God’s Coming Great Reset, Pt 4

Trusting the Plan of The Ashtar Command

I briefly mentioned The Ashtar Command (TAC) in an article post back in January 21. I wanted to expand on that within this series, God’s Coming Great Reset. TAC can be downloaded here.

TAC has a direct connection to New Agism because of its Gnostic origins. The 136-page document clearly shows higher beings – demons impersonating benevolent extraterrestrials – enlisting the help of earthlings through Gnostic New Age thought and teachings.

If your inner truth identifies you as a volunteer from another realm or world on an assignment to Earth, these words are for you! If you are persuaded you are one of the ‘Star People,’ you will read this volume with awareness and clarity. If you are a disciple or initiate of the Higher Revelation, you will discern and perceive the purpose of this message from other dimensions of being. If you are a growing, glowing Christian, just beginning to look up and outward beyond the walls of manmade divisions of Earthly ecclesiastical hierarchies, your heart will witness to these things. If you are not consciously any of these, read not to scoff, but to hold these revelations in your heart while you wait and see. (From the Preface)

Notice how the manifested authority of these higher beings always comes through. They also come across as thoroughly loving and are as inclusive as possible, using very flowery, even ethereal language to undergird their teachings. Their aim is to entice, using the bait of the New Age gnosis “I am god” ideology. It has not changed since it worked the first time with Eve (Genesis 3).

Another thing these beings will often do is quote from and/or refer to the Bible. They do this for two reasons. First, they understand most people have some kind of awareness of or basic knowledge about the Bible. Second, they quote and/or refer to Scripture in a somewhat denigrating (though “respectful”) way. Their goal is not to support Scripture, but to question it, to place doubt in people’s mind and to go way beyond it.

This is often the way it is for people within the Gnostic New Age movement who believe mystical revelations (gnosis), come to them through dreams and visions that cater to their feelings. After all, how do you prove to someone that their dream does not mean what they believe it means or that it was not sent from God as they so fervently believe? It’s difficult if not impossible if the person is not willing to consider it, preferring instead to rely on their feelings as the gauge for truth. I see this a great deal on social networks with many people.

Demons behind TAC are all too well aware of how easy it is to trick human beings into believing lies simply through the manipulation of their feelings. In fact, it’s easier than ever in today’s society because there’s so much out there that caters purely to a how a person feels about something.

The overriding goal of Ashtar is to reveal a coming time on earth when wars cease lasting peace follows. Who does not want that? For this to happen humanity must become *actualized (awareness through hidden gnosis), then engaged in the process of waking others up. This will spread until a global awakening occurs.

The TAC document discusses the alleged fact that throughout history, many higher beings have lived among us for the sole purpose of teaching and trying to help us actualize ourselves, “to a higher way of life, an elevated approach to life, and a better way of existence. Precept upon precept, we have lifted you from one level to another.” Notice the subtle references to Nehemiah 9:14; Psalm 119:4, 15, 27, etc? Within the New Age, this is called moving from darkness to light. Where have we heard that before recently?

The upshot of all this is that a “fresh new start for Man is in the making!” and that start comes whether we like it or not. Elsewhere in other New Age documents, the Gnostic New Age deals with those they consider the “malcontents” (read, Christians mainly), and how millions will be “evacuated” from this planet (through alien spaceships), and taken to another planet, allowing this earth (“Gaia”), to evolve to the next spiritual plane. You see folks, Christians have been holding this back from happening according to the Gnostic New Age.

Part 1 of the TAC (The Seven Secret Councils, Chapter 1, the New Strategy), tells us of Tuella’s (the woman who channeled TAC), experience with these higher beings. I’ve read a lot of accounts of alien visitations and abductions. There is a great deal of similarity between all of those accounts. The emphasis is always on the etherealmystical and other-worldly experience said to have involved the practitioner/recipient. The core “truth” is always the same though often explained differently.

Because these events always start with an emotional high (seeing and communicating with beings from other galaxies, etc.), that alone should be enough to question it. Instead, because of the exhilarating and positive experience felt by the recipient, it is not questioned, but normally wholeheartedly embraced.

Though the introduction to The Ashtar Command highlights comments from Sananda, once the bulk of revelation begins in Chapter 1: The New Strategy, a being called Ashtar takes over relating “truth” and information to Tuella. Tuella is is surrounded by these celestial beings and feels tremendous peace and love. Imagine the emotional and lasting high associated with this for Tuella. How do you discount that which makes you feel so loved and accepted?

At one point, a being among all the beings gathered takes charge and addresses Tuella directly.

