounding his impeachment trial. It is fake. A show to drive the final nail in the coffin to discredit conservative ideology. Chin up America, we need all hands-on deck!







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  1. Very good article. I started looking into “Q” in the early days of Trumps Presidency and I must admit that it was appealing. Luckily I was able to trust my gut and not fall into the rabbit hole

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