I will speak with you now, Tuella. I am Ashtar. I will remove my hood so that you may perceive my appearance. (His shoulder length light blonde hair fell straight back from the forehead and down.) Yes, I am smiling at you, Tuella, in my love for your spiritual being. You are glowing tonight because of the love you have been feeling. Because of this shedding forth and giving out of the love within, you have created a shining vortex surrounding you, and I am standing within it in a projection of my Being. This is done mentally, just as my words are beamed to you mentally. Hold the projection of my appearance before you as I continue with my message for this evening.

Notice also how Ashtar is described by Tuella.

Ashtar is a Beloved Christian Commander and a very beautiful Being. (emphasis added)

These “revelations” by the various higher beings are remarkably Gnostic New Age in thought and word as can be seen. This Gnostic New Age thought and verbiage is everywhere, including within the Qanon movement starting with Q himself. Pastor J D Farag produced a video on what he thinks of the Qanon phenomenon.

Another video from E511 Ministries – just under 8 minutes – sheds more light.

The world’s current growing rebellion against the coming cabal-led NWO is going to be used to actually usher in the Antichrist, who will take over the NWO by force. I’ve addressed this previously on numerous occasions.

This coming forceful takeover by Antichrist will immediately paint him as THE good guy to the entire world because he will be the one who stands against and defeats the NWO cabal, thereby “rescuing” the world from the cabal’s grasp for having “imprisoned” the entire world. This will provide instant hero status to Antichrist globally.

The current lockdowns, social distancing and everything connected to it is merely a shadow of what the globalists are attempting to achieve and many throughout the world are chafing from it already and rising up against it. We can expect this situation to increase with the globalists becoming more fascist and the people becoming more angry and resistant to that increasing fascism. It’s becoming too obvious just how much these globalists are hated by the world.

This leads to this extremely important truth: The Bible tells us that the Antichrist comes up from outside of the group of 10 kings and takes out three of them. Because of this, the Antichrist starts out as the 11th, but becomes the 8th after he removes three of the original ten (Daniel 7:7-8).

This act on Antichrist’s part of smacking down the globalists will make him the HERO of the entire earth! How this is ultimately accomplished and how it looks remains to be seen, but we KNOW it will have to be publicly seen to be as effective as Satan needs it to be in order to deceive the entire world (2 Thessalonians 2).

John Blanchette of E511 Ministries

Imagine, as the diabolically evil NWO comes to the fore (as it appears to be doing now, with the announced “great reset”), fully “enslaving” the world, Antichrist will come up from the outside of the controlling cabal group and literally take out three of the 10 “kings” (Revelation 13; 17:12).

These “kings” – whoever they are – will be despised by the entire world. Once their system appears to be destroyed by Antichrist, people will demand he take the ruling position.

 And they worshiped the dragon, for he had given his authority to the beast, and they worshiped the beast, saying, “Who is like the beast, and who can fight against it?” (Revelation 13:4 ESV)

This all plays into the “The Great Awakening” that Q has talked about since 2016. Unfortunately, many failed to realize (including me originally), that this is all simply Gnostic NEW AGE rhetoric disguised as biblical revelation and truth (“dark to light,” “WWG1WGA,” etc).

Essentially, Satan wants the world to see the cabal as entirely evil. Globalists are unaware of this part of Satan’s plan. They know we hate them, but they are not aware of the coming real “reset” by Satan through Antichrist to overthrow their “great reset.” Of course, God will install His wonderful reset after that.

The current and growing hatred society has for globalists is bringing the world together against them in the hopes of stopping them through “The Great Awakening.” This Q movement continues to grow considerably since Trump left office with many still confident that justice will happen in March or April 2021. Many within this movement claim to be Christian yet fail to see the Gnostic New Age underpinnings of it. Is this the delusion that God sends (2 Thessalonians 2:11; i. e. “I am god, ergo I create my own destiny“)?

Satan’s real goal is to use the cabal as a fake target that will appear to be defeated by Antichrist, who will hit a grand slam with the people of this world by overcoming the cabal. The world will see Antichrist as the “second coming of Jesus” at that point, who, with force took out the cabal. No wonder they’ll all praise Antichrist and follow him anywhere even willingly taking the “mark” to show their love for and loyalty to him.

It makes sense why the Antichrist is actually NOT part of the NWO cabal and takes over from the OUTSIDE – the 11th of the 10 Kings who comes up from outside, slays three thereby becoming the 8th. Fascinating. So possibly his getting rid of three kings will be seen clearly and publicly making him an immediate hero to the world. He will be given the keys to the globe.

There’s much more to discuss regarding the Gnostic New Age and how it all plays into the coming events. Christians need to wake up to the reality that the Gnostic New Age is blinding many to reality. We’ll discuss that next.


*see Maslow’s definition at Wikipedia

Reprinted with permission from www.studygrowknowblog.com

